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  1. That GBA looks like you could throw it in the pool and float on it! Disclaimer: This is not a recommended course of action.
  2. It's good life experience. I used to do this historically, but something I adopted for my playthrough of XI was to not buy anything from local shops until the town and nearest dungeon were explored, lest I embarrass myself by discovering an extra piece of equipment I've already purchased out in the wild. (That won't always cut it, admittedly; in V, I'd farm for the cash for a thorn whip for young Bianca before the dungeon because I only had her for the one chapter).
  3. *headboops* Nerd :P

  4. Welcome to the Den! Mind your feet, don't fall off the thread, and you'll do fine.
  5. Welcome (back!) to the Den! Mind your feet, don't fall off the thread, and you'll do fine.
  6. I got an Associate's Degree for the language in community college and then took a break from it. It is forgiven.
  7. So there was a partial prototype of a Kid Icarus game for the Wii, once upon a time. https://www.unseen64.net/2009/02/02/kid-icarus-wii-concept-proto/
  8. I'm caught between pointing out that ballet is boring as #$*! and admitting that this is the closest western DQ fans have ever come to taste.
  9. I'm not super-upset about it, but I mean in no uncertain terms to call it a bad mechanic. One of DQXI's flaws is a surfeit of faux-exploration, and the crappy jump mechanic is part of that, along with invisible walls, doors you can't open, and scenic layouts that you should be able to traverse but can't. I'll call him a hobo. The hobo of time hasn't had a place to rest his head since Princess Zelda stole his timeline from him.
  10. There's a Plattym3 likes jiggling joke in here, somewhere.
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