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  1. Hi, everyone! It has been awhile! I have recently been saving my time and money to get a chance to play DQ XI and make discussions on it. Thoughout my wait, I managed to stumble upon a really cool place for Dragon Quest fans to interact with one another. This is the Dragon Quest Animo. It is a place where fans of the series can go for interactive media such as: Polls, Quzzies, Fanart, Disscussion, Contests, chats, Post, memes and other kinds of Dragon Quest related content. It is honestly a pretty cosy place to be in. Here is a link to the Offical DQ Amino http://aminoapps.com/c/dragon-quest-835070 So if you decide to go on a new adventure, check out the Dragon Quest Amino! I hope you enjoy your time!
  2. Congratulation, Sackcheif! It is always a great sight to see when a great work gets recognized. Lucky you, you got a signing by Yuji Horii! I don't know which prize is more worth it! It is a memory that will be cherished for a long time.
  3. WOAH! Now where do I even begin? Hi, @aerynb! I know that your post has created alot of conversation that was directly or indirectly discussion related to your intital question, but i would like to say (and i apologize in advance if this comes out as presumptuous) that this is an incredible thread that you have created. No worries! You should never regret trying to create discussion/what if scenarios about the series that you like/love. I get the idea that nobody here has any ill will towards another. It is impressive how the topic of female DQ protagonists can bring forth so many valid viewpoint concerning how to implement these changes. I'm surprised I didn't come uo with this topic! XD But any... To the topic at hand: DQ 1: I can easily see a female protagonist being in the game without drastically altering the story. Although the female hero wouldn't be able to marry the princess, it won't affect the story of DQ 2 since the original hero left alfegard to form a new kingdom anyway. The female hero could easily have children with any unnamed lad at any point after their kingdom is created. Though marrying a prince of tanegel could work as well if we want it to be really simple. DQ 2: Being able to start with the princess of moonbroke would be a great idea (since we would get an interesting perspective from the princess). In terms of being turn into a dog, you can give that role to the prince of hanncock. Hey, it is better than being turned into a coffin! The beginning of Moonbroke's gameplay could play out simular to CH 4 of DQ, where the player would need to rely on magic such as status spells to get by. DQ 5: Yeah, I can't find a good way to implement a female hero without majorly rewritting the story. I will leave the story as it is for now. DQ 6: Now this is where it get really interesting! We could either (1) Make Ashlynn the female protagonist since her story parallels with the DQ 6's story in term of the whole " self discovery" theme that the game portrays. It would be interesting to see some darker theme being handled when it comes to Ashlynn's journey. Or (2) Have a female version of the DQ 6's Hero. You would be able to keep alot of the same element of the original version of the game. Although the implied shipping between Ashlynn and the Hero might be lost, the female hero can have such a relation with terry or Carver. Because we all know how the fanbase feel about Carver . Regarding the Two Hero storyline with Tania and Buddy, here is an interesting proposal: Have the other half of the Hero be Male. This would along well with the theme of self discovery since We as human being often need to balance our masculine and feminine aspect of ourselves. This can allow the writing to be more flexible with a female hero while still retaining the main points of the original story. DQ 7: You can easily change the Hero's gender without sacrificing elements of the story. Only minor things such as Maribelle's crush on the hero might be lost, but that can be easily worked around. DQ 8: I believe that you could have a female hero and leave Maeda as a female. You can keep alot of the elements of the story since it is centered around hunting a villian. A lesbian relationship would oddly work in the story's favor since it would add to the conflict that Maeda and Trode face regarding Charmles. What would they rather face? A Mutual loving relationship between the princess of trodian and famed herorine of the kingdom/ Heiress to the throne of Aragon at the cost of any potential children? ( Or ) A miserable relationship involving a spoil despicable manchild who is clearly not worthy of the throne and would sent both kingdoms into the grave? Apologies for the lengthy read. Hope that I was able to proper anwer your question!
  4. Hello everyone! Here is a topic that is probably not talked about alot! Thoughout the dragon quest games, one of the series greatest strengths is the dialogue and Non Playable Characters that fleshes out the world to its fullest. Here a interesting question: Who are some of your favorite NPC in the series? Some of my favorites would be in Zenithia(DQ 4) where we meet a female angel would is heavily implied to be the hero's mother. It really shows how tragic the hero's back story is. For a much lighter hearted example: i enjoy the classic " old man who wants to class change in a female maid" in every dq game with a class system. It is just some that you look foward in finding.
