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  1. Out of random curiosity.... what're some of the dumbest/weirdest/most-insulting-to-the-Pokemon nicknames you've ever seen (whether they be your own or another's)?

    My top 2:

    On the GTS on D/P/Pt, I saw a guy offering a (obviously cheated-for) Lv. 99 Shiny Geodude nicknamed ROCK BALLS.

    Also on the D/P/Pt GTS, I saw someone offering a Lv. 100 Shiny Kyogre nicknamed POOP.


    And a runner-up....

    And old friend of mine planned to get a Tyranitar and nickname it 'Fluffy'..... I don't know whether he actually managed this or not.


    I once had a Tyranitar named Mr. Bubbles, if that counts. I haven't seen many different nicknames because I don't use the GTS, but I did nickname every Pokemon on my team on my Black 2, and I had 40+ Pokemon on my team. I don't remember any particularly weird ones though.

  2. Oh gosh, favorite Water-type? That's hard... Water is my favorite type and I like [almost] all of them~ But if I had to pick just one, I'd probably go with Seadra.


    As for Fighting, I like Tyrogue the best.


    ...yeah, not all of my favorites are fully evolved |D

  3. What about the best Ice type Pokemon? I vote Swinub!


    Glalie all the way. ^o^ I bet nobody else remembered Glalie.


    ...I got a level 100 one off of the GTS recently but it didn't have any effort so I had to spend a while training it before it could kill any level 70s. :|

  4. Finally, anyone want to fight in Black/White/Black2/White2 after I get my team together?


    I would like to, although my Pokémon aren't EV trained and they're only level 70, so that might make things a bit harder '.w.


    The Normal-type contest is a hard one because there are so many Normal-type Pokémon, but I think my favorite is Tauros.



    Oh, and the only item I know of that is banned from competitive play is Soul Dew.


    Really? I've had people tell me that any items based on luck (Razor Claw, King's Rock, etc.) are banned as 'Hax' items. I think that was a while ago, though. Perhaps the rules have changed.

  6. Another combination I recently found out about: Shuckle. It's stats are crap EXCEPT for its Defense and Special Defense stats (max. possible Def. and Sp. Def. stats of over 600!). Now, it eventually learns Power Trick, which swaps its Attack and Defense stats. See where I'm going with this?


    Yes, apart from the fact that Suckle will never outspeed anything except maybe Munchlax, and it will faint as soon as it takes a hit with those defenses. It could work well if it had a Quick Claw, though. (Although I believe Quick Claw is banned in competitive battling?)

  7. I've used Dunsparce just fine before. Defense Curl, Rollout, Double Edge and Roost proved to be a great comination. ^o^


    Replacing Defense Curl with Coil and Rollout with Drill Run works just as well, though. that's how I've beaten Aggrons with my Dunsparce, Meikyu. :D

  8. -pops up out of nowhere-


    Eh, I'm a little late for the discussion, but better late than never..


    I believe you can trade event Pokemon over Wi-Fi but not the GTS. I am interested in this Darkrai trade (I never liked Genesect much...). What are its special moves?


    Edit: Oh yes, forgot my favorites. I have a lot, but the ones I can think of right now are Darkrai, Suicune, Shiftry, and Seadra.

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