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  1. It's weird seeing snow outside in late February. It's weird seeing snow in Ireland period. I don't think Spring will ever arrive.
  2. The story part intrigued me. I want to see loads of references to Dragon Quest 2, even just more tracks from the soundtrack.
  3. Just finished the game. What a great ending. Probably the best Xenoblade game overall although I still personally prefer X. Will post thoughts later.
  4. Sounds like an interesting series, I'd like more clarification on the quality of XI's soundtrack. It's the one aspect of the game I've been on the fence about.
  5. I'm supposed to be saving the world in the final climax but I'm just going collecting rare blades instead. Priorities
  6. One of my favorites in the series. 8 got me into the series but it was 4 which cemented Dragon Quest as one of my favorites. The chapter system gives the game so much variety and I adore the cast. I kinda wanna replay it now :/
  7. I love platforming in these games as well, but the platforming in 4 is drab and boring. Instead of climbing magnificent ancient ruins set against stunning vistas, its mostly on cliffs and in caves where the colour pallet is more muted. The only interesting platforming area was the Clock tower. The platforming itself isn't as interesting as in past games. It rarely requires precise inputs. And it's all made worse by the fact there's tons of it, there are some chapters where you do nothing but climb and its boring. Previous Uncharted games (and the Lost Legacy) balanced platforming wtih combat a
  8. I mean, you can literally rush through the four temples and the content that's there is, well, actually content that requires player input. Gun fights, puzzles, platforming. Compare that to scaling the endless grey cliffs of Scotland or following Sam during the childhood memories where all you'd do is push forward. Uncharted the Last Legacy has more quality and substantial gameplay than 4. I wouldn't call any of it filler.
  9. Yeah, the marketing was strange. But at least it sold well. I really like the idea of games like of games like the Lost Legacy and hope they sell well. The idea of expansions that morphed into their short, focused triple a games. Lost Legacy might just be better than 4 in every way. It's tighter, more interesting and doesn't have an ounce of the filler that 4 has. One of the first things Chloe and Nadine talk about is how they hope they don't have to do another crate puzzle, that's amazing. I'll be replaying this one for sure.
  10. Space Dandy has the best opening ever. Extended version is pure bliss.
  11. Just started and finished Uncharted the Lost Legacy today. It was short and sweet, they replaced packed a lot of variety in its short run time. I'd say it's one the better Uncharted games. Also only one shitty crate puzzle
  12. Yeah, they're all generally gameplay focused, the dialogue is regulated to the cutscenes. Some chapters are definitely more intense than others though in terms of bosses (Chapter 4 was relentless). The balance is good. ...No. Getting unique blades and not generic ones is really frikkin hard. Too hard if you ask me. Considering that blades are essential for combos its annoying that the game regulates them behind a dice roll. It's only a small problem though, you get some free blades through the story and through sidequests.
  13. There's 10 in total so yeah I'm in the home stretch. I'm at 90 hours so far and I'd say it's a longer game that Xenoblade 1, each chapter's pretty long and substantial. Not like Xenoblade X where one chapter would just be you fighting a boss and a cutscene.
  14. On Chapter 8 now. That ending to Chapter 7, just wow... It was an extremely cathartic end to a very interesting chapter. From what little I've played of Chapter 8, it's going to be even better. I love the new setting. Overall, the game hasn't had any dull spots so far which can't be said for Xenoblade 1 where things got a bit less interesting when you reached Mechonis.
  15. It would be cool to see a Dragon Quest game as sandboxy as 3, loved the sense of freedom in that game. Generally though dragon quest games have always done a good job masking their linearity as open. I wonder if Horii and the team will take any inspiration from the tremendous success of Breath of the Wild. Not necessarily a back to the roots thing (Dragon Quest never lost its touch) but perhaps more experimentation in non-linearity.
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