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  1. Subreddit is strong and good but as long as Reddit has this abhorrent downvote/upvote system it dilutes any kind of discussion to popularity contests.
  2. That is so Dragonball-esque. Like a father+son kamehameha. I can see the cool factor in it. I also expected that I'll misuse the term "pet peeve" but people will forgive me 😊lol
  3. I would like to change my name to "Kakugo" if it's not taken!
  4. I wanted to break out of my shell for something nobody will understand why do I even like doing this, and I thought "huh, that would be a cool idea for a thread". So, here it is! Share your pet peeves. You know, that "one thing you always love doing during your playthrough(s) in all or some of the Dragon Quest games but people don't understand why you do it". Example is my own pet peeve: Whenever possible, I put every other party member to follow tactics and I only fully control the protagonist. It makes me feel like I'm the leader of a party, a member of a group of friends, taking good care of each other. This means everything people found bad in Persona 3 FES I found to be absolutely brilliant. Go on.
  5. New Draconian Quests, like removing metal slimes that make people outlevel areas in the blink of an eye, random encounters, forcing one type of "continue" option, A.I. controlled teammates, removal of seeds, no peps etc. And waifu luminary. Edit: I like how I just casually answered my own thread right here 🤦‍♂️
  6. People crying "greed" are funny. How new are they to JRPG's? Did they somehow missed: Persona 3 -> Persona 3 FES -> Persona 3 Portable Persona 4 -> Persona 4 Golden Trails of Cold Steel -> Trails of Cold Steel Kai Final Fantasy XV WINDOWS EDITION? JRPG industry runs on reusing assets and re-releasing on another platforms.
  7. DQ11 was technically my second DQ because my first was DQ1 on mobile. "Slow burn" is an understatement. The only way to avoid burnout, in my opinion, is to not play 10 hours a day for days (like I did). A good metric of daily or bi-daily progress is to finish an arc a day. And by arc I mean visiting a new area -> see what gives -> do whatever you have to. Think of it like you're watching Pokemon or any cartoon show where the characters visit an area, something happens and they proceed to solve it.
  8. Hello guys. I'm returning to DQ11 to do a 100% run and I'm looking for ideas on how to make it more interesting. My first playthrough ended up being with stronger enemies, no shops and weak enemies give no exp BUT I feel like the last restriction was deemed completely redundant as I ended up grinding metal slimes and be overleveled for many areas in the second half of the game. I was thinking of doing 6 draconian quests + A.I. teammates, hoping the A.I. is alright. I liked Persona 3 FES exactly as it was so my hope is for the A.I. to be at least close to this. And maybe avoid deliberately grinding metal slimes, that means if it happens to meet one and kill it it's all good but going out of my way to make them spawn... yeah, not good. My other idea is that of a 6-draconian optimization in things like a minimum total amount of battles (means no grind forever, including seeds since I need to fight to grind those), minimum amount of turns taken to kill a boss etc. And while this would require me to use everything, metal slime farming included, I would have to have a reference point, and that's very hard to come up with. Any other ideas?
  9. Such competitions are first and foremost a popularity contest since people can't rate a game they haven't played. The "quality control" comes second. Having DQXI as a nomination is cool though.
  10. I'm surprised these didn't happened already (at least the faster enemies part). My restriction would be no metal slimes spawns. Forcing you to engage the content instead of hammering away the meatier mob then roflstomp normal monsters takes away too much. Plus, someone think of the poor slimes!
  11. Leaked stream a week before the official release who played through the whole game in 2 days.
  12. Imagine the prison part! Yoohoo darlings I'm escaping~ ❤️
  13. I'll be playing Dragon Quest VIII on PS2 (because random encounters and no broken party members). If any kind soul decides to release a random encounters mod for DQ XI let me know! 

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Don’t you disrespect Morrie now. Red, I don’t care, but not Morrie.

    2. Madrigal


      I have to say that I think the PS2 visually and sound wise is superior to the 3ds version and I hope we get a PS4 port.  I do love having Red and Morrie recruitable…. wished Marek and Ishmari were recruitable too.

  14. I just realized my problem with 100%ing games: It can't be an accurate measure of skill. It takes effort but it's not as demanding as some self-imposed challenges like x6 draconian on 11 yet people /clap harder for the achievement hunter and not for the x6 guy.

    Oh and btw I haven't done either so I'm impartial to the debate.

    1. ignasia


      Correct.  It's also one thing I dislike about Trophies, it gives people something to say...wow I totally completed a game, only it's shallow, and it actually takes away the joy of playing it again, not for the effort so much as the sense that there's nothing left to do.  When in reality real challenges have always been what you make of them.

      I'll never forget FF4 DS and my Solo Rydia and Solo Cecil boss rush + fixed battles only challenge.  Took me months to get through two bosses: Lugae and Demon Wall.  Just brutal.  No one else in history, not even in Japan taking on a similar challenge, have gotten past those two bosses, because it's pure luck.  Literally the stars have to align perfectly.

    2. Kakugo


      I also met people judging a game by the time it takes to 100% it. "Oh, it took you 90 hours to 100%? But it's a JRPG wtf were they thinking?" they were probably thinking of giving people the most piss poor achievements so they can take their cup and move on with their lives.

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