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  1. A blessed Easter and Eastertide to the forums!

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    2. ignasia


      @redneckpride4ever  Yes that would be similar, however Constantine literally reused all Roman holidays, but altered them to Christian holidays, doing away with all original pre-Constantinian period Christian holy days.  So, the same, and that's probably why the Eastern Orthodox adopted that practice, as it assured Romans would have an easy time adapting, and with each new group added, and aspects of their cultural celebrations added onto or mixed in with the Roman converted-to-Christian (well I guess Constantine didn't do away with the original holy rites completely, just melded them into the Roman using the Roman as the base, and did away with the excess that felt over-burdening as Christian included all Jewish holy days/rites, and those were done away with absolutely).

      Though even with Protestants, it's not much different, though instead of adopting local customs into Christianity, it just breeds a new sect rather than absorbing into the larger whole, then you have the entire...Christians vs fake Christian arguments, where each Denomination and sometimes a singular church is an island unto itself in a sea of liars and satanists pretending to be Christians.

      There is definitely a positive to the idea, but there is a difference in bringing in an external custom into Christianity as the Orthodox Church did and does, and most of the inclusiveness from Rome since Constantine, and what Constantine did, which is the reversal.  Though it was necessary to allow the provinces to adopt Christianity, or there would have been civil war, and it did tame many of the Roman customs down to more pious celebrations rather than the debauchery and lasciviousness of the original form of those customs.

      @JaybirdC  I'm doing quite well.  Just a lot of reading over the years, and knowing we're literally right on the precipice with the 5G rollout of an absolute sea change in everything.  It could go very well.  Just saying that praying for it to go in a positive direction would be a good thing, as once 5G rolls out, that's it.  Everything changes.  AI production goes from partial swing to full swing as it can be real-world tested in real-time all the time.  I'm not joking when I say once 5G is fully unveiled and the entire grid is up or nearly so, it will be a larger alteration in human life and how we develop new technologies, and what form our lives will take than at any point in human history.  It will literally be bigger than the invention of the Wheel, or the control of Fire, or the mastery of Electricity.  The projected growth rate of technology based on AI programs as they are now, and how much they've helped now, once 5G rolls out, is about 200~500 years worth of the current generation every 10.  Probably a high overestimation, but even 50 years of progress relating the 1950's to 2000, crammed into 2020~2030's worth of time would be astonishing in what forms of tech we might see, would it not?  Even just 20 years worth of the old rates of technological breakthroughs in 10 would still alter the face of general society at a much faster pace, and we're already going at a fairly fast pace, well outpacing the question of morals and ethics.

    3. redneckpride4ever


      @ignasia I was referring more to the usual objections to Yule Logs and the like. To me a cultural tradition can feed into the definition of catholic (small c), that is, universal. Let's pretend for a moment that the tilt of the Earth was opposite on our calendars and the Northern hemisphere had a summer Christmas. I would love to light off fireworks and have a BBQ with a keg of beer after morning Mass.

    4. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      @redneck: Gotcha. (I'm sure if we all traveled south of the equator for the season, a fireworks Christmas could be in the cards).

      @Ignasia: Could be; 5G sounds like a big shift. But I imagine things will also slow down -- processor speed increases have been diminishing over time, for one thing, and we can't especially fight the laws of thermodynamics if those become an issue, so our tech's bound to hit limits eventually.

      I should mention, for the record, Constantine didn't do away with all Christian celebrations prior to himself; Easter in particular has been around since the beginning -- we have records of arguments about when to actually celebrate it dating back to 190 AD -- nearly a century before Constantine, which was when it became a controversy.

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