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  1. No PC version 😭 At least there's mobile version, but I'd love to use a controller.
  2. To celebrate the 30 years of Dragon Quest Dai I decided to start watching it for the first time. I'll post impressions when I'm done 😀

    1. DrippySlimeStar


      Where are you watching it? There wouldn't happen to be any subbed versions right?

    2. Chris


      I'd like to know where you're watching it as well. :3

    3. Kakugo


      I don't think I can directly say this but its name sounds like what cats sound like in Japan (lol).

  3. One of the draconians (hearsay) is underwhelming: MC death = game over. Easily solved by just not using the main character if you want to "scamaz" it. Other than that, game looks great, I wish I had a Switch to double dip. I expected more from Draconian settings, like random encounters as a toggle. I'm not mad, just sad. Edit: Super Shypox looks delicious for RNG fans (yes, we are literally 2).
  4. The feeling of being low health, no herbs and no MP for heal, having to walk 12 steps until the stairs that lead outside of an area with random encounters. Best feeling is pulling it off, worst feeling is not pulling it off. Like gambling you pretty much have to either take a leap to see if you can go through an area with your current gear and levels or just play it safe and grind a little bit more.
  5. The best game is clearly <insert personal favorite game> and it's not because I'm biased or anything, it's just facts! Memes aside, my vote goes to 11 because I haven't finished 3, 5 or 8 yet.
  6. That sounds cool. I'm gonna apply some Draconian restriction from 11 on 3 once I complete 3 normally first.
  7. Yeah lol and that's relatively to the rest of the RPG's. It's like doing addition when every other genre are polynomials. It's already baby mode stuff so a challenge will only take it to the first grade.
  8. My party got wiped because a mushroom made everyone fall asleep in the first round and for the next 3 rounds the rest of the monsters turned us into mincemeat. How can I avoid these wipes? Sleep the shrooms and pray that it works?
  9. Why do people pick the hardest difficulty if they're going to grind their brains off anyways? Wouldn't be better to play on normal instead and skip the grinding?

  10. I'm so glad I started off with 3 Draconian Restrictions since they can be easily turned off if you're fed up with them, and Hard Monsters was one of them. I ended up disabling the other 2 (no shops and no escapes because I rarely needed to escape from anything - I might had no armor too, it's been a while). Related to the thread: I still cannot tell when I'm underleveled or recommended for an area
  11. I was wondering how to go about playing Dragon Quest 3 for the first time and avoid overleveling. One idea was the "dumb-dumb strat" which is similar to running until I hit a wall aka. I wipe, then use whatever money I have left for upgrades and try again. The other involved checking how much experience I gain around an area and whether my characters can get a level up in 3-5 fights.
  12. Whenever I'm "stopping to grind" is because I tried to progress through an area and the fights are so taxing on resources (MP, items) that they burn faster than before by a lot. So, for example, if I'm walking from a village to a tower and I already used heal 3 times after 3 battles whereas before that route I'd use 1 heal after 3 battles (placeholder values btw), that's my alarm going "go get some money and update your gear idiot" 😅
  13. I've been thinking that maybe levels are an easy "culprit", because there's also the factor of gear to consider. If that's the case then being underleveled doesn't mean much if you have early access to some casino or mini-game (like the monster arena in Dragon Quest 3). ...Actually, casino and mini-games might motivate low level runs, because you gain access to gear that compensates for your lack of raw stats. But no gear can compensate for your lack of agility or spells/skills or MP for that matter. For instance, if I told you that I went through the dreamer's tower on level 5 and omitted that my squad has steel swords and chain mail on the surface it would sound moderately impressive, but once you looked closer to my achievement you'd go "oh so you've been betting on monsters for an hour eh?".
  14. In Dragon Quest XI I was unable to tell what the intended level for any area or boss was due to the lack of level as a reference in the monster book (monsters have no levels). How can I learn to tell? Do I just say "I take a lot of damage, time to grind a bit"?
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