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  1. Mr. Mime was my absolute least favorite Pokemon from Gen 1. Then they made Luvdisc, Wobuffett, and Quagsire which are all around the same to me for stupidest design. I do tend to like the ones based on mythology or real animals though. And nearly every Pokemon from Gen 1 has a special place in my heart.
  2. Rotom Wash is beastly. But you would have to trade it over and couldn't get its wash form until well after you would need it. From your list, the ones I would absoluetely feel I had to use would be Pineco/Forretress, Porygon family, Croagunk, and Rotom. Some of these (specifically Pineco and Croagunk) would just be really useful throughout. Porygun is always fun, and Rotom is as well. --------------- I love the Hidden Abilities, like the Habitat function on the Pokedex I feel it adds a little bit of that extra something that makes the game great. It takes some Pokemon who I ha
  3. I liked Blue, and I liked the jerk who was so bad in Gold/Silver. I haven't liked the rivals very much since them. But I do like that they don't just rest on the one archetype.
  4. He's so slavishly focused on getting his sisters pokemon back and he's always chasing the Plasma guys like an overhyped little cad. Then there is the patronizing trash he spits at me every time I kick his teeth in.
  5. Hugh is one annoying little bastard! I'm having a harder time with this Pokemon game than I have ever had before, I'm honestly thinking of completely restarting it. I love the story and the new features I am just not used to the regular story testing my skills as much as it has this time through. Fun Fun game though, I can't stress enough how fun it is.
  6. Funny Dragon I think an random person in the city tells you that almost verbatim.
  7. The story is expanded. They do a flashback series to add to it. It is also carried on with a completely different character and motivations. It is, alongside B.W some of the best storytelling in any Pokemon game I would argue. And the post game has gotten some decent upgrades in this one as well.
  8. White 2 is so good it makes me want to go back and buy Whit and a copy of Black 2 so I can play through these storylines again...which leads to a new problem with Pokemon games, if the stories are going to start being good I'm going to really need a New Game + function. Being able to restart the storyline. White 2 is sooo good so far, small tweaks have really made this the best Pokemon game I have ever played. Just fantastic.
  9. Pretty sure that's not the case...unless it was some sort of glitch. At least according to Bulbapedia, http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9rus
  10. My main egg hatching helper Slugma is recovered and he never passes it on either.
  11. I have wi-fi, and many live strains of Pokerus running wild in my inbox. If you're itching for it just let me know. And to keep it contactable you have to put the Pokemon with the virus into the box over night. One night in your party and it is cured (shows a small face instead of the Pokerus symbol) it's easy to spread it though so I just got a handful of Mons and gave it to them all so I would always have a transferable version of it available.
  12. I have never gotten legit shinies myself, a couple of Pokesaved ones from a friend are it. I prefer the original color on all of them except the black ones anyway. I only like a handful of the shiny sprites. I would like to have a truly complete pokedex one day though (with every form of every monster in the game).
  13. I love that the Harry Potter joke gets love weeks after it was posted. I was hoping everyone didn't miss it. Lucario is one of my standard battlers. I love him with Sp. Attk. and his move pool is awesome. Anyone want to battle?
  14. If we're talking bugs, I always raise myself a... And in the more recent game I LOVE!
  15. I love to battle online with Zoruark. I got a fairly decent one in a trade and his illusion is just a fantastic ability.
  16. Going back to the after game stuff. I don't feel like it would be too difficult for them to make the gym leaders battleable again. That would be a small thing that would make it a bit more fun. Also if they got better each time you fought them. Or if Pokemon would give a New Game + type of feature in a secondary slot, so I could replay the main story with a different starter while still keeping my other main game stuff. Also the post game dungeons and caves should be a lot more difficult, the aftergame stuff in Black/White is too connected to the entralink. I would much prefer a few nice
  17. Does this mean we can raise previous gen from the start on this one? If so I will be running a team of Mew, Pikachu, Tediursa, Zorua, Tirtouga, and Tepig!!!!!!! If not I'll be rolling with a Tepig, Minccino, Joltik, Zorua, Venipeed, Tirtouga team.
  18. That's great! I'm in the subway now trying to get my 4th Trainer card. Currently I'm red, I need to do the subway in Singles and Doubles and then gather all the musical equipment to finish up. I liked the story of Black and White, but they really need to throw in some better after game dungeons and such. The after-game in Unova feels lackluster to me, in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum it was fantastic, same with HG/SS. The Dreamworld is cool but it takes too long to do anything with it. All the restrictions are annoying. And Goop, that ghost type picture is fantastic my friend, nice
  19. I've been filling my Pokedex in Black in preparation for White 2. I have tried to get a perfect game for a long time, but I spent like 600 hours in Diamond, where I came closest with 3 Trainer Stars, but I couldn't get the right team built (to be honest I wasn't aware of good team building until about 2 years ago) to win the towers. I also couldn't bring myself to mess with the underground stuff enough to get the star for that. I am going to try to do it in HG pretty soon, with a particular focus on breeding great Pokemon that fit together in good teams. I also like the HG/SS minigame a lo
  20. The online features are a problem. Nintendo could do so much more with that.
  21. I love Lucario. Use him a lot actually (nicknamed Oroku). Hippopotas is my go to ground pokemon. Darkrai is very very cool. But I've never really used mine. Maybe I should bust him out and see how well he works.
  22. MEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Was my favorite for a long time. I loved him when he was a glitch in the original, I loved him when I traded him over to Gold. I loved him all the way through Diamond. When I finally got my hands on a Jirachi.
  23. I agree Democro, aside from my love of Tepig's looks and move pool I would have liked that as well.
  24. I love Pignite because he looks like a pro wrestler. I'm glad Tepig's line got fighting, but Samurott needed it as well. Speaking of trolling the fanbase, how about the lack of fully animated sprites!
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