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  1. So I got a Rank Up here in the Den and completely failed to notice until today. Do I get any skill points?

  2. I've always been fond of the Inncredible Inntertainer and relations. Beware the Inntouchables.
  3. You can't get absolutely everything, nor should you try, but I think the essential story is perfectly adaptable. GIven DQV is about revisiting and reinterpreting events as Madason carries his father's quest, so stripping it down to those events should be the main effort. So off the top of my head: (FIRST PHASE) Prolog->Uptaten Towers->Faerie Lea->Pankraz' Death (No Coburg, No Harry) (SECOND PHASE) Escape -> Hay -> Bianca -> Gotha -> Statues (THIRD PHASE) Lofty Peak -> Faerie Palace -> Zenithia -> Temple Zugzwang -> Nadiria. There's some adjustments to be made (I'd gloss over the faerie lea adventure almost entirely, since all we need is for the hero to have a relationship with the faeries to set up one of the game's iconic scenes), and I would in fact strip out the bride choice entirely--that particular love triangle has always been a stupid gimmick that only manages to make people who should be major characters interchangeable and irrelevant.
  4. I had all the information from the field notes prepped for the wiki, and I'll include a copy of the text here, in a spoiler section to keep the post from getting too long. I don't have every one of them in it, as some of them have already been posted to the wiki.
  5. Ah, yes. I wonder if we have a sufficiently sarcastic woohoo emoji lying around somewhere. Do we have a list of Den emojis somewhere?
  6. Good, we could use one. It seems they found a good use for Nera as opposed to the girl you tried to marry for her father's treasure.
  7. I've been relistening to the podcast and I wanted to poke my head in on something -- y'all were talking about White Day, on Super Light. White Day is a Japanese marketing phenomenon that took hold after Valentine's Day was integrated; they've managed to divide it by sex, so the girls give obligatory giri choco for their social group or "homemade" honmei choco for anyone special, and White Day, one month later, is an opportunity for the boys to return the favor with presents.
  8. You're welcome. Well, this thread has most of the in-game info for the monsters, including locations. It just doesn't have the Field Notes (EDIT: It is missing some of the quest-based and dungeon-based monsters, mostly I think it's for general mobs). There's a pretty straightforward OCR engine at https://www.onlineocr.net/, but you'll have to upload all the graphics individually.
  9. I was riffing on the fact that "tact" means "discernment in social affairs", but it was hard to find an image to represent that adequately.
  10. I certainly don't mind. You may want to be mindful of copyright given that these are SQEX assets, depending on what you want to use them for.
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