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  1. Return on my max attack EV Ursaring at max friendship is BEASTLY! With burn/poison and guts, it can OHKO anything it can outrun (which admittedly isn't much without trick room up).

  2. I use return for all my Ursaring sets. It is incredibly satisfying. I used frustration on a Lopunny for a while because I hated it's design and just wanted to exercise my right to not be a good trainer (sorry to all those stuffed bunny rabbit lovers out there).


    Favorites...man I too have so many. I love all the dog types, from Arcanine, Eveelutions, and Vulpix in the originals all the way to the Stoutland line and everything in between. With the apex of my dog type love being the legendary trio. I also love the bear types (obviously) I sort of wish there were a few more. I would especially love a Panda Bear base one that was maybe fighting or psychic type. I also love almost every water type, with the notable exception of my least favorite Pokemon of all time, Luvdisc.


    I would love to see some new designs, the above noted Panda base being the one I would want the most, but I would also love to see a Koala base, a dolphin base, a peacock base, and I'm sure there are some other design bases I'd love to see get Pokemonized.

  3. Wow where do I start. To the diverse moveset argument, I say you have to do what works for you, if you like a diverse set...hell run one. It's all for fun, and a diverse set can sometimes trip up someone so focused on "calling" a special sweeper by throwing out their special wall.


    Favorite ice type? Easy...






    Water type?






    Though there is a slight caveat on water types, I seriously love them all. I would probably want to be a Water Gym Leader if I could.


    My favorite fighting type is...





  4. I don't think that the Nidoqueen Nidoking thing is all that weird (well maybe the Nidoking) but there is some basis for a female losing the ability to breed in older age, or in this case evolution.


    It's all odd, but fun to postulate about.

  5. I was working on the Dex myself when I got the hint medals that gave me the nudge to try to get the specific type medals. I had a good fighting group halfway ready so I trained for a week and got the others up to snuff (including an event Primeape I got through a trade and never used from years ago, and Primeape was always one of my favorites I just haven't been able to use him much until this challenge which was really fun for me) and whipped the old Elite Four Fighting style.


    I think the addition of the medals and giving GOOD rewards for completing the dex are my favorite non-story additions to the game.

  6. Defeated Iris. Hopefully got my medal for that. It was quite fun figuring out a team that would cover the weaknesses and be powerful enough to roll through. Most of my guys were Lv. 75 and it was pretty difficult to beat Marshal because I screwed up and thought Psyshock was a physical attack...I needed Zen Headbutt or Psycho Cut I figured out one fight too late. I also had a bit of a struggle with Iris, until I got my Scrafty with Moxie set up to basically sweep her team (except her Haxorus!).


    Nice little challenge though.


    Oh and it was a second time through.

  7. I am running, Gallade, Scrafty, Infernape, Primeape, Lucario, and Conkledurr. Beat it once but my battery ran out as it was registering my pokemon, so I am beating the Champion again now.

  8. DragonGuardian, I do not know if you can GTS Negotiate for events, I guess it could be possible...but most people on negotiation are trolls. I hate it and it takes way too long to barter.

  9. You can't trade events via GTS these days because they have a special ribbon. So you'd have to have a friend or acquaintance willing to trade it off to you. Unless other countries don't have the ribbon issue on GTS.

  10. If he trades you an egg you can still name it. And trading online is easy now with the friend codes and wifi deals. You just have to exchange friend codes and plan a time to both connect in the Wifi union room.


    Make sure you trade with trustworthy people though if you are doing egg trades. And doing an egg trade for an ability can be spotty :/

  11. That would be nice with its STAB and that boost.


    RedJ Any pokemon you need I have caught. I can make an egg and we can trade. Just let me know via PM.

  12. Adds Ground, Fighting, and Fire weaknesses, which are standards on most teams in competition. That's what I dislike about The typing. I'll have to look into Bullet Punch and Flash Cannon. Bullet Punch is pretty good as I remember, and would make sense for Lucario to have.


    Edit: Bullet Punch is an egg move. It only has 40 attack power though...


    Iron Tail (TM Move) is powerful but suffers from 75 accuracy


    Flash Cannon is by far the best move you mentioned and would do well in the Special set.

  13. Crobat would be a quite serviceable physical sweeper in general. Serebii works from a smaller base than Smogon, I tend to trust Smogon more in that area, though I love Serebii for everything else.