  5. Hello, all! Throughout my experiences as a Dragon Quest fan, I have seen many kinds of thoughts and "opinions" regarding various DQ related media (twitter, reddit, youtube, etc.). Some of it can be fantastic and full of live, while others...can be Pleasant to say the least. So my question this time is: what are common things/comments that you constantly see related to Dragon Quest that gets on your nerves? (For ex. : new DQ 11 related info is released on the DQ twitter account--> "Cool. When are we getting [unreleased dq game] on the [desired handheld/console, usually the Switch]?" )
  6. Hey, everyone! So with anticipation of the next mainline DQ game heading towards the west, a increasing number of newcomers are slowly becoming more interested in the series. If DQ XI does well, it is possible that a good number of newcomers from DQ XI will want to explore other games in the series. So with that being said: *What DQ games would you, as the experienced fan of the series, recommend a newcomer to start with? I know that this topic has technically been covered before, but i am going to add a bit of a twist to this topic: * What DQ games would you recommend against for a newcomer of the series, and what are your reasons for it?
  7. Yeah, i know. Memory lanes was a pleasant experience to finish but some of the bosses got a bit out of hand with some of the attacks (evil jessica for one). However, like Yangus, i do enjoy how memory lane gave importance to team composition; it really gave the characters a chance to shine (in my case it was yangus, red and morrie). Also...praise dance of life and morrie's boomerang skills!
  8. Hmmm...Interesting! One of the new feature for the western release is a new hard mode for experienced players! This peaked my interest so. If it is a fun challenge like DQ 6( and not like DQ 8 memory lane), then it can be a fun time! (Also...without spoilers...does anyone know how difficult the original version of XI was?)
  9. As for me... 1) Back when i firsted played DQ8, i used to like Jessica (or at least didn't mind her) mainly because she made a good impression with her joining time despite not really getting proper development. Nowadays, i am kind of disappointed, if not a bit uncomfortable, mainly due to missed opportunities to develop her character and because of the uncomfortable implications concerning her relationship with her brother. 2) I remember the days that i used to dislike Deborah for being mean, rude, and treating the hero like a servant (which came out as worse considering the hero's history). Nowadays, i realized that Deborah's initial behavior was purposely written that way (since she was the joke character). I warmed up to her character and actually like her now. Deborah is pretty hilarious and goes through some pretty great character development( something that i like about both the sisters). Plus using hela's hammer is great in more ways than one .
  10. Hey everyone! So throughout the many discussion regarding the many aspects of the series(such as characters, story, etc.), but there has been occasional talks about the future settings and direction the series can possibly take; one of this being a dragon quest game that takes place in a sci-fi setting , or in simple terms: Dragon Quest in space. So my questions are: (1) If the developers wanted to go towards that direction, how can they implement these changes while still making it feel like a Dragon Quest game? And: (2) What would you like to see in a sci-fi centered Dragon Quest game?
  11. Hey everyone! It has been a while, but i finally thought of a topic woth discussion. So my questions are: Are they any characters that you initially dislike but come to warm up to as time went by? And why so? (And) Is there a character than you previously liked but,after a long period of consideration, started to dislike or like less than you did before?
  12. Hey everyone! I know that there has been discussions about our favorite characters and monsters, but how about discussions regarding both? So my main questions this time are: (1) What would be an ideal monster team for some of your favorite Dragon Quest characters? (Ex. Nera- a slime based team: Seaslime, angel slime, and King Slime. ) (Or) (2) Create the most ridiculous monster team possible. Now try to imagine a possible reason why your favorite characters might go along with this team. (Ex. Nera- Abstract Beauty: Overkilling machine for the coolness, Hell lion because it is an misunderstood kitten, and a box slime because....well, you can't help trying to figure out how this type of slime exist.)
  13. I think DQ builders 3 won't be based on the 3th game mainly because, chronologically, the DQ 3's event already occurred (since it is first in the trilogy). I think that DQ builders 3 should be based on DQ 6. They could do so much the the dreams idea.
  14. Hey everyone! Hope everyone has a great new years! With that out of the way, i have two rather interesting builders questions: (1) Since DQ builders 2 is in development, what would you to see in this sequel( story wise, gameplay changes, etc)? (2) For a potential DQ builders 3, which game in the Zenithian trilogy should the game take place at?
  15. Woah. That sounds...actually really exciting! Dragon Quest will feel right at home with this crossover. So what kind of characters would you want to get in first? Also, is there any unique twist that you like to see from this crossover?
  16. This website has helped me so much throughout my dragon quest experience, thanks to its massive amounts of detail put into it. I only been here less than a year on the forums, but it alway felt like home to me. It also helps that the people of the woodus forums are all great people who make this place feel inviting in their own ways. It is fun making a topic whenever I can and see people react to them. I guess our passion for this game series create interesting experiences. Although Shout Outs to Woodus himself; One person's dedication to the series has created a invaluable den of knowledge and comrades. Like a actual hero, whenever the website is in need of help, he is always there to lend a hand. I know I am being sappy right now, but I like to genuinely express gratitude at this moment. Hope for more great years to come!
