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  1. Hi guys, searching for DQ OST is really hard. Not much money to import (also, fees for South America are harsh), and no digital options to have them legal. I'm doing some corrections to old OSTs posted here, hope to upload them soon. Also, I have tried to find this CD and other more modern, anyone have it and can share it or knows where to dl? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, let me start by saying that this post is an ABSOLUTE lifesaver. Thanks! Second, I have downloaded all files, and some of them are mistaged, so I will, in due time, upload corrected files if you guys want them. I have not finished all, just starting with DQ1, but already I have found problem with Family Concert 2 (tracks 8 and 9, both duplicated, but also none of those are from that cd according to Discogs/VGA/Squeenix files) and the Symphonic from the Super Famicom Remix DQ1 (Files are from the DQ1 Suite except the final with SEFX, which is the original one). I have tried to find the CDS everywhere to correct them, but I had no luck. Also, some Post 2014 CDS are missing, like Wind Ensemble 3, also no luck on finding them. I will post fixed files when I finish, but meanwhile it would be nice to know if someone have those extra CDS to share. Thanks again!
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