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  1. Ok, powered through answering your last message on PC, so it is NOT just "testing", but a full-blown answer.

  2. Happy New Year and a Merry Eighth Day of Christmas!

    1. Mefista


      The forum won't let me answer your message, no matter the lenght :(

  3. Merry Seventh Day of Christmas to the Den! (And a belated fourth, fifith, and sixth)!

  4. Merry Third Day of Christmas to the Den! (And a belated second).

  5. Merry First Day of Christmas to the Den!

  6. Hi, Woodus. Just learned that All Games > Mobile Games > Dragon Quest Walk actually brings the user to the Dragon Quest of the Stars page.
  7. Happy St. Nicholas Day to the Den!

  8. You know way more about the demon-at-arms lifecycle than expected.
  9. Who knows whether the forum will convert this to a double-post or late addendum, but I'm fond of the idea of Bianca, Nera, and Debora being blood sisters; it tidies up the long-lost Zenithian angle to one family's children rather than three random girls who all just so happen to be of Zenithian descent.
  10. It's not far off from canon; several characters are appointed specifically to be adventurers, and the hero of DQ3 was literally raised to be one.
  11. There are only so many ways you can conveniently translate "feathered garment of water" into English; they've also called this thing the water robe and the water flying clothes. I think they should go with something involving the word "plume", a word that refers both to feathers and certain behaviors of fluids in physics. Maybe even something like "plumed mantle", just for kicks.
  12. Some mysteries are not meant to be solved. More seriously, the mizu no hagoromo is technically a robe or mantle, not a dress specifically, so the issue is a dub-induced one. There's no issue with Ruff or Melvin wearing it.
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