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  1. MadMoai

    Chocolate 1

    From the album: Moai's Dragon Quest Drawings

    A sketch of Chocolate, my bloody manguini character. I only just remembered these guys existed.
  2. Trying to get a decent monster with Magic Regenorator; can't seem to get my weak cumulus rex any better than it is and it needs more defense power. Considering a Grim Keeper...

    1. Yuuyuukun


      I use King Cure Slime. It's a pretty good monster IMO. Magic Regen and good defense.

    2. MadMoai


      Logically, I would use King Cureslime, but I'm ring to use monsters I haven't already overused on this run... That's me being stubborn :P

  3. This looks like an interesting encyclopedia. If I had a copy I could use it for drawing all of my favorite monsters... I have a Kinokuniya relatively close to my house, but I haven't considered looking for a Dragon Quest illustration book before. I'll have to check next time I'm in the area.
  4. In DQ9, Tantamount was this big awesome horse... now it's all tiny and floaty and girly. D: Anyway, now I'm working on synthesizing and powering up my current team so I can beat the next boss...

    1. PantheonSasuke


      I think it looks cooler outside of DQIX... it's easier to tell what it's supposed to be in the other games.

  5. Ooh, Dragon Quest cosplay. They all look great and the skit was quite entertaining! I really want to cosplay a harmour, but I don't know what to make the costume out of that would be sturdy but not too heavy. Maybe I should pick something easier first... hehe.
  6. Working DQMJ2Pro - harmour's Gamble Body is quite useful. Monsters need to level more... want tantamount.

    1. ryangroovy


      Tantamount is pretty good.

    2. MadMoai


      Cool! Problem is I'm too lazy to go synthesize a demon rider, but considering I spent an entire day (eight hours straight) just to get a Goreham-Hogg, I think I can kick myself into doing it.

    3. ryangroovy


      Yeah... if you bothered to make Goreham, you may as well finish. I thought he was the hardest part of the chain.

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  7. I'd choose to be in DQMJ2: Pro so that I could have access to all of those different monsters to control and essentially do whatever I want with them. For starters I'd hug my harmour and Goreham-hogg, then sleep on my cumulus rex, and then scout/breed all of my favorite monsters and have a giant party in the woods. Then of course, there's the problem of defeating all those bosses, but I'd figure that out eventually.
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