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  1. Aaaaaaaand we're back yet again lads and lasses


    1. solo


      welcome back

  2. Trying to gets a pair of metal slime sollretts in DQ9. Anyone got any tips?

    1. solo


      they are hard to get you will have to be looking for awhile

    2. jay


      It's really all luck. Honestly, you'd be better off to just go after the Hero Boots, at least you can grab them with the Hoimi Table.

  3. IM BACK ALL!!!!!!

    1. Shadow Kunoichi
    2. solo


      I welcome back thee

    3. Nokturnicus


      Thanks. Y'know, being on a couple year unintentional Hiatus wasn't the best thing on the world.í ½í¸‰

  4. Ok. What happened with Rhapthorne 2's size? It grew like 20 time larger!!!!
  5. Wondering what awaits me next in the world of RPG games... Anyone have any suggestions?

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey for Nintendo DS is one that comes to mind.

    3. Nokturnicus


      Ok. So I've already done petty much all the shin Megami Tensai I can handle. I like Heracles. What about something like Zelda type gaming?

    4. Å’cL!pSe


      Have you tried Playing Golden Sun? theres also Okamiden & Fire Emblem. (Fire emblem is RPG But still good)

  6. Deciding to get a new game. Torn between Okami for PS3 or Shadow of the Colossus for PS3... I need HELP!!!!

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit
    3. Nokturnicus


      Gotcha. Okami it is!

    4. RyuKisargi


      Okami for fast-paced, Shadow for serene vistas.

  7. I have to agree with you on that. It was oversll a good gane, and the first-person element didnt really impair my sucess in the game. Now, im no,1st-person expert, in fact im dead within a minute, but in Bioshock Infinite I had no trouble looking through a first person view. And I would give it an overall rating of a B+.
  8. Im starting new topics! Ima big boy now!! ;-)

  9. I feel that Disgaea D2 was an intes resting addition to the DiDisgaea family. it waas fun, exciting, and an overall joy to own. The only problem i had was the very last boss. It was a rediculously difficult fight that i gave up on, unfortunatly. Aside from that last boss, it was a perfect game.
  10. semi usable is right. he's only good for stat boosters and stat decreasers, ironic due to hus 3-square size, making it so that he is the only one who recieves the buffs.
  11. i remember that i called my overkilling machine "underacheiver". of course it wouldnt fit in the name box, but i always said, " where did i put underachiever again?".
  12. Also, i have probably the weirdest team combo. Dullahan-Frizz & Sizz III, dark knight, and i think it was bounty hunter Marquís dé Léon- Warrior, the one with all the defensive skills, Cure-all, and i believe gobstopper... Suprisingly, it was the best team i've had so far.
  13. rigor mortex is honestly in my opinion, not what he cracked up to be. The only thing he's decent at is mp. he's not really worth the Leonyx and Zenith to make.
  14. Honestly, I thought the Trauminator should have been a 3-square monster. That kinda suprised me when I saw it was only 2-squares
  15. Can't stop playing Dark Souls 2... New game plus is too much challenge...

    1. Griever


      The Souls series is one of the best things going right now imo.

    2. Nokturnicus


      Its really interesting how i have insanely strong armor, and yet i die so easily...

  16. I've found that a Dullahan max level with skill sets Frizz and Sizz 3, dark knight, and Breath 3 is an insanley powerful build.
  17. Recently I got a Zenith Dragon, and I made a joke with my friend that I would name it after him. And honestly, it kinda stuck. So my Zenith Dragon is now officially named after my good friend, Ross Yankowitz, shortened to just plain ol' Ross
  18. I can't understand why Nippon Ichi Software would make Xenolith v2.0 insanely hard to kill and have such an insane amount of HP...

  19. Mine is plain and simple: Lv. 100 Dullahan and Lv. 100 Marquis dè León Only reason why i have this teams because I'm too lazy to train another team to be as good as them I just realized I forgot to put my team name. My team name is Team Shadow.
  20. I strived for nothing. I hate Rigor Mortex.

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    2. redneckpride4ever


      I actually beat Rigor Mortex my first try. MY Joker 2 save only has a little over 40 hours on it. Heavy synthesis was the key, and hoarding skill points.

    3. Democrobot


      My first time through took me about 70 hours or so. Not bad for being in Japanese

    4. Nokturnicus


      My battle took me about 5 minutes, mostly because my team members were max level. And I am happy that i did save before making It so now I still have my Zenith and Leonyx

  21. Need...Zenith...Dragon...

    1. jay



  22. I need to find an easy way to get a nokturnus and a xenlon for my Zenith. Anybody got any suggestions?
  23. I learned the hard way why you shouldn't underestimate Malroth. My brother went all out with its stats and that was the first time he ever won against me.
  24. I can't blame you... For all we know that slime coils have rabies!
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