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  1. Dragon Quest IX Switch Port when?

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Oh my god Boris, you’re alive! We haven’t seen you here on the forums for a few years!

    3. AlefgardHero


      @ignasia I'd say that Level-5 got huge after DQ9, what with Yo-Kai Watch, Ni No Kuni and Professor Layton. Now I'd say after YKW3 they have shrunk considerably, but they did have almost 10 years of 👍great success👍.

      As far as DQ9 remaster/remake I bet after DQ12 at this point. DQ9 released kinda toward the end of the DS's life I bet DQ9 remake will be toward the end of the Switch's. Or I could also see it released around the same time as 12 if 12 doesn't make it to the Switch.

    4. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      @BorisTheWizard. Hey, @BorisTheWizard! Are you sticking around now?

  2. Anybody want to take over this Data Structures course for me? My eyes basically glazed over the second my professor said "We're going to learn how to prove the complexity of recursive functions."
  3. Caught up on Mob Psycho Started Black Clover out of curiosity, and despite being completely whelmed the first few episodes, it's growing on me
  4. First week of the semester complete! Gonna be Math'd out of my mind between Calc 2 and Computational Models, but I'm more worried about having to transition from Java to C++ for my Data Structures class. Incoming busy weekend X_X
  5. Just got my final grades from last semester: A- in Calculus I B+ in Discrete Structures and Japanese 201 B- in Intro to Comp Sci II *does a little dance*
  6. Just finished Zombie Land Saga. I liked it closer to the beginning when it just ran with its own absurdity, but even though all the backstories didn't really work for me (outside of Lily's), It was pretty good overall. Looking forward to another season!
  7. Got the itch to get back into .Hack after watching the Infection race on RPGLimitBreak's channel. Watching .Hack//Roots right now, and Last Recode is coming tomorrow via Amazon. It was literally 50% cheaper to buy the game with overnight shipping than it was to buy it off of PSN.
  8. Not really. There's plenty of good stuff on Crunchy Roll that I've never gotten around to, and if I run out of things to watch, I can always resume where I left off with One Piece, like 700 Episodes ago As for now I'm watching Mob Psycho and Skull-faced Bookseller Honda
  9. Caught up on Golden Wind, and finished My Hero Academia last night. Guess I'll be searching crunchy roll for something new later.
  10. Both Heroes II and Builders are half off on PSN right now, but I only want to get 1. Suggestions?
  11. Today was an interesting Thanksgiving. I met my dad's first new girlfriend since my mom died, and I learned my sister in law is pregnant again despite the fact my brother only got out of jail a few months ago and can barely support the kid they already have. Ate lots of yummy food tho
  12. 2 days and 2 tests later, Thanksgiving break has officially started! Had to put off playing Spyro for a few days to make sure I got enough studying in, so I hope to at least Platinum Spyro 1 by the end of the week.
  13. I think you have to do that regardless. I bought my copy digitally off of Amazon, and the download said ~30 gigs. Turns out it needed the whole ~60 anyway. I think the game + Spyro 1 is ~30 gigs, and Spyro 2+3 are another ~30 gigs.
  14. TBQH, I was pretty shocked there was an XBone release considering it was a 100% Sony IP. Glad to hear it's releasing on more systems, because it's an instant hit of nostalgia for me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when it comes to Switch!
  15. I'm about ~70% through a 100% Spyro 1 run without any issues, but from what I've heard, Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon are super buggy. Probably not a bad idea on holding off until things get patched.
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