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  1. It's time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea. GOOD IDEA: So I finally bit the bullet and got myself a Switch. Grabbed Pokemon LG Pikachu edition because I played the original Yellow edition twenty years ago and wanted to follow up. BAD IDEA: Neglected to get DQXI with it.

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      We’re going to have to banish you to the Island of Perpetual Tickling for that.

    2. JaybirdC


      Nooo! Anything but that!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to the Den! I totally just spent four hours overestimating my ability to cook food in a synchronized matter and a sibling had to come bail me out with my perogi and some of my chili, but all in all, dinner tastes fantastic.

    1. Mefista


      Glad to hear) Happy thanksgiving to you, as well)

      I was making bliny and failed like 2/3 of the batch cause stupid rice milk.

  3. Welcome back to the Den! Watch your step, don't fall off the thread, and you'll do fine! Ooh, a writer -- excellent. I, for one, can certainly get behind writing about Dragon Quest. What did you write about in particular?
  4. Happy All Hallow's Eve to the Den!

  5. So Halloween is tomorrow, but my dad ran out of ripped Halloween videos on, what, Tuesday? Clearly the only thing left to do for the family is to consume the bottom of the Hallmark Christmas barrel.

    1. ignasia


      It's a shame AMC is not what it used to be.  Replay after replay of the same three series, with sparse interspersed other horror movies here and there: Jason, Freddie, and Michael.  Not even a Child's Play marathon this year.

      Syfy has resorted to playing...Madea's Halloween movie.  *shudders*

      FX is playing the worst horror film ever made: Get Out.  Great setup though, but horrible final 30 minutes.  It's like they wanted to make sure the guy would have it easy, knowing it would really be a tad difficult for him to get out.  The manner in which he breaks his bonds makes no sense.  He couldn't get the piece to his mouth to cut, and yet he somehow magically managed it...  Horror needs suspense and cleverness, not magic and kickassery.  It's why Jason and Halloween became terrible over time.  Freddie actually got better with age.  Wes Craven's Final Nightmare I think was the best of the Freddie Movies, in the idea that the monster created in the movies takes a life all its own and manifests in reality.  That's a nice transition Wes should have carried forward a bit further.

      Not one...NOT ONE Lovecraftian Horror film on TV this year.  Not even Re-Animator.

      One of my favourite monster movies...Graveyard Shift, played once, at 3am.

  6. The 3D Models allow the characters to articulate and emote, which is useful in two contexts: combat and cutscenes. Outside of that, they have no real use and take up a lot of processing power besides, so I wouldn't call the 3D-2D switch a flaw so much as an idiosyncrasy of what DQIX is trying to accomplish.
  7. TIL the Ninja Rap from the TMNT movies was apparently written by the legendary Frank Miller.

    1. Dwaine


      Little did we know that he could write far, far worse. Normally I'm against book burnings, but Dark Knight Strikes Again is one of the few exceptions.

  8. Combination Attacks. More character interaction. Much more character interaction. The Carver-Maribel concept was amazing but it never went anywhere.
  9. No kidding; I wasn't super-keen on the Eight X Jessica relationship going in, but then she started associating him with her brother and everything just got so much worse. At least the Medea-Hero relationship isn't Medea's Freudian therapy. Eight and Yangus are indeed the best.
  10. I found it a little jarring, but not a real suspension of disbelief breaker. Mostly the 3D-2D split indicates the difference between Important Characters and Unimportant Characters.
  11. There's irony here. Favorites: Bianca, Carver, Maribel, Yangus, Medea, Trode, Nine, Erinn, The Ragin' Contagion, Luceus, King Doric, Robbin' 'Ood Least Favorites: The Order of Zugzwang, King Clavius, Rhapthorne
  12. JonTron tackles Gwyneth Paltrow, and it's glorious:


    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      I stopped watching Jontron once he stopped talking about video games. Same thing with Brutalmoose once he stopped talking about old PC games. Once BM started making food videos it was all downhill from there.

    2. Twinkie


      I disagree. Both Jontron and BrutalMoose still both produce good videos. Brutalmoose still does video game content.

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