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  1. That's good to know in case they don't recycle them. And it will get you hella gold to start out with. How did you go about doing this? Like modding. And do you have pictures of this stuff? I mean I will wait to see if it recycles but if not this will be perfect.
  2. Really? So it has the DLC items like the Candy Cane and Ye Olde Sword of Erdrick? 950 seems excessive lol
  3. Might not be doing this multiquote right so I apologize in advance but you both were kinda saying the same thing. Patience I can do. Do either of you know when it is scheduled to run its course? After that point, I can just try downloading and see if it gives me the first item (candy cane I believe?). In regard to hacking and action replay/powersaves, I do not know much about that. Are there hacks to get them? I take it that is sketchy territory so I prefer that as a last resort. And what is the turn around for codes or saves? Probably after the items finish I would imagine...
  4. I know it's a long shot, but I figured here at least I know people play it so I thought I would give it a try. And thanks glad to be here. You guys post a lot of helpful stuff.
  5. Hello Dragon Questers, I was just wondering if anyone had a copy of Dragon Quest 8 for 3ds (North American version if possible) with all the main dlc (weapons, accessories, super seeds etc) to date and was willing to sell it. I missed several in the beginning due to servers. 8 was the game that introduced me to the series so the childhood memories and ocd completionist in me wants a complete copy. Ideally, there would be a second file where I could play through again using the dlc items collected. PM and we can negotiate a price. I will of course cover shipping. Thanks and happy questing
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