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  1. That would be great! I'm in the process of selling my adaptor on eBay so I don't mind waiting at all - I can't do anything else haha.
  2. Well, that's disappointing. I'm gonna see if I can sell the Adaptor somewhere. In the meantime - do you know of anyone at all in this forum who still does/is willing to do some form of mail and tag or something like it?
  3. Which I don't, because it still doesn't allow me to install the drivers because 'they could not be found'
  4. I dont get to that screen, it's on a laptop so in not sure it's possible to do it - and its using my parents work computer which requires admin permissions to make any changes to the settings (which was making things difficult). Essentially my only option is to use the Windows 10 PC - which is being dodgy in general.
  5. Ok good news, found an old laptop with windows 7 lying around, it's the 'professional edition'. Do you think that would work? Couldn't find the unsign drivers option at startup so I'll try do it the manual way. EDIT: Nevermind, I tried over and over; just wouldn't work. The boot drivers wouldn't un-sign (or whatever) even though the device could detect the actual USB in the computer this time. And the layout was completely different and there wasn't actually a way to re-boot the system with unsigned drivers from the settings. This is very frustrating, am I doomed to just never be able to get
  6. Yes the device is still unknown, but it doesn't get to any point where it even talks about a publisher being verified or not. It can't even get the publisher because the driver can't be recognised. I don't know what version of Windows 10 the PC is actually on; it could likely be on the anniversary update. I recall going past an option to revert the software to a previous version while unsigning the boot drivers - I'll have a look at that. I have a couple old windows laptops lying around the house - apparently some of them have 'an old Windows' so maybe I'll get lucky and find a Windows 7
  7. Yeah I did that twice, are you saying that it might work if I just keep restarting with the unsigned drivers method a few more times? ​EDIT: A day later, restarted many times using the special method and yet it still says there is no driver software to be installed. Is there an alternative? or extra troubleshooting? or something?
  8. Is Liam back from Japan? Bought an NDS Adaptor Plus but I swear for the life of me I can't get it working. I'm always getting stuck on a few steps and I just want to take the easy way out haha
  9. Ok so I've been trying for a couple hours. Couple things gone wrong: 1. The dongle is an unknown device, and I can't seem to install the driver software; or it's not registering or something. 2. When I open the NDS Adaptor plus file with the latest firmware, the buttons are greyed out implying that the dongle is not inserted in my computer when I have double and triple checked that everything is in place. To clarify, I'm following the tutorial on this site and I get up to the step where it says browse to the location where you downloaded and extracted the driver. I select the driver file i
  10. Ok, so my NDS Adaptor Plus arrived from Hong Kong a little earlier than expected; I'm going to try and follow some online tutorials and such to get it working with my spare DQ9 cartridge and put the DLC onto that; then to transfer the DLC from there to my actual cartridge. I'll let you know how it all goes!
  11. Ok, I'm going to see if I can order a NDS adaptor plus for use with my desktop. I'm using the link Woodus has provided, do you think you guys'll be able to help me out if something goes wrong/I need to ask a question on how to use it? Thanks! Edit: Amazon pricing was in USD and shipping costs were insane and ended up at around $70 AUD. I just decided to order on Ebay instead and cut that price in half, but it is the exact same product in every way; so hopefully I didn't preemptively screw everything up.
  12. Ok, so I made a reddit post about this too; I've been lurking on and off gamefaqs, here and the dqix reddit to try and find an easy and accessible way to get the DLC for Dragon Quest IX. Please forgive me if I'm posting this the wrong way, very new here. So, I'm looking for someone who is Australia based, or willing to ship back a cartridge from overseas to do a Mail'n'tag with me. I'm willing to pay anything under $35 (including shipping) for the extra quests and maybe a MKS map or something. Now, on the high chance that no one is willing to do this with me... I would also appreciate a st
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