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  1. Happy New Year and a Merry Eighth Day of Christmas!

    1. Mefista


      The forum won't let me answer your message, no matter the lenght :(

  2. Merry Seventh Day of Christmas to the Den! (And a belated fourth, fifith, and sixth)!

  3. Merry Third Day of Christmas to the Den! (And a belated second).

  4. Merry First Day of Christmas to the Den!

  5. Hi, Woodus. Just learned that All Games > Mobile Games > Dragon Quest Walk actually brings the user to the Dragon Quest of the Stars page.
  6. Happy St. Nicholas Day to the Den!

  7. You know way more about the demon-at-arms lifecycle than expected.
  8. Who knows whether the forum will convert this to a double-post or late addendum, but I'm fond of the idea of Bianca, Nera, and Debora being blood sisters; it tidies up the long-lost Zenithian angle to one family's children rather than three random girls who all just so happen to be of Zenithian descent.
  9. It's not far off from canon; several characters are appointed specifically to be adventurers, and the hero of DQ3 was literally raised to be one.
  10. There are only so many ways you can conveniently translate "feathered garment of water" into English; they've also called this thing the water robe and the water flying clothes. I think they should go with something involving the word "plume", a word that refers both to feathers and certain behaviors of fluids in physics. Maybe even something like "plumed mantle", just for kicks.
  11. Some mysteries are not meant to be solved. More seriously, the mizu no hagoromo is technically a robe or mantle, not a dress specifically, so the issue is a dub-induced one. There's no issue with Ruff or Melvin wearing it.
  12. The half you don't recognize are probably the half original to DQotS. Divinatus, Jyro, Zenel the Anoinkted, Albatrassin, and Nebetta/Amenemopet are DQotS-original derivatives of Exorsus (DQMJ2), Aamon (DQ4), Slon the Rook (DQV), Gryphons, and Hatshepsut (DQX), respectively. Everybody else places directly to one of the other games, barring the DQotS-specific take on the Zenith Dragon. (Although, did they really call the demon overlord the demon orverlord)?
  13. I like how y'all include dunking Charmeleon into the pool of lava when talking Pokemon Snap.
  14. Gotta give props to @Bluestar for her description: "It's not 100% useless to run around the battlefield, unlike in Dragon Quest XI."
  15. @ignasia, @Woodus it sounds like the forum has bad (maybe just iffy) text handling. I don't know what database the forum is running on, but SET is a command in SQL (and other languages) that is used to, say, update values in a database, so it sounds an awful lot like sometimes the forum misreads "Set" as a database or other programming language command. I will see about trying to reproduce the error.
  16. Hi, Woodus. Earlier today I tried sending a direct message and got a failed reply error. Just checking in to see if there are any established limits on response length or whether this might have been too much for the server at once. There was nothing in the browser console that seemed especially useful.
  17. Why would you want that? This way we're so much easier to sort.
  18. One of the best descriptions of modern localization I heard was the admittedly crass metaphor that it was like importing foreign liqueur, only the importer peed in every bottle. Another harmful side-effect of all this is that it encourages piracy, because it's increasingly the only way to get to the original content.
  19. Wait, we have one of those? I don't want to miss next year's!
  20. So this bizarre thing is hiding behind your podcast insert. Looks like the top half of a 404. I'm going to call it the 404 Spider.
  21. NOW INQUIRING INTO DQXI Casino Strategies.

    Also, solved the crashing problem. Somehow all my graphic settings got bumped back to their highest settings and my system was choking.

    1. ignasia


      Ah, glad it worked out.

      Buy somewhere between 200 and 1000 tokens, whatever you can afford and feel comfortable with.


      Play Poker and double or nothing each time only to a max of 3 or 4 guesses before taking the wins. 

      Reset if you lose everything.

      You could play Slime Quest Slots as well, but it's not very lucrative.

      Do note there is a bunny girl in both casinos (only one in Act 1, 2 in Acts 2 and 3), that lets you know which Slime Slot is hot or not, and another called the Jackpot girl, who tells you what the value of the jackpot is (max 1m), and another who gives you a hint on the best slot.

      There's a special item from DQ2, a Tombola Ticket, you can find on the casino floor, it allows you to play the DQ2 lottery game for actual Gold prizes.  I suggest playing it a bit if you're low on cash to trade for Tokens up front.  You can't miss it, it's near the bar on the left on the casino floor (or the right if you're on the floor facing the stairs to the exit).

      Save again at 3000 ~ 5000 Tokens

      Automate 10 token slots.  There are a number of ways to generate automation on PC.  Let it run as long as you want, getting as many tokens as you feel you need.

      The only item in the first casino that offers a good resale value, is the Mercury's Headband.  Later on, in the second casino, you can exploit Sage's Elixirs for infinite Gold (9 at a time, unfortunately, but it doesn't take long to buy 99, then run down to the nearest shop to sell, and return to the casino, to repeat until you're satisfied).

      For 100 token slots in Act 2, you'll want to keep at least 30,000 tokens, though I recommend 50,000 as a decent cushion should things go wrong.  30k is sufficient, 50k is if you're a magnet for bad luck.

    2. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Thanks for the advice!

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