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  1. Why are all my monsters negative polarity!?! The Horror!

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    2. Democrobot


      Funny. Alot of mine are Positive.

    3. Gooptek


      And mine are variated...


      Me Gusta.

    4. Nokturnicus


      Yeah, I have that same problem if I don't use a plus scepter, even the ones I scout.

  2. I enjoy Trop-Rock/Country music as well as a multitude of other genres, I'm the guy with Jay Z, Jimmy Buffett, and Kenny Rogers right next to each other on the playlist with Manowar rounding it all out. I love movies, my favorite is probably a toss up between Hot Fuzz, Big Lebowski, and Life Aquatic. I watch a lot of 90's sitcoms with my wife, currently we are watching Boy Meets World. I also keep up with the following TV shows that are currently airing: Psych, Burn Notice, The Gla...

    1. D.Name Theif

      D.Name Theif

      Did you have to tell us that?

    2. Cairne Gotha

      Cairne Gotha

      Not at all. But I did.

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