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  1. I like how nobody complained about "silent protagonist is keeping the narrative back" for games like Chrono Trigger and Suikoden 1 & 2, but for DQXI it makes it literally unplayable for some people.

    1. ignasia


      You can't help cognitive dissonance in others.  Maybe a frying pan to the back of the head if you're willing to accept some jail time.  Or going through the pain of actually hashing it out in a discussion with them trying different angles to see if something works, only to find your own brain goes through catharsis for some as their lack of ability to think is what is keeping them from enjoying anything outside the norm (stuff they already complain about but lack the realization that whether they enjoy something or not is entirely based on perception and openness of thought so you can critically understand why something is truly good or bad).

      The same people if you actually asked them to think critically would likely produce real headaches because that's generally what they've been taught in school: stop thinking, it's not worth your time.

      I digress.  Some people refuse to help themselves, and so cannot be helped.

    2. Megalosaro


      On the contrary, back in the day people #$*!ed about it all the time.   Those older games, people have come to terms with it being in those games.

      Was the protagonist in Suikoden I and 2 silent?  I don't remember.  But I do recall lots of backlash against Chrono Trigger and Cross and it in older games back in the 90s

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