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  1. So the game is available. You can't do much, but it's available.
  2. I had that exact brainwave about ten seconds ago before I jumped back on to the forum just now.
  3. There's a good joke buried in this idea somewhere, but the only thing I can think of is "Erdrick, Mother$@^#er! Do you seek him?" which sounds amusing for about 0.3 seconds.
  4. I like DQStars. Colloquially, planets are stars (both are tiny sparkles in the sky), and the distinction only really exists in astronomy and related discussions.
  5. Platty is talking about the Dragon Quest Card Game. Which seems to be a TCG released after DQ7 (I don't see any DQ8 original monsters in the scans, so it was probably released before then). I had no idea this existed, but I wouldn't be surprised if it at least partially informed DQ Rivals, which I thought was Mobile only but appears to have a Switch version.
  6. Hmm. I see there's a disagreement in the Den and I'm not participating in it. Let's fix that with a controlled shock. *Smarty Pants Hat On* Let's Define a Term: An adaptation, in this usage of the word, is when a story is fitted from one medium to another, in this case transferring DQV from video game to cinema. What makes an adaptation good or bad depends on how well the story survives the translation (hence "faithful adaptation" is a compliment), which is a separate question from how good the actual story is -- counter-intuitively this means you can have a bad adaptation of a good story, a good adaptation of a bad story, or even a bad adaptation of a bad story that still makes a good final product because it improved/fixed the original bad story (note: this is very, very rare). So for Your Story to be a good adaptation, it would have to do a good job translating the DQV story to cinema. I argue, given that Your Story deliberately subverts the DQV story in order to make it a vehicle for its Teachable Moment about The Value of Playing Video Games, reducing the DQV story to a mere example of "someone's beloved video game", and given that as a mere example DQV is therefore irrelevant to the "true" story (because the example game could be anything: DQIII, DQVIII, Final Fantasy Whichever), that Your Story is not a good adaptation of DQV. To the storytellers, presenting DQV is not an end in itself, which is what every sane and honorable person would think, but a means to the end of lecturing the audience about The Value of Playing Video Games. The audience already knows The Value of Playing Video Games, it came to see a damned video game movie. I don't think an RPG adaptation would be necessarily disjointed -- I laid out an rough plan for boiling DQV to its bare essentials earlier in the thread -- but I do agree that it would be better served by a series. Each Dragon Quest game has enough material for at least a single cour's worth of anime, and after the first game three or four cours' worth if you know what you're doing. That could work, but you'd have to spin character value from basically nothing. DQ1 has only two major characters with any personality, Princess Laura and the dragonlord, and both of them are essentially plot devices.
  7. Nonsense. Everybody wanders in and demands filet mignon and then whines when they don't get it. The regular menu is more than adequate.
  8. Ah, where would we be without tangents? I was looking something up about Dragon Quest fairies and encountered a video of a DQX quest. I don't know the full context, but it involves bringing spring back by allowing Satadesu (サタデス) to dance. I think I've found my favorite DQX character. I'm calling him Saturdeath, for obvious reasons. I can't embed it, but: https://youtu.be/G8Qm6XBNDVM?t=546
  9. Only tangential, but I encountered a Dragon Quest Monsters fanmade tabletop at https://sites.google.com/site/dragonquestmonsterstabletop/ that might be worth a look.
  10. The W-M thing was a convenient localization coincidence that allowed Wario to be the anti-Mario overseas, but I learned about Waluigi from Nintendo Power, of all places, during their highlight article on Mario Tennis. If I remember correctly, that same issue also had an extended article/semi-walkthrough on the Dragon Quest GBC remakes, which was my first major exposure to the series (I knew who Akira Toriyama was from my exposure to Dragon Ball and recognized his art style). I didn't actually play any of the games until the renaissance brought DQ8 to the States, but I'd known about it since that Mario Tennis issue.
  11. You say that, but I saw enough anti-fun and not-bright in the prologue to know you ain't on the level. (Well, okay, arson fires technically are bright, but that's a condition of all flame).
  12. Disappointed, mostly. It's like looking at a beautiful tapestry and once you finally reach the end you see somebody ripped away the original fabric and sewed on some garish, unfitting alternative. Even if you allow out of sheer generosity that they were trying to improve the tapestry, the final effect is to have essentially ruined that part. It's an act of tremendous incompetence at the very least.
  13. I get the distinct impression that the person in charge of the story didn't actually get as much of the story as he should have.
