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  1. So is there a badge for that? I kid I kid... but seriously I love Jimmy from about 1973-1999. I'm not as big a fan of him post 5 o'clock somewhere, but he still manages to make a few songs on each album I like.
  2. My name is Chris. I am married to a wonderful woman named Grace. We have two amazing little children, Cornelius and Frances. I am a grad student working towards my Master of Arts in Teaching in Columbia, SC. I'm Presbyterian. As far as music goes I like Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown Band, Jay Z, Flogging Molly, and Jack Johnson. I love the Dragon Quest series and am slowly working my way through all the titles I can get my hands on. My other passion is Pro Wrestling. I love that faux sport full of carnival fun and fireworks...and I won't apologize for it. Here's me with my daughter less
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