    He has fantastic speed and his overused sets are fricken fantastic! Even though it is the very definition of a glass cannon...well not quite a cannon, but a serviceable side arm.


    Crobat is absolutely a "hard and fast" type of pokemon. While he doesn't hit super hard he has access to Brave Bird and with the STAB it hits pretty hard, but he'll be worthless in the one round, Acrobatics also hits pretty hard if you can get his attack up there. If I wanted to use a Crobat I would have him with Taunt, Toxic, Brave Bird/Acrobatics, Cross Poison. But god forbid you meet a pokemon with Trick Room, you'd have one dead bat on your hands.


    Goop I wouldn't want Lucario to lose his steel typing if he had just one move that could utilize the typing well. I also don't think that would make him overpowering since his stats aren't uber great, he just has a good spread.

  14. My Lucario has a balanced Special Attack and Attack, with Special Attack getting a bit of an edge. (About 12 points)


    How about:


    Mixed: ( Nasty Plot, to take advantage with his slight Sp. Atk. advantage, with Ice Punch, to Freeze Walls and damage Pokemon with high Sp. Def.)

    Nasty Plot

    Aura Sphere

    Ice Punch

    Shadow Ball



    Sword Dance

    Ice Punch

    Drain Punch (Mostly just a way to get a couple HP back...) (Maybe Close Combat instead?)

    Bone Rush


    Special Attack:

    Nasty Plot

    Aura Sphere


    Shadow Ball


    I cannot express enough my utter love of Lucario for this very reason. He can be a beast and has such a deep move pool for either way. I just wish he had Earth Power. I also wish he had some viable Steel type moves. With that said I have one Lucario I run Toxic, I've found it to be useful for certain sets.


    What you posted could work. I ran a Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Nasty Plot set for a while as well.


    And Dragon Pulse is more powerful and more accurate for Dragon fighting, Ice Punch covers more types but Dragon Pulse is good because if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being up against a type with 2 other non-effective types (say you meet a ghost and don't have Shadow Ball on Lucario) Dragon is always normal effectiveness except with other Dragons, where it is super effective. Lucario can often win with a 90 power move on a special set with a semi high sp. attack.


    This game I have a physical attacker, so I intend to use a:


    Swords Dance

    Close Combat


    Ice Punch




    On another note, I love Ursaring. It's slow as it can be, but it has such a brutal attack stat. I worked hard to catch myself one with high IVs in Attack way back in Gen 3 and have bred it down in later games to create one beastly Ursaring I named Bawse. I have him running a pretty potent set



    Fire Punch


    Swords Dance

  15. Wanna' know the ironic thing, there, ryangroovey? That's the EXACT moveset I had on my Lucario when I fought him. Oh, and keep Force Palm. I still have it on mine, and it is still useful. One, it has a chance of causing Paralysis, two, Lucario gets STAB from it, and three, if you have the right Nature, it makes great use of Lucario's Attack stat (especially once you include STAB).


    My reccomendation would be to ditch Bone Rush and Swords Dance (depending on what Nautre you have) and replace them with Aura Sphere and another move of your choice. In my case it's Aura Sphere and Dragon Pulse. ALTHOUGH you COULD go to the Move Relearner at the PWT and have her teach your Lucario Dark Pulse.


    First why would you ditch bone rush and Swords Dance?


    If your Lucario has high Attack I would roll with Drain Punch, Bone Rush/Earthquake, Elemental Punch, Swords Dance. With Lucario's speed he makes a fantastic sweeper so you need as much coverage as you can on his moves, Shadow Claw is also good.


    If your Lucario has high Sp. Attack you should absolutely lose Force Palm for Aura Sphere and you can lose Swords Dance since it is worthless for a special set. Lucario is an amazing special sweeper because of his deep move-set he has Nasty Plot, Shadow Ball, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam, and Psychic all great options. He also has Calm Mind which is not nearly as good as Sword Dance or Nasty Plot, but still worth a try.


    You can also run a mixed set with him. But you only get four moves so you have to make them count, and think about the type of coverage you want on him.


    The only real problem with Lucario is Steel typing is a real bummer for him. It gives him weaknesses and offers no great strengths.


    Edit: Brick Break instead of Drain Punch is also a good option if you know your opposition likes Light Screen and Reflect.

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