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  1. I'll just go with my top 3 since I like so many fictional characters. 1.Harry Dresden from the Dresden files books. 2.Kaladin from the Stormlight Archive. 3. Roto/Erdrick.
  2. "A slight breeze attacks Barbara" Barbara dies. I wanted to say you were both wrong...but that would be a lie.
  3. That's the interesting thing about forums. You can have regulars disappear out of nowhere sometimes. I'd bet there are a few others who vanished from here too considering the age of the forum.
  4. You should start with something smaller like Pokemon while you're learning. X won't be easy to play. I don't have a Paypal, so I won't be able to snag that collector's edition version. DQXI releasing just before I turn 18 is agonizing! I think I'll try to push for localization in the meantime. How did you learn Japanese btw? I'm still working on speaking and vocabulary. Kanji is a nightmare. I'm half Japanese and lived there until I was 15.
  5. Anyone else planning to import XI? Luckily I'm able to read Japanese so I do t have to worry about a localization. Really hope it ends coming to the west officially though.
  6. Thought it'd be more fun to ask this way. Ah Slime Knights! I had made an account and it shut down before I had really started posting. Were you able to meet anyone? I was only able to play with one of my friends. The rest were in uninterested. 10,000 posts?! Cor Blimey! I have some catching up to do. Time really does fly huh?
  7. Too bad it doesn't get this level of marketing in the West. It'd do much better if it had.
  8. I'm seeing people having thousands of posts! I've been lurking on and off since 2008 I believe. I wasn't here all the time of course but I peaked in a bit during new releases.
  9. Currently playing through Cosmic Star Heroine. It's pretty good so far. Afterwords I'll probably playthrough Dragon Quest III for a quick refresher before XI is out.
  10. Torn between III and V. I've played both of them so many times I can do it in my sleep.
  11. Welcome! From someone who is also new.
  12. Sounds like a plan haha. Thanks! Figured since I lurk on and off so much I really should start participating in here. Just don't bite my innards! I was going to welcome him to our own little slice of the Internet, but apparently he's been here peeping the whole time. I've only been peeping a lot don't worry.
  13. Hello everyone. I've been lurking this forum on and off for a very long time and decided it was about time I stopped hiding like a metal slime and make myself an account. My favorite Dragon Quest is III and with all the news of XI and having nobody else to really talk about it with I figured this would be the best place!
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