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  1. Hideo Kojima, who doesn't know what Death Stranding is about, is planning sequels.

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    2. eal


      Back when the Konami and Silent Hills situation was going down, everyone felt so bad for him and we on his side. I still remember a somewhat viral image of some store putting up a big sign that said “A Hideo Kojima Game” next to a MGS V display because Konami didn’t put it on the box art or in the game or something. The crowd exploded at E3 when he declared he was back and working on a new game.

      People have turned around on him because we’ve been waiting for this thing since like 2016 and we only just found out about the gameplay for it like, what, this year? All we got on this thing were CG trailers for around 3 years. So that’s part of the reason people have gotten more negative about him recently.

    3. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Also, his behavior is making it increasingly apparent that he's the pretentious auteur type.

    4. solo
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