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  1. finally got my account paid for and everything last night. my contact info is レーイナ ZM692-666 in game feel free to hit me up
  2. so, is there any way at all to buy this digitally in USA anymore? im trying to return to game, but webmoney wont let you set up an account in USA and i cant find any sort of prepaid card that i can buy with USD or anything. not even seeing an option to buy/use crysta on the store anymore
  3. if i can get access to my account (i forgot what e-mail i associated with it) i will play with you. otherwise im gonna have to make a new account i think. name is レイナ if i can get in. otherwise new name will be レーイナ
  4. Hey. Im thinking about coming back for v4 if i can get it to work on ps4. Has anyone tried it yet? Im curious to know if its ip locked on ps4 and if i will need a ps plus account. Want to hear from someone who has played on ps4 or has read from an official source
  5. https://ibb.co/g6vAy5 battle masters have skills of the penis
  6. is this still a thing? if so, i would love to join! name: レイナ (reina) ID:VY521-038 contact me in game and i'll drop my current team ^.^
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