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  1. So I just discovered https://twitter.com/DQNoContext.

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    2. Erdrick The Hero
    3. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      @Erdrick The Hero, I don't think your @ went through. When you type @ in the editor there should be a drop-down list of possibles depending on what you've typed, and when you confirm a choice from the list your @ will get a highlight, and I don't see a highlight on your @Woodus. (I'm forgoing a proper @ to the forum's owner because this is only for demonstration purposes).

      I think you should probably open a new topic in the Suggestions sub, though, to be proper about it.

    4. ignasia


      @Woodus See above (Erdrick's post...please link this feed to our feed, as it's a stellar edition to the DQ fandom...plus I'm sure Dwaine would get a kick out of it, if he hasn't seen it yet).

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