  17. Hey Everyone! Happy holidays! Hope all of you are doing well! So through out the series, we encountered many types of monster/enemies. So my question is: which monsters gives you the most trouble when you are playing a Dragon Quest game? (Like they have it out for you)
  18. Hey everyone! So on the 19th of December, there is going to be an update on the Switch version of DQ 11. So what do you want for the switch version on DQ 11 (beside a localization XD)? Are there any thing that you want improved on , fixed, or expanded upon? Should they take certain aspects of the previous two versions of the game? (P.s. please try not to spoil story events since the game is not officially out yet)
  19. Hey eveyone! I had previously thought that Rubius was a goddess/deity of sorts, but i guess that is up for debate XD! I was wondering, doesn't DQ Builders refer to Rubius as a goddess, or did they specifically say that she was a guardian spirit? Also, regarding DQ builders, i find the conflict between Rubius and Buildrick (the protagonist) to be very interesting. From the very beginning of the game, she let you know that you are NOT the hero of this story. It is unique in the sense that she tells you that, although you are an essential person needed to rebuild the world, you are not the hero destined to save the land. This notion is is present through out the game; even as we show that we are more than capable of saving this land, she still believes that you are NOT the hero. This could be the fact that Builder is not a hero physically; they were not made for combat. She thinks that the builder might not be able to take on the dragonlord, epecially since they cannot get stronger by level up (or experiences). I think a reason why rubius would rather believes that a hero might suddenly show up out of nowhere is mainly because that kind of event has happen before; she is essentially wait for another Erdrick to arrive. In a sense, she was holding on to a shaky sense of hope mainly because she (initially) couldn't do anything else. Rubius was a believer of fate and destiny. When the 1st hero in the series betrayed the land, she was the one most affected by the betrayal, especially since she knew Erdrick themselves. Despite still having a sense of fate, her trust in humanity was not the same as it previously. When the Builder chose not to obey the path of fate, it triggered a very negative response from her. This is the second time someone has went against the notion of fate. This led her to temporarily leave the Builder out of frustration and confusion. This is ironically a very human trait that Rubius is displaying since she is lost on what to do. However, once Rubius sees how the people of alefgrad place there hopes on the Builder despite not being gifted with the power of heroes, she learns that a true hero is made, not born or chosen. Rubius is quite well written in this game, as deity in DQ don't tend to get this much development. I guess it gies to show that DQ builders is surprisingly well written in that department. XD
  20. Hey Everyone! I know that many different characters have been discussed before, but how about a disscussion about a goddess? There has been many types of deities through out the series, but Rubius arguably have one of the better characterization among them (especially in builders). So! How do you feel about our guardian spirit Rubius? Do you have any tibit about our goddess? Is she a flawed deity?
  21. So for those who played Dragon Quest Builders, you find out pretty early on that the hero from the first dragon quest joins the dragonlord's side, causing the world (or a least alfgaurd) to go into chaos. Here is the fun part! Although the game gives you flashback of the first game(through the first hero's perspective), it purposely keeps the former hero's motivation vague. So my amazing audience, here is your chance to fill in the blanks! Why do you think the first hero betray the side of good? Also, do you think he regrets his betrayal or enjoys it?
  22. Hey, everyone! Here is a interesting topic to think about! So, as many fans here are aware, Terry(DQ6) has alway had this ability to befriend and tame monsters(like Lizzie), even as a child. So I was wondering, why is it that Terry appeals to monsters? It's it because his personality? Is it because they can relate to Terry? Or is a less talked about reason? What do you think the reason is?
  23. HEY, everyone!! Like the title said, due to some fortunate events, somecallmejohnny is going to review DQ 5(this year)! This is a great chance to promote the series(especially since he is starting off with one of the best games in the series seeing as he is one of the most well known video game review/let's player out there! For those who are hoping to promote the series, this will be a great opportunity to do something (like hype up the release of DQ 11)! If you are involve in any project/sub communities of the DQ series, make sure to spread the word! We must seize this opportunity!
  24. Oh! How about this? How about on interaction bewteen Milly and Meena? They could have a very "fortunate" conversation, as well as compare each others lives as siblings! Why do i feel like alena and kiryl would go along swimmingly in DQ 6? Is it because of Alena's need for adventure? A thing tgat DEFINITELY need to happeen is to have Carver in a DQ builders type world. He would become the true master of construction!
  25. Oh! Well... Speaking of Madison, imagine him being the hero of dq 7! He already has bad luck as is! I think he would get along with ruff though( it might invlove madison's lofty talents for beasts and monsters that would hit it off). I can suprising see Nera fitting well with the dq 6 crew, seeing as she is a very silly and curious person who is happy to join the discovery of the self(and ver too)! ...i can only imagine marbel and terry in the same room...
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