  14. It's happening. It's happening! I purchased a Steam copy of this game over a year ago and have been waiting to complete Heroes II before starting it up so as not to spread myself across too much (like I always do), only to go and put Heroes II on hiatus until a few months ago. So I finally download it and start it up and immediately my sad, old (two-years-old) computer immediately starts to creak and groan under the weight of such magnificence. I convince it to start up a new file, watch the opening cinematic, noting with interest that it's running so poorly that the voice and the music can't play at the same time and have to take turns, and then it freezes. I leave and come back and it freezes on the first frame of the game and proceeds to crash. Not to worry. I start it up again, reduce all graphic enhancements as much as I can (the framerate has a minimum base of 30, which is unfortunate; as Heroes could go down to 20), and now it plays like absolute molasses. But it plays, thank God. I have no idea what the hero's name is, so I named him Eleven, after the convention of the heroes of VIII and IX (Eight and Nine are their actual names, which is much less cool than I thought it was when I was fourteen). If he has one, don't tell me, I wanna see if I can figure it out for myself. I've actually managed to avoid most of the spoilers for this game, even listening to Slime Time, and I think I've forgotten most of them, and that still leaves 99% of the game for me to discover! New monsters, new places, new people! New people like Gemma, our childhood friend. I like her already. What I don't like is that after this she exhibits more potential than anything really appealing. She's harmless, but the "what would I do without you" bit kinda highlights the fact that she's not making a real contribution. I don't need her to fight, goodness knows we had our LOYAL ATTACK DOG (Sandy Model) for that. (I say with no guile or irony that I firmly objected to the slimes attacking my dog. I don't think I've ever been that mad at a slime. Maybe the anxiety of not knowing Sandy's HP helped). But for all intents and purposes Gemma spends 90% of the climb as little more than an exposition device, and I'm not getting anything as appealing as Erinn -- who nursed the DQIX protagonist back to health, escorts elderly relatives through danger, runs an inn by herself, never complains, is absolutely willing to put Ivor in his place, and is also hospitality incarnate. So far, Gemma's been much less helpful, and considering the first scene of the game is us cleaning up her mess, she should really be working harder to justify herself. She did furnish me with a phial once in battle, and does a decent job playing big sister to Cole, but I was level one and all I got out of it was 2 MP. Maybe I got unlucky and she possibly was supposed to save it for later, after I'd earned Frizz. I like her, I just really want to like her more. She has a big bandanna to fill. It's (hopefully) way too early to finalize an opinion -- all I've done is climb the Tor and then saved in the Cobblestone Church -- I haven't even finished talking to all the townspeople. The new take on combat is interesting. I haven't yet been explained the purpose of wandering around (don't explain it to me!) -- I tried experimenting with placement to see if I could hit multiple monsters at once, but the game didn't see fit to honor that and only let me slay one Slime at a time. I probably had it easier than true vanilla DQXI would've allowed for. The first time I opened my inventory to check out my freshly dropped Medicinal Herb (which plummeted right down out of the heavens, an image that still makes me chuckle) and discovered that I apparently had an extra Greatsword and some Trodain gear. Hey, look, Orange Bandanna Buddies! There should be a club. And if those outfits don't match as well as they might, well, Gemma doesn't dress like anyone else in Cobblestone, so why should she match us? Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to playing the rest of this game, though with my computer, progress will undoubtedly be glacial.
  15. The Heroes games took a lot from Battle Road -- nearly all the character's Coup de Graces are directly lifted from their Battle Road finishers.
  16. Okay, in that case, I'll link what I have from Dropbox, since I'm only allowed limited uploads to the Den itself and most of that got chewed up by the first package. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mt0z74lei14c62a/Monster Battle Records Field Notes -- DQH1.zip?dl=0
  17. As a matter of fact, @Woodus, do you have the full text for the monsters from the first Heroes? I'd assume you did, but the monster list on the main site only shows cut off description, and it'd be nice to have those for the wiki, if you're amenable to the idea. I have a set of screenshots for the DQH monsters, too, including the unique bosses and such but some of the entries in my records are incomplete (I think because I haven't sunk the same amount of time into hunting high numbers of them). Somebody else made a compendium of all the records data except the field notes, which are maybe 98% identical to what was in Heroes II, anyway.
  18. They did, it just doesn't appear in the Battle Records. You can see him in the intro to his dimensional dungeons.
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