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  1. New Type 1 Diabetes experimental treatment that regenerates beta cells to produce insulin: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/groundbreaking-type-1-diabetes-drug-has-just-been-trialed-on-first-human-patients-with-no-side-effects/

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    2. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      It's alright, we both know I've personally poopooed over many things of far less immediate consequence than bad medicine, so feel free.

      I've got a family friend who's been a nurse for forty-something years, so I am occasionally acquainted with the medical profession's malfeasance. I'm sure I've put something in my body on medical authority that wasn't all that good for me over the years. If I recall correctly, in China it's a straight-up #$*! show.

      That Cancer bit sounds particularly interesting, you got a link?

    3. ignasia


      It's not the best resource.  I no longer have those links...ages past, long dead computers, and I suck at backing up or labeling backups.




      This is fairly decent as a source.  Two other things are actually necessary to help with cancer, believe it or not:

      1) Sugar reduction in diet, as cancer cells are recreations of essentially mutated cells whatever caused the mutation, with simplified enzymes, and both Glucose and Sucrose in high amounts (you definitely NEED sugar to survive) will feed the growth generation and spread.  Especially Sucrose, reducing anything with table sugar or products with added sugar is a must.  Reducing wheat based products works does help as well.

      2) Good mood.  Literally, a desire to live and a sense that one will survive.  Having good friends and family that are around and care for you is a great way to help that individual fight internally.  While there are no scientific studies on this, it's well understood, and something Cancer Treatment Centers of America (which actually does do Homeopathy as well as Allopathy) puts first and foremost at the top of their list.  There's a good reason they actually have good success rates.  They are known for going out of their way to not make patients feel comfortable, but in making them feel there's something to live for that they have personal value and should fight because these people care about them, and others do too...that sort of thing.


    4. ignasia




      That second one is one of my lost links of actual research or talks of actual research, a lot of it is gone.  There used to be good research into apricot pits but now most of the good research is gone and due to concentrated supplements it's now considered dangerous as it heightens elements and destroys the original properties of the compounds in apricot pits as they're naturally broken down, reducing poisoning if eaten raw.  At this point even someone like Dr. Weil won't touch it though, because everything left is based around high concentrated supplemental forms which destroy that balance and only harm the body.

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