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    Okay so I have managed to get deep into version 2 ! I love this game. I have been using the videos from heorotilina. If you are on this board and I think you do mention you are, thank you for your videos! So my question is how do I use the orb system? It says I have all head points but it won’t let me use them! I am really confused. Does it come later in version 2? Is it a quest? Thanks guys!
  2. Magic Labryinth- I did it the first time and it matched me up and instantly got in. Now it's saying I need an item? I'm lost. I read the guide but not saying much. can I buy this item?
  3. Thanks! So I got here but I can't figure out how to get fuel. It says the dollar board? But I can't buy it . Sorry guys to ask so many ? I am loving the game but the translation is starting to wear on me.
  4. Where is Gatara town!? Sorry I looked everywhere but couldn't find it. What continent?
  5. Thanks for the help! I was able to do the labyrinth last night thanks to you!! I have another question. I hit 32 and I want my mount. Where do I go for it. The roadmap guide says at 岳都ガタラ town But I am not sure where that is. The closest I can see was gatara wilderness. Thanks again for the help!
  6. Okay so I have been playing and I love it. I have been using google translate to help and got the just of it. I have some questions though about that to do. I am level 28 warrior. I have to do the vocation switch quest tonight. But here we go. How do I star crafting? I am confused bc I have no option or don't see anywhere to start? I am in the puk city the main one I think but no option. Okay question 2. I saw something about magic labyrinth dungeon level 20 monster ? How do I do that ? Am I close or is that something further in? Should i level one vocation all the way up then switch ? Or keep going back in forth! What is the normal thing to do ? I just feel like I am missing so much stuff. I basically just did the main story in Puk. I did one daily quest killing 15 guys. But I don't know how to do anything like crafting or upgrading with crystals. Thanks guys! Sorry to post so much. It is so much fun to play on the switch ! I can't figure out to chat in it yet but I would love to play with people sometime!
  7. Okay finally got my Switch dq10 working and I need some advice. I need some help choosing a class and race. I was hoping I could get some answers. So does it matter wha class you play? Because you can switch to other ones right when u do the quest ? Kinda of like FF14? So the main choice would be race right ? That would determine your story and how you look. I am stuck between an elf and puk. I like the elf starting area but I like the idea of the little green guy running around in iron armoir like a gnome warrior I played in wow. Any ideas ? Also if anyone wants to play sometime I would love to! Thanks guys! So happy to be playing
  8. I am running from my pc. It has a LAN coming from the router. Then I am trying to connect the switch through wifi on my hotspot from my pc. For some reason my switch won't connect to the hotspot from the pc. I am using soft ether. Do I have to connect through the hotspot from my pc? I am just lost and wondering why I can't reconnexr
  9. Please help! I am so mad I had my switch connected and playing for 30 minutes . I disconnected from Soft Ether and now I can't connect. I had no problem using the program version ever. Here is my problem. I can't remember if I connected using pc mobile hotspot . Every time I go to connect to it it wil not ever connect to my pc. So I'm trying to figure out did it connect that one time it worked ? Or did I connect to the network another way? Is anyone else having trouble connecting there switch with their hotspot in pc. I am so lost and confused on this one . I connect to Soft Ether and then hit mobile hotspot. Then I right click properties share wifi . Any suggestions? I am desperate here to play on it again!
  10. Finally up and running in the trial version! I killed the first boss and all of the sudden I have 4 people in my party . I k ow they are not real people but clones or whatever. How did they get there and how do I dismiss them? They are making it too easy!!!
  11. Cranberry I am really interested In how this works. I connect my pc to a vpn. I have tried a mobile hotspot on the windows 10 but when I connect my PS4 and switch it won't connect when the vpn is active. I have even tried doing it ur way wireless then a wire to the PS4 but no luck.
  12. I need a Suggestion for which VPNs you know will work recently for the game. I used Hide my Ass and the Japanese Server I was using has been blocked by Square. That was the only one they offered. Any suggestions? I dont mind paying a few dollars. Thanks
  13. Thanks guys..So I was expecting more of a traditional MMO Bosses/Parties. I always play a healing class in MMOS. I love to heal and find it easier to get a party. Now im wondering if this would be the game to try a different class!
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