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  1. So I got a Rank Up here in the Den and completely failed to notice until today. Do I get any skill points?

  2. I've always been fond of the Inncredible Inntertainer and relations. Beware the Inntouchables.
  3. You can't get absolutely everything, nor should you try, but I think the essential story is perfectly adaptable. GIven DQV is about revisiting and reinterpreting events as Madason carries his father's quest, so stripping it down to those events should be the main effort. So off the top of my head: (FIRST PHASE) Prolog->Uptaten Towers->Faerie Lea->Pankraz' Death (No Coburg, No Harry) (SECOND PHASE) Escape -> Hay -> Bianca -> Gotha -> Statues (THIRD PHASE) Lofty Peak -> Faerie Palace -> Zenithia -> Temple Zugzwang -> Nadiria. There's some adjustments to be made (I'd gloss over the faerie lea adventure almost entirely, since all we need is for the hero to have a relationship with the faeries to set up one of the game's iconic scenes), and I would in fact strip out the bride choice entirely--that particular love triangle has always been a stupid gimmick that only manages to make people who should be major characters interchangeable and irrelevant.
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