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  1. I know, but anybody from anywhere can create a japanese account or just change the region of the main switch account and download it for free. I played it for 35 hours already and it's great. I'm waiting for DQXI S.
  2. Ok. But for now I'm just enjoying the game until I have a general understanding. I'm climbing the ranks with a mage deck. Hehe
  3. If you have a previous experience with other card games, play it at basic level it's not a problem. But as I said, the game has it's own mechanics and even though I'm experienced card game player I couldn't figure them out yet. The game has many options: Deck building Booster packs Battle modes Daily bonuses Quests Battle channel And others. If you don't know Japanese you'll probably be lost. I'm beginner in japanese and I'm still lost. The game already has hundred of cards. I'll need some time to get used to them. If you wanna play it at high level, the language would be a problem, I think. This game is the first dragon quest game I'm playing since I started learning Japanese. I'm very excited.
  4. It was released on Nintendo Switch today and I'm loving it! I have been looking for a card game for months. I heard about rivals some days ago for the first time and now it's playable on Switch for free. It's similar to hearthstone but also has it's own mechanics.
  5. Thanks, MelonGx! Now I have all the exclusive items and a Silver marsh of bane lv 58 with a MKS-only floor!!!
  6. http://www.yabd.org/apps/dq9/dqvclist.php
  7. http://www.nintendo.com.au/termination-of-nintendo-wi-fi-connection
  8. I just got my free Celebi by the poke bank.
  9. I think there is no need to finish the game first. You can access the DQVC Store after reach Stornway, inthe INN.
  10. I bought all DQVC exclusive items except Santa's Slacks. I hope the server will be online on december! Or i'll never get all the equipments... If the system goes down, I'll be the first to report. They are selling exclusive items this week!
  11. Yeah! Today is the first day of the Fashion Week. I just spent 500.000 G. xD http://www.yabd.org/apps/dq9/dqvcitems.php?week=29
  12. Hi! My brother found a way to buy items infinitely on DQVC store. What is needed? - 2x Nintendo DS - 2x Dragon Quest IX - Wi-Fi internet connection 1- Download the DQVC content on Player one's game. 2- Player 1 opens the portal and invite player 2. 3 - Player 2 enters the Player one's world. 4 - Player 2 buy the items on DQVC. 5 - Player 2 saves the game. 6 - Player 1 resets the game. 7 - Repeat the process. We are doing it every day and getting at least 4 copies of each item.
  13. Alakazam won't help against fighting types because it can't switch in safely. Gengar is a good option to protect Tyranitar, because ground and fight attacks (tyranitar's weakness) can't damage it. But if your opponent is a Mega Blaziken (speed boost) or a Mega Lucario, Gengar can't help... Mega Lucario with Ice punch could sweep your team. xD Swords dance Close Combat Ice punch Extreme Speed Defensive Rotom wash is good against them, but thay cant handle 2 Close Combat, so you need a good prediction... xD hahaha There are very good physical attackers and counter them all is near to impossible on 3x3.
  14. Have you ever tried horde battles for ev training? It's faster than super training.
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