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  1. Oh, that did it! Thanks! So odd that it's the only Japanese program I've ever had that issue with. Anyway, game time!
  2. Ah, thanks, but as I said, I have the Japanese IME installed and use it daily in programs like Word, Chrome, and Final Fantasy XIV. For some reason DQX is the first time I've encountered it not working correctly
  3. Hi All! Decided to jump back into this game, but am jumping from Wii to Windows 8.1 PC, and for some reason when I type in-game in Japanese all I get is question marks. I live in Japan and type in Japanese in all other kinds of programs, including Final Fantasy XIV, so I really can't imagine what the problem could be. When I'm in Japanese IME mode, it will type in romaji without any problems, but as soon I switch to hiragana, all I get is ? for each character. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Do you guys know this website: http://dq10-memo.com/ ? It's an online guide to DQX that seems to be regularly updated. It's all in Japanese, of course, but if your languages skills are lacking, the google translate version isn't horrible, per se...
  5. Isn't it the best? I ran into my first Slime King today, and that was pretty exciting, too. Not in terms of XP, but simply because it had me squealing in delight Otherwise, I've been questing around Julette a bit. And I finally started trying out the different guilds, so I've been doing some sewing. Sort of exciting to wake up to mail waiting with gold from the Bazaar Such a heavy emphasis on grinding in this game that that seems to keep me busy most of the time. Being an adult is the worst (IRL, I mean) in terms of not having any free time to play! So I'm still only level 23 or 24 (
  6. Went doing a couple of little fetch quests last night. Re-found the story, so I'm back on track with that. And spent some time leveling with a few pals I've made. Haven't had much time this week (what with silly work getting in the way), but I have the day entirely to myself today, a few bottles of Diet Coke in the fridge, and am ready for a marathon...
  7. Oooh, okay. I'll have to try that. And yeah, I meant like Lamp, or sewing, or blacksmithing, etc. I haven't tried any of them yet. Actually, what have I been doing in the game?? Really just running around killing things and making friends, I suppose. Gotta get serious this weekend...
  8. How do you get those screenshots?? And I agree, DQX might be my new favorite, too. Though I really do have to get back to the story. Have you joined a guild? I keep meaning to...
  9. Thought a thread where we DQX players could share our daily in-game experiences might be fun. For example, I just killed my first metal slime about an hour ago and it was ridiculously exciting. Also I happened to be within those magical thirty minutes of 元気タイム(genki time), so all my experience was doubled. In a party of 4, I wound up with 2600P and all four of us gained levels. Cheers and celebration all around I played a lot today. I had the day off from work, so I basically spent the whole day in front of the TV. Went from Level 18 this morning to Level 22 this evening. I
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