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  1. So, maybe one or two of you remember/have heard of The Banana Splits, an old Hanna Barbera property about a funny animal rock band that experimented with mixing live-action and animation segments. Well, for those of you who are up for yet another high-quality piece of nostalgic cinema out of Hollywood, they're getting a movie. And not just any old movie. They're getting a horror movie. A Five Nights at Freddy's-style horror movie.
  2. So I am woefully late to the Hero in Smash hype train.

  3. I just watched all of Funimation's English Dub voice videos for Nichijou.

    I've only ever watched clips of the Japanese version, but the English voices are great.

  4. Goodness, is that old religion still in operation? I was told they had to close down for a staff shortage; not enough vocations, apparently.
  5. It's okay, boss, we all know we're just warming up for the real anniversary on the 35rd.
  6. On the list of Friday Ephemera from that blog, which also has been updated. (Mind you, the blog is political, so if you aren't up for that, mind that you don't stray from Friday Ephemera).
  7. How to Read Music (according to a 12 Year Old)
  8. EDIT EDIT EDIT: I completely forgot to give this a language/content warning for some lyrics near the end. I'm not a huge Starbomb guy, but their Simple Games songs have been pretty good.
  9. I saw Panda 2 as the weakest of the Panda series, though I think it has interesting ideas; my favorite is Panda 3, which springboards very nicely off of where things left off in the first Panda movie, I liked the first How to Train Your Dragon, liked the villain's artistry (it takes style to foil three different characters) in the second How to Train Your Dragon, but haven't heard very encouraging things about the third.
  10. Applause should be given. Thank you very much for your work. I look forward to reading them when I get a chance.
  11. Full online and local wi-fi capabilities, natch. This game was the start of the MMO era. On that note, special online servers dedicated to specifically Massively Multiplayer gameplay would be more than appropriate. They've been running DQX for years, they could easily pull it off. More in-depth exploration of the lore. Zenus and Styrmling are in need of character resolution they never got in the original. I'd refine the character party system; the requisite party members being wholly unimportant to the story is silly and wrecks the immersion whenever the game dances around it. A solution that comes to mind include providing character recruitment quests during the main game for plot-significant characters and locals (Ivor, Erinn, Wallace, etc.) with expanded backstory quests in the postgame.
  12. Welcome to the forums! Watch your step, don't fall off the thread, and you'll do fine. Never be sorry for that! We're happy to have you! (My favorite monster is the Metal Star, which is an obscure Metal King Slime-Death Star hybrid from the 3DS remake of DQMonsters 2).
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