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  1. > What Could DQ12 do Different so that It stands out from the other games DQ has run the gamut of jRPG conventions, so it's actually covered a lot of ground. At this point the best way to make a new DQ stand out would be to integrate or riff on elements from side-games. In-battle shortcuts (see DQ Heroes characters with specially assigned skills) pace GrandAlchemist would be great, and likewise shortcuts for the overworld (even specific implementations of spells, like "Zoom to A Specific Place" or "Heal a Specific Character"). Expand DQ 11's menu shortcuts beyond Handy Heal All, li
  2. Gemma was (is? don't answer that) the best character in the village, because she is just a mountain of untapped potential, and is the worst character in the village, because she is just a mountain of untapped potential. She contributed nothing of importance to the game, which isn't actually her fault. I blame the game for the game's failure to capitalize on her.
  3. Happy Easter! In this much belated installment, I develop more affection for the party now that it isn't as stupid. So the game now has a couple of minigames available, the horse races, the target shooting, and the casino. I tried my hand at an entry level horse race and scraped by with my severely overburdened laptop, but I knew better than to try again after Sylvando blew me out of the water. (I have it on good authority that he *is* beatable, but I wonder if doing so would change the storyline any. I doubt it). The Gallopolitan letters of transit allow us to leave the burning des
  4. Happy Easter to the Den! So my family does this thing where we still do Easter baskets (even put one together for my dad this year). Turns out the Easter bunny left me some of last Halloween's leftover candy.
  5. Welcome back! (As if I can talk, hahaha). I've asked on the Discord to see if we can rustle up a story summary of some kind.
  6. Happy Easter to the Den! I got to be one of the lectors for tonight's Vigil Mass and was assigned to read about the parting of the red sea and subsequent destruction of Pharaoh and his armies.

    1. ignasia


      Fairly significant passage and honor.  You must feel rather proud for being chosen to read.  Happy Easter to you as well!

    2. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      It was an honor. I got some positive feedback from the congregation and I'm glad they enjoyed it.

    3. redneckpride4ever


      I went to an FSSP vigil done pre-55 style, before the Holy Week reforms of Pius XII. The Feeneyites from the St. Benedict Center were there too. 

  7. Ok, powered through answering your last message on PC, so it is NOT just "testing", but a full-blown answer.

  8. Happy New Year and a Merry Eighth Day of Christmas!

    1. Mefista


      The forum won't let me answer your message, no matter the lenght :(

  9. Merry Seventh Day of Christmas to the Den! (And a belated fourth, fifith, and sixth)!

  10. Merry Third Day of Christmas to the Den! (And a belated second).

  11. Merry First Day of Christmas to the Den!

  12. Hi, Woodus. Just learned that All Games > Mobile Games > Dragon Quest Walk actually brings the user to the Dragon Quest of the Stars page.
  13. Happy St. Nicholas Day to the Den!

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