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  1. Heh... funny thing, I've used several of those names... for completely different monsters. I used T-1000 for my first Trauminator, and Pinky for a Pazuzu... (Who was combined with a Dracularge named 'TheBrain', needless to say.) Oh, and my Bling was a Gold Golem. My first Goodybag was called 'Family'. Y'know, 'cuz he's a bag with jewels in it. Get it? No? Well, maybe that's for the best.
  2. The DQM series has always asked much of you when it comes to naming your critters. And most people probably start losing their creativity after the first dozen Demon-At-Arms asking for a clever name. But if it's a monster you're planning to use in your team for a while, you're liable to put some thought into giving it a good one. And sometimes, well... sometimes you catch a monster whose name is just plain written all over his face. It is SO obvious, you can't NOT name him that. Those are the kinds of names this thread is about. Think back to those situations where you scouted or synthed a
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