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  1. Unfortunately haproxy only knows how to use Linux's transparent proxy support. We'll find something! Might just take some effort.
  2. Hmm.. I'll do some googling later to see if there're windows thingies that are close. Looks like OS X can do it as well (the firewall rules are pretty similar).. What you need to find is a proxy that isn't HTTP centric, or has a "plain tcp" mode, which is what I'm doing with haproxy on my router. It's not quite clear if haproxy supports the OSX method of transparent proxying sadly. It doesn't need any complicated configurations, it just needs to do the proxying and the defaults are usually a lot more sane for the proxy than for the 3DS. searching for "transparent proxy os x" has a good amount of results. A quick look for windows shows some stuff using Squid (which is an http cache). Maybe I'll find some later, or you'll luck out first. Good luck! Wish I could be of more use getting other people going
  3. If you're running linux on that PC it's easy (or I was contemplating a raspberry Pi build with a wifi adapter plugged into it)... If it's windows or OS X I'd have to research into how to set up a transparent proxy, if it's possible at all. What're you using? All you need to do is route the 3DS through "a thing" that can do the transparent proxying... but as I said in the post it's a bit difficult. I want to set up an rPi build so I can game at work on late nights, but if you don't already have most of the parts an rpi + case + power brick + wifi adapter + ethernet cord might run close to $100
  4. It gives you a different error if you authenticate without the VPN (some 3xx thing instead of 2xx? I didn't read it carefullyu).. but it doesn't always authenticate. I've logged in/out, and so long as I don't close the DQX app it'll let me keep going in without the IP check. If I close the app and then try to log in without the VPN it never lets me (though I didn't try too many times). Also if the game bails from a connection error it seems to need the VPN again to get back in. I've taken the IP blocks associated with square's ASN and routed just them to the VPN as a compromise. Since the 3DS streaming service is from Ubitus and has separate blocks, the auth section always goes through the VPN but main game doesn't. This has a side effect of not having to flip the VPN on/off when I play on PC or Wii too
  5. http://www.dormando.me/2014/11/09/3ds_dqx/ Long boring details + a video of without/with proxy and me talking like I'm half asleep. Setting up a transparent proxy is a bit involved sadly. Hoping to be able to nag someone at square to bump the window size up, as it'll help all users. Also I didn't note in the blog or video, but the VPN is only required when first logging in (but before clicking through to online/offline mode). You can shut it off for a more direct connection. With my VPN on it won't even connect at all. I need to optimize that as a separate project
  6. OH MY GOD I JUST FIXED IT. I've been playing on an intel NUC, which uses some realtek driver weirdness. When you don't have anything plugged into the audiostream it unloads the drivers and mutes. When you do, it loads some drivers. I tend to play DQX without the audio plugged into the NUC. The autopatcher plays some elevator music while it runs. Since the 2.1 patch, if your audio is disabled it just crashes. The new patch came out today, it failed again, and then I thought "well... what if..." and plugged in the damn audio cable. It works fine. Windows. Not even once.
  7. Another patch, another crash. I'm fed up.
  8. More things that haven't worked: - Changing the win compat modes. - Running the updater as Admin. - Disabling the "this will modify your computer" popups. Just wish I had any sort of hint at all as to what it's doing when it blows up. "This app has unexpectedly hung" worse than useless. Give me a syscall trace, a stack trace, anything... Haven't tried changing the locale back to english. Not sure what else to even twiddle.. like I said it's a very bare fresh install of windows.
  9. Doesn't seem to be the configurator for me.. I renamed the exe and it still hung. Task manager shows it just being the launcher that dies... and a sub process of itself. Like it's trying to fire off the updater exe and can't. What blows my mind is that this is a completely fresh windows install. steam and DQX have been installed on it, and the browser hasn't even been open in months. I haven't even had an opportunity to install or something that it wouldn't like.
  10. Odd. if I start the configurator directly from the game directory it runs fine... ... Except it's a bit goofed up for me. I have my locality set and JP language whatevers but for some reason the configurator's menus are all ?'s, and the dropdown menus are full of garbage. How does one block the exe? This just happened again... new launcher downloaded, now when it starts it dies at the same spot. :/ Just want to play the stupid game.
  11. I'm getting the feeling they may have thrown in some sort of content check that's $#!&ing up... I can't tell why the launcher would $#!& up on me, even after a completely fresh install. Is your machine overheating? Update might run the CPU a little hard.. but then again so does the game. Ugh.
  12. The 2.1 launcher update ran, now every time the launcher fires up it immediately crashes out. Anyone else on PC run into this issue? I've completely uninstalled the game and re-installed it and rebooted and whatever else windows usually wants you to do. Moved the DQX folder in the documents thing out of the way too. Every time I re-install, it downloads the new launcher then immediately crashes. :'(
  13. http://www.ipvanish.com/visualguides/OpenVPN/DD-WRT/
  14. OVP's tokyo servers are in linode and amazon EC2 farms... the gold farmers were probably using the same services and abused it enough to get the whole things blocked. I need to figure something out :/
  15. the top says something like "important newsletters for our guests". They're general announcements (1-3 pages worth when you log in).
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