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  1. I once had a Tyranitar named Mr. Bubbles, if that counts. I haven't seen many different nicknames because I don't use the GTS, but I did nickname every Pokemon on my team on my Black 2, and I had 40+ Pokemon on my team. I don't remember any particularly weird ones though.
  2. MadMoai

    Moai's Dragon Quest Drawings

    My drawings and illustrations of my Dragon Quest monsters.. :D
  3. Spent a day synthesizing. Got Orgodemir, Metal Kaiser, Titanis, an unwanted Hargon, and a couple of other things I forgot.

  4. I'm a lot more used to English voice acting, since I usually tend to start with it and then find the sub later if I feel like it... Not to mention it's a lot easier to recognize voices I've heard before. I don't really like one more than the other, though. If it's an anime I've just started or a newly introduced character, I often watch dub out of curiosity, but after that I don't care which one.
  5. Oh gosh, favorite Water-type? That's hard... Water is my favorite type and I like [almost] all of them~ But if I had to pick just one, I'd probably go with Seadra. As for Fighting, I like Tyrogue the best. ...yeah, not all of my favorites are fully evolved |D
  6. Some things about DQMJ2Pro make it easier than the original... if I remember correctly, when you synthesized, the generation (rank A + #) used to increase by 1, but now it adds them together. Also, max levels increase earlier... my Rank D+4 Harmour was able to max at 75, when in previous games it wouldn't be able to until it was rank D+5. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

    1. Democrobot


      I really wish that it was released here.

  7. Glalie all the way. ^o^ I bet nobody else remembered Glalie. ...I got a level 100 one off of the GTS recently but it didn't have any effort so I had to spend a while training it before it could kill any level 70s. :|
  8. I would like to, although my Pokémon aren't EV trained and they're only level 70, so that might make things a bit harder '.w. The Normal-type contest is a hard one because there are so many Normal-type Pokémon, but I think my favorite is Tauros.
  9. If Dragon Quest is 25, that makes it older than me. Something about this feels quite awesome... maybe the fact that the series has had so much time to develop.
  10. DQMJ2Pro: Managed to beat second-to-last boss by defending and letting him kill himself with Double-Edged Slash... who needs magic? On the downside now my monsters are maxed and I have to go through synthesizing them again. Bye-bye, 1000-HP Goreham-Hogg .n.

    1. Democrobot


      Phoenix staff it?

    2. MadMoai


      Yes, I'm doing that. Its stats are going down for a moment after I synthesize it though. .n.

  11. Really? I've had people tell me that any items based on luck (Razor Claw, King's Rock, etc.) are banned as 'Hax' items. I think that was a while ago, though. Perhaps the rules have changed.
  12. Yes, apart from the fact that Suckle will never outspeed anything except maybe Munchlax, and it will faint as soon as it takes a hit with those defenses. It could work well if it had a Quick Claw, though. (Although I believe Quick Claw is banned in competitive battling?)
  13. Is it just me or do Gigamutants resemble oversized six-winged puppies? *goes to scout one*

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Democrobot


      I always thought they were part hippo

    3. jay


      I thought they were winged pigs.

    4. Gooptek


      I never knew they existed. :P

  14. I've used Dunsparce just fine before. Defense Curl, Rollout, Double Edge and Roost proved to be a great comination. ^o^ Replacing Defense Curl with Coil and Rollout with Drill Run works just as well, though. that's how I've beaten Aggrons with my Dunsparce, Meikyu.
  15. I've been in a couple of musicals... In Honk! (essentially the ugly duckling) I was Bewick, a swan, and in Bugsy Malone I was Doodle.
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