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  1. *Begins planning a trip to Toronto right now* I sort of wish I lived in a big city where tag events were viable.
  2. Samurott should have been a fighting water, they should have just done it properly. I like Keldeo personally. I love the idea of Three musketeers themed legendaries. I just wish I could catch my own Keldeo so I could name it. Is My little ponies a tv show? Where have I been. I thought it was just a toy line.
  3. I LURVE Pikachu. That little guy is always a companion for me, ever since Yellow I keep one close by. And Static has saved me multiple times throughout my various play throughs. Keldeo makes me happy? Are you a bronie?
  4. I would pay for an epub version of all these Dragon Quest guides and I'm sure they could make those fairly quickly and easily.
  5. I hate Keldeo because there is no in game way to get one, thus ruining my naming trend. So now I have Aramis, Porthos, Athos, and #&@*#*@ Keldeo! I hate you Gamefreak. I hate you and your event legendaries within a set, I hate you and your non global trade with a gift ribbon selves! Now that that's over I'll get back to work on my hacked Keldeo with the proper name, d'Artagnan. And I never even knew there were such things as bronies, but I agree they are probably already far too happy a lot of people. They don't need a Pokemon to aid their gladness. We should find a way to murder t
  6. Funny you say that Sasuke, because I HATE their robotic ones thus far. I disdain the collection of magnets, the pokeball....and I guess those are the closest they come. It would be cool to see an evil team just utilize mechanical monsters as a way for them to introduce dozens of new mechanical Pokemon. Swerve time, what are your least favorite pokemon. Aside from the above mentioned, I HATE Luvdisc.
  7. Bumping this scene. I'd like to point out that many of these files still work. I cannot get the VII links to work. The artwork in many of these is fantastic and fun to look at. I looked at the Nintendo Power Dragon Warrior guide though...GOD IT SUCKS! But is interesting to see nonetheless. So if anyone has a more current link for VII I'd be very interested, also DQM for GBC. I'm not interested in any I can easily buy because they aren't being gouged by the Amazon salesmen (Who does HolyChristianBooksReseller need $60 for a worn out old strategy guide anyway?). Recently purchased DQ
  8. That's pretty badass. I thought about making an all turtle team, I like the turtles and they have quite a few now. Yeah they were in Blue, I played red. But I had one in my team later in the game, when I got one in a trade. I think I traded my Mewtwo for it, if that lets you know how much I cared about having one. Why every Pokémon fan asks me that!? Oh, if Digimon and Pokémon fans could make peace... Still, I like both Digimon and Pokémon. Why? I don't know. But I do. Now, we better shut up this Digimon talk. Non-Digimon fans will be unpleased. I am interes
  9. Yo Goop, aren't you a Digimon person? What does that game/series offer that Pokemon doesn't?
  10. I always liked the way Mamoswine looked, but never used him. For me it shall always be about Bawse,
  11. I still use my old Infernape every once in a while. I'm very sentimental so I have a huge softspot for the first six starters, particularly Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Totodile. Ninetails was actually one of my all time favorites in the first game. I bought the wrong game and ended up with Growlithe and had to scour for a vulpix...the show really made me love ninetails...even though I only remember it being on there a handful of times.
  12. So I just booted up my Pokemon Black for the first time, in many many months, to get the free Pokemon from Gamestop (EB Games for you Canadians [i think]). I also put down a little coin on Pokemon White 2. Which got me wondering, how many of you folks are Pokemon fans? My favorite Pokemon is Ursaring, what's yours?
  13. I also loved the accents. Some were difficult, but I love a good puzzle.
  14. Yeah, if there's anyone in South Carolina with some sweet ass maps, please get up with me. Maybe we can grind some grottoes together as well.
  15. I can't get a decent grottoe to save my life. I am at lv 75 in Ranger, and 68 in Gladiator and need some MKS to get there. Been grotto dwelling for weeks now and can't get one. This too shall pass I guess.
  16. Song stuck in my head: Cult of Personality by Living Color.
  17. Wow. That was enlightening and fun. Thanks for putting in the time to get this done, and it looks beautiful on the page as well. I could see this in any big gaming magazine out there.
  18. I looooove V. I would argue that it is the best, but I haven't finished VIII yet and it is fantastic thus far.
  19. I named the two King Slimes I was using to work a King Cureslime 'Notorius' and 'B.I.G.' because of this image.
  20. Why are all my monsters negative polarity!?! The Horror!

    1. Democrobot


      Funny. Alot of mine are Positive.

    2. Gooptek


      And mine are variated...


      Me Gusta.

    3. Nokturnicus


      Yeah, I have that same problem if I don't use a plus scepter, even the ones I scout.

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  21. I can't get over just how fantastic that sword looks. And I like the healslime, nice DQIV touch including Healie, if only you had Ragnar around.
  22. I enjoy Trop-Rock/Country music as well as a multitude of other genres, I'm the guy with Jay Z, Jimmy Buffett, and Kenny Rogers right next to each other on the playlist with Manowar rounding it all out. I love movies, my favorite is probably a toss up between Hot Fuzz, Big Lebowski, and Life Aquatic. I watch a lot of 90's sitcoms with my wife, currently we are watching Boy Meets World. I also keep up with the following TV shows that are currently airing: Psych, Burn Notice, The Gla...

    1. D.Name Theif

      D.Name Theif

      Did you have to tell us that?

    2. Cairne Gotha

      Cairne Gotha

      Not at all. But I did.

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