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  1. Today's the 1st day of Lent, so just as a heads-up, I'm not going to be on the forum for the next 40 days (I gave up recreational internet for the season). I'll be able to check in on Sundays to answer any PMs.

    1. ignasia


      May your journey be good, and your prayers heard.

    2. Mefista


      *nods solemnly*

  2. That's fine. Still on topic, which can be pretty rare in this forum. Besides: This is a totally valid contribution.
  3. Could be an Emulation issue. What platform are you using?
  4. I'm an early adapter! I think I made my last post just before or during the upgrade. I like your new logo; it's classy. Had to finesse the quotebox a little, but I quite like it. What new features can we expect? I've only seen the updated toolbar at the top.
  5. #AshandMistyinLA -- Veronica Taylor and Rachel Lillis doing some fun and silly improv from a couple years ago.
  6. Bokura no War Game. Same director, nearly identical plot beats. Right up your alley.
  7. They're saving Princess Kaguya for last? I mean, it's a pretty film, everyone should see it at least once just for the animation, but the story is squarely meh.
  8. Welcome to the forum! Watch your step, don't fall off the thread, and you'll do fine!
  9. I missed this, but welcome to the forum! Watch your feet, don't fall off the thread, and you'll do fine.
  10. Welcome! Don't forget to make yourself an intro thread so we can all say Hi properly. And hey, more DQ content! Always a good thing. Some ideas: I think you would be well served by three things: fixing your recording and screen-size issues so we can see better, practicing public speaking and improvisation to boost your voice capacity and make the LP more engaging, and by cutting your recording sessions down to about ten or fifteen minutes so they're more easily digestible (so even if you have an hour or so's worth of gameplay, you can break it into smaller episodes to release more content over time).
  11. Hey, welcome to the forum! Watch your step, don't fall off the thread, and you'll do fine!
  12. So Frozen 2 just dropped a trailer and is being rightfully, righteously mocked for how intense and intensely plotless it is.
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