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  1. ~_~ Pass. I'm one of those weirdos who prefer to have an actual STORY (that I can understand) in my games. Right, back to the topic! Leaving out Pro-exclusives like the Slime Gang, and 'standing up beyond what the game normally shows' tricks, the Wormonger is definitely the shortest - or rather, 'flattest' - of the 3-space monsters. Which makes sense since he's also the weakest, by a long shot. Kind of disappointing, really - when I first ran into him, I was getting Dune-flashbacks and imagining riding on his back along with a fanatical army of Headhunters.
  2. There's an english patch-up for Pro? Huh. Is it any good? (Sorry, getting a bit off-topic here, I know. >_>)
  3. Ahhh... that makes sense. Didn't know about that cap... I don't think I've ever psyched to 100 for non-scouting purposes, so I guess I've just never seen that 'hard cap' get hit. Well, at least that means the number of hits in the Hit Squad is irrelevant for this - even if it's just 2, that'll be enough to prevent you from hitting the cap. Which means that Dhoulmagous really WOULD be the perfectly ideal guy if it wasn't for that annoying Counterstriker.
  4. >_> Come now, no need to fight. Yeah, I know it's a bit entitled to want the monsters from the WiFi tournaments even though I won't participate in them, but in truth, developers adding 'enforced' multiplayer to established single-player properties is a bit of a pet peevee of mine. In situations like these, cheating my way to those monsters isn't just a matter of getting the 100% I want without stepping out of my comfort-zone (tho that's certainly part of it), it's also a sort of 'sticking it to the man'. "Oooh, you want me to play MULTIPLAYER do ya? And I can't get all the monsters if I don't? Huh? HUH? Well, I'll just CHEAT, then! See how you like that! That'll show 'em..." (On a side-note, I have no problem with the addition of multiplayer modes, as long as they don't get you anything you can't get in the Single Player. That way, those who WANT to play it can have fun with it, and those who don't care for it can ignore it without repercussions. Mass Effect 3 was a good example of how to do that. Shame it wasn't also a good example of how to finish a trilogy...)
  5. What is this 'Slime Gang' you're talking about? >_> I haven't heard about that, and it doesn't seem to be in the list anywhere...
  6. Heh... funny thing, I've used several of those names... for completely different monsters. I used T-1000 for my first Trauminator, and Pinky for a Pazuzu... (Who was combined with a Dracularge named 'TheBrain', needless to say.) Oh, and my Bling was a Gold Golem. My first Goodybag was called 'Family'. Y'know, 'cuz he's a bag with jewels in it. Get it? No? Well, maybe that's for the best.
  7. Well, I can certainly see it helping a lot when it comes to scouting stuff like Metal Dragons (due to their Perilous Guard), or Metal Slime family (due to huge evade), but other than that... well, if it works, it works, I just wish I knew WHY.
  8. Thanks, Wiz - knowing just how improbable that was, I somehow feel better. As for buying a lotto-ticket, I doubt that's going to help since my 'luck' is apparently incredibly BAD.
  9. Does Hit Squad really make that much of a difference in scouting? I can't see why... I've found that it generally lessens my impact in 'normal' combat, since it divides my attack-power over multiple hits, thus giving the enemy's Defense a greater chance to reduce my power. For example, my current 'main team' includes a Wulfspade Ace (with Hit Squad II) and a Rhapthorne, both with essentially the same Attack-power. When Rhapthorne attacks an LMS, he does 25-30 damage, killing it outright. When Wulfspade Ace attacks an LMS, he does 2-5 damage with each hit, usually failing to kill it. Because his attack-power is divided between the two hits, it's no longer enough to overcome the defense... Anyway, as for your suggestion for my team, it's not a bad one - I DO have some Conkettes lying around, though they'd need a few synths to get up to spec. Cluboon Ace is right out, however, since my Incarnus is going to become part of Leonyx fairly soon, and AFAIK, you can't get a second one.
  10. It's not a matter of difficulty... I just plain don't like competitive gaming in any way, shape or form. I find that it brings out the worst in people, myself included. Also, I'm really, REALLY bad at it. Seriously, don't underestimate my terribleness when it comes to PVP, I'm fairly sure I could come dead last even if I was wielding a Rigor Mortex. (Not that I could get one without cheating, since it requires 2 Cap'n Crows...)
  11. Wait... so THAT'S what the balcony's for? It unlocks if you 'check' a Giant Monster 'cuz there isn't enough room for it inside the ship? I've been wondering about that locked door since I started playing the game... >_>;
  12. The DQM series has always asked much of you when it comes to naming your critters. And most people probably start losing their creativity after the first dozen Demon-At-Arms asking for a clever name. But if it's a monster you're planning to use in your team for a while, you're liable to put some thought into giving it a good one. And sometimes, well... sometimes you catch a monster whose name is just plain written all over his face. It is SO obvious, you can't NOT name him that. Those are the kinds of names this thread is about. Think back to those situations where you scouted or synthed a new monster, and as the game asked you for a name, you took one look at the critter and went, "Well, that's OBVIOUS!" Then tell us all about it. Personally, I always name my first King Slime 'Elvis'... y'know, The King. And, by the same logic, my first Metal King Slime usually winds up being named 'Ozzy'. DQMJ2 offered a new monster with a very obvious name, though... at least for someone old enough to remember a certain classic beat-em-up. My Dual Duellers are named 'BadDudes'. Oh, and then there's my new favorite... when I finished synthing a Treeface from my starter Capsichum, I couldn't figure out what to name him... for all of 3 seconds. Then it came to me, and Bob Ross became a stable in my team for half the game. (For those of you who don't know, Bob Ross is a painter known for painting 'Happy little trees', so naming a Big Angry Tree after him seemed appropriately ironic.)
  13. Hmm... you are, at least, right about the Archdemons and Demon-at-Arms - I've got a list of 'normal' monster-drops, and they can, indeed, drop the scrolls (or have 'em stolen), though in the case of the Archy, it's a rare drop. Dunno 'bout Poole's monsters, though. Haven't been able to find any listing of stuff you can steal from them.One of my mains is a Beetlebully with maxed-out Bounty Hunter, so if it's possible to steal those things instead of cheating my way to them, I certainly will...
  14. Well, like Derpa said, a link ain't a file - as a matter of fact, I just found the exact same file through gbatemp, following another lead. Nonetheless, you have my thanks. ^_^ And yes, I WILL edit responsibly. Frankly, I prefer AR-codes to save-editors, since they're more limited, and thus provides less temptation, but sufficiently specific codes seem to simply not exist for this game, so I'll just have to exercise my most zenlike restraint in not using this for any of the quadrillion other things it can do - just getting unavailable monsters and items. Let's see... that would be: Seedy Weedle, Drohl Diabolist, Schleiman Tank, Fluffy, Barbarus, Stormsgate Citadel, Numen, Ultra Slime, Nemeslime, Robbin' Hood, King'o Thieves, Robbin' Huddle... and technically the Maniacal Mole, but I already got that through an 'encounter any monster from your library' code, since you can encounter that one in a boss-battle. Did I miss anything? Ah yes, and then there are the items. Actually, I'm less certain about those. I know that the Martial Artist, Thief, Mage, Priest and Sage Scrolls can only be gained from the WiFi, so I'll be picking up one of each (no more - Uber-Boost sets are powerful, but I can live without them - just need to get them one time each to complete the library.) But aren't there also some other items that can be stolen from special Tag-mode encounters, or somesuch? I recall hearing mention of an Executioner's Axe or something like that...
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