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  1. Ooh, Dragon Quest cosplay. They all look great and the skit was quite entertaining! I really want to cosplay a harmour, but I don't know what to make the costume out of that would be sturdy but not too heavy. Maybe I should pick something easier first... hehe.
  2. Working DQMJ2Pro - harmour's Gamble Body is quite useful. Monsters need to level more... want tantamount.

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    2. ryangroovy


      Tantamount is pretty good.

    3. MadMoai


      Cool! Problem is I'm too lazy to go synthesize a demon rider, but considering I spent an entire day (eight hours straight) just to get a Goreham-Hogg, I think I can kick myself into doing it.

    4. ryangroovy


      Yeah... if you bothered to make Goreham, you may as well finish. I thought he was the hardest part of the chain.

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