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  1. Pardon me, boss, but I'd like to submit an update request to "Brother Jaybird", if you please.
  2. I dunno, I think Cravin' Craven sounds like an appropriately DQish name.
  3. Pokemon Masters does something interesting in that it brings a bunch of never-met characters together, which creates some new duos I hadn't thought of and inspires thought of more: Blaine and Flannery, Iris and Pryce. Much like the DQ Heroes series. I read every word on that can in Warburton's voice.
  4. On the Pokemon Masters front, I have found Lieutenant Surge. Who speaks, inexplicably, with a faux Patrick Warburton voice.
  5. Come to think of it, since Cookie Monster doesn't fit cleanly into Slime or Beast, does that mean he defaults to the ??? family? And if he goes in there... does that mean Cookie Monster's a boss-level foe?
  6. Also, I'd like to personally thank LGPE for making Vileplume creepy again. The dark ring around it's eyes is very subtle, but effective.
  7. It's official. Bruno has the best Let's Go redesign of the lot. I keep having to register second takes to make sure he 's not possessed.
  8. Whoops, how belated of me! And many happy returns.
  9. So, Omphale's Spinning Wheel is most famous in the west for having provided the opening theme for The Shadow's radio theme (3:10), but I can't help but notice that the section following the infamous radio theme actually sounds like it could fit nicely in Dragon Quest somewhere.
  10. Cookie monster looks like some bizarre mix of the Slime and Beast families. There's franchise crossover potential here and it makes me deeply uncomfortable.
  11. Mefista, it's Dragon Quest. Over 90% of the available monster list is derivative. There's plenty to sink your teeth into. I think that maybe you just don't like ridiculously burly men with googly eyes.
  12. Day 3, and I've evolved all my available Protag and Rival pokemon as far as I could. I couldn't complete my daily missions for the first two days because I didn't know what I was doing, for starters, and when I did I simply didn't have the levels to make the battle math work out in my favor. Today, however, I did, and what a glorious feeling that is.
  13. Welp, second day of Pokemon Masters and I've already maxed out the levels on over a dozen characters. I haven't even hit chapter 3 yet.
  14. At this point we really ought to have a mass gathering of all the Robbin' 'Ood derivatives. There are over a dozen now.
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