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  1. Nemeslime, Barbarus, Fluffy (That's Watabou for those of us who Played the old GBC Dragon Warrior Monsters),Stormsgate Citadel, Schleiman Tank, Numan(God in DQ7), Robbinhood and Prince O' Thieves. I might have missed a few others but as far as i'm aware these guys are the only ones you cant get anymore -- or need to luck out with tagging with a few friends whom have them already if you want to scout one from a tag battle. -- Anyone have any luck on generating a code for any of these guys as to fight them in a wild encounter/a code generated Tag battle? -- Purely for the reason listed above
  2. depends how ya plan on going about this game idea of yours' tho i'd say a synth only monster being that ya know, his bio in the game he orgininates from states he was created -- implying he's not just some monster boss your going to accidently stumble onto all will-nilly in a randomly uber high level area. - there's likely to be only one of them to show up period. -- which when you think of it that way, it would make more sense to make it a synth only monster then. because id it was so common for every scout to go about making one, whole worlds would be sharting bricks in the after math and ch
  3. even with owning Joker and Joker 2, i'd still like to give this one a go once the patch is fully operational
  4. good stuff Ljink, keep us posted on those updates. personally i cant wait to play a finished version of the game, it looks like it'll be a blast. tho, just for curiousity's sake here, you had mentioned about it have a Dw3 feel to it, will that by chance include a " Temple of Dharma" class change feature for a player's characters?
  5. ..just for the sake of naming off the possible maps to keep an eye out for. if your going to hunt MKS's any "Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire/Diamond Crater of Bliss/Glee/Joy" Lv.46 and up will likely have a 50% to 100% encounter rate on floors 1-8 (provided im reading the Analyze Ghetto name section of the Ghetto Calculator correctly.) Metal King Slime - 100% DR Terrain MR Chance Floors D Fire 7 14.28% 9-12 A Fire 9 42.85% 1-4 A Fire 8 42.85% 5-8
  6. I named my Hydra, i know not very original but i liked it :3 Also, when i had made my dhuran for the first time. I just HAD to name him Dark, i mean he looked so Bad assed it reminded me of the first time i played Dragon Warrior 1 (from the DW1&2 combo) on my GameBoy Color. so i naterually named him after my Hero's name from the classic days of RPG gaming.
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