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  1. (A Russian voice screams in the distance).
  2. I was in a video game club in college a few years ago and during our brief introduction circle, I indicated that Dragon Quest was my favorite series. I got a bunch of blank stares and one nod of mutual acknowledgment.
  3. I thought I heard the sound of the Hallelujah chorus going off in someone's head.
  4. " While a few moviegoers found the twist clever " Who? People who hate video games and fantasy?
  5. An idea that suggests itself to me is "how DQ characters/tropes evolve from game to game?" (e.g. the history of Lamia). I still need to listen to the first one, but I'm currently missing my headphones.
  6. EDIT: Posted this message in the wrong forum. Sorry.
  7. Eh, if it's gotta be those three, Puff Puff: Jade Marry: Aurora Thwack: Fleurette
  8. I had to skip out on getting the original version because I'm personally resolved not to get any new games until I've finished (or at least taken a respectable bite out of) my library of currently-owned games that I have yet to finish. But I would someday like to grab a Switch, and this is one of the games I'd like to play on it.
  9. I am inexorably making my way through my old library of incomplete games, which I am resolved to complete before getting anything new, which is the reason why I haven't gotten DQXI yet (I know, shame on me). I've knocked out Pokemon Black, Pokemon Silver, and (finally) Paper Mario Sticker Star over the past few months, and I'm currently working on Mario & Luigi Dream Team, which I never finished.
  10. Indeed. Gambling and risk has been a core gameplay element for the series from the start. Matter of fact, that was a big thing that the 3DS remake of VIII messed around with -- it was downright generous allowing you to save anywhere and providing full health on every level up.
  11. *Ambles into the conversation a week late, whistling cheerfully* Whoa, Nelly, there's a lot to break down here. Just to point out, because it really bares mentioning, you seem not to know just how big Dragon Quest is in its home country. Dragon Quest in Japan is a cultural phenomenon on par with, say, Star Wars in America. Not to be harsh against you, but you really should have more "in the West" qualifiers here. And Dragon Quest has had memes for a long time, just not in the west. Here, have some all-JP Dragon Quest shitposting. And here's some Google Image search results, but be ye forewarned, I make no assertions as to how SFW any of it is. But as to this question, Dragon Quest has been on an upward rise in the west for the past few years, with the Heroes games, the Builders games, and lately DQ XI. Smash was another step into the limelight, even a big step, but it's only another bump in a line of respectable bumps. Smash didn't save the series, and the series wasn't in need of saving. We didn't see a lot of it in the west because SQEX has been making bank with DQX for half a decade and so didn't really see any need to take it overseas (which sucks). DQXI is recent and Smash earned some attention (some of which is negative -- more than a few Americans are whining about still more swordsmen in the games), on the whole things are looking up. With DQXI being recent, if SQEX's history is any indication, we'll probably get a few spinoffs over the next few years, maybe updated remakes of the Monsters games we've been missing out on or even another installment in the Rocket Slime series. On the other hand, this could happen, too. DQ has a small library of potential remakes to pull from for games that never made it overseas (Slime Morimori, Caravan Heart, anything released between Monsters Joker 2 vanilla and Dragon Quest Heroes) and the potential for sloppiness in the upgrade to newer systems is always lurking. To a certain extent, I kinda hope any spinoffs released will be new titles entirely, if only because then they'll be obligated to stand on their own and put extra pressure on the developers to make a good impression rather than a quick buck.
  12. Saw Aladdin live and it's less charming, witty, and clever than the original. There are several points where things are different in such a way that it becomes apparent the creative staff doesn't really understand the original.

    1. Neofrodo


      I feel the same way about the Lion King. It just doesnt feel like the same film. But for different reasons.

  13. FINALLY got to see Endgame and I was delighted. Even my bitter, critical heart was pleased with eleven years of payoffs coming one after another down the pipe.

    1. Democrobot


      Despite the flaws of the movie I found it to be a great way to end many of the character arcs.

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