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  1. Oh, that did it! Thanks! So odd that it's the only Japanese program I've ever had that issue with. Anyway, game time!
  2. Ah, thanks, but as I said, I have the Japanese IME installed and use it daily in programs like Word, Chrome, and Final Fantasy XIV. For some reason DQX is the first time I've encountered it not working correctly
  3. Hi All! Decided to jump back into this game, but am jumping from Wii to Windows 8.1 PC, and for some reason when I type in-game in Japanese all I get is question marks. I live in Japan and type in Japanese in all other kinds of programs, including Final Fantasy XIV, so I really can't imagine what the problem could be. When I'm in Japanese IME mode, it will type in romaji without any problems, but as soon I switch to hiragana, all I get is ? for each character. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. zanchan

    Got OST?

    Dragon Quest X Symphonic Suite was announced for release on December 5th. I lost the link to the initial announcement I read, but you can see its listing here on Amazon Japan... EDIT: Oh, here's a link with a cover image and a track listing...
  5. Do you guys know this website: http://dq10-memo.com/ ? It's an online guide to DQX that seems to be regularly updated. It's all in Japanese, of course, but if your languages skills are lacking, the google translate version isn't horrible, per se...
  6. I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but a few different shops here in Tokyo told me it was a limited run and they don't expect them back. If you search it on biccamera.com, they don't even have the listing, er, listed anymore. That said, Mimas is totally right about the build quality. The slimes sit up there just DYING to fall off at the slightest brush of a hand or controller cable. Even the keys themselves aren't terribly pleasant to type on. It's definitely the cutest thing ever, but practical it ain't.
  7. Guess I am just going to have to get an American Wii U as well. Though it would be nice if they have some sort of server overlap. The extent to which I wish Wii U would be region-free is nearly unexplainable. I've basically resigned myself to the fact that I'm only ever again playing Nintendo games in Japanese, which is honestly fine since I am basically comfortable in Japanese, but it would just be nice to have the choice! And I sure hope the Wii U version of DQX shares the same servers. I'd hate to lose my character.
  8. The app picked up eight people today. Now, of course, the hard part will be finding them in the game. Over so many servers, it really might take a while. But we'll see how it goes. It's fun passing people with the app because you exchange profile cards that show you the person's character's picture, level, total play time, and a little message they write. One of the people I passed today has more than 120 hours logged already! Makes my 36 hours look full of shame
  9. Of course I've been! Thank the Goddess for the concierge - I need those genkidamas or I'd be hopeless at grinding. But yeah, I've noticed the mention of double surechigai there. I don't think ten is unreasonable. I mean, the app only hit the Nintendo e-shop at around 3pm today, so when I left the house later, I doubt nearly anyone had the app yet. But normal streetpasses are EASY to come by here. I only went a few stations down the line (well, to Shinjuku) and I got 30 of them today. And only because I only checked three times. You can just stand in one spot in Shinjuku Station and get as many as you please, though that is sort of cheating, isn't it? Anyway, I'm excited for the doubles to start happening... Also, the coolest thing about the app is the 3D! I didn't have it turned up when I wrote my first post earlier, but WOW. The live cam in 3D looks seriously cool. A+ to Nintendo and Squenix on that one.
  10. Here are two terrible pics I took with my iPhone of my 3DS LL and the new app. The first is just the title screen, the second is the main menu. The top screen is a continuously updated high-res (for 3DS) pic from the in-game live cam. This one is in グレン城下町 (Glen Castle Town). And the bottom screen is the main menu. http://postimage.org/image/66vzzd71h/ http://postimage.org/image/hyognwr1h/
  11. Today was the release of the 3DS's DQX "tool" 『ドラゴンクエストⅩ 冒険者ã®ãŠã§ã‹ã‘便利ツールã€that lets you do all sorts of things, coolest of which is "Double Streetpass" -- if you pass the same person in both real life and in the DQX game world, you gain Double Streetpass points and, I'd imagine, receive some kind of rare item as a reward. It would seem like a sort of impossible thing, Double Streetpassing, but living in central Tokyo, you pass so many other people with 3DSs that I'd imagine it will happen sooner rather than later. Is anyone else around here in Japan? I'm so curious to see when someone will manage a Double Streetpass... Anyway, here's a list of all the stuff the 3DS app does: http://gematsu.com/2...n-app-announced
  12. Isn't it the best? I ran into my first Slime King today, and that was pretty exciting, too. Not in terms of XP, but simply because it had me squealing in delight Otherwise, I've been questing around Julette a bit. And I finally started trying out the different guilds, so I've been doing some sewing. Sort of exciting to wake up to mail waiting with gold from the Bazaar Such a heavy emphasis on grinding in this game that that seems to keep me busy most of the time. Being an adult is the worst (IRL, I mean) in terms of not having any free time to play! So I'm still only level 23 or 24 (I forgot... ) Oh well, c'est la vie...
  13. Went doing a couple of little fetch quests last night. Re-found the story, so I'm back on track with that. And spent some time leveling with a few pals I've made. Haven't had much time this week (what with silly work getting in the way), but I have the day entirely to myself today, a few bottles of Diet Coke in the fridge, and am ready for a marathon...
  14. Oooh, okay. I'll have to try that. And yeah, I meant like Lamp, or sewing, or blacksmithing, etc. I haven't tried any of them yet. Actually, what have I been doing in the game?? Really just running around killing things and making friends, I suppose. Gotta get serious this weekend...
  15. How do you get those screenshots?? And I agree, DQX might be my new favorite, too. Though I really do have to get back to the story. Have you joined a guild? I keep meaning to...
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