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  1. No, it's completely random.
  2. I wish you the best of luck with that. I've only gotten up to 49 before the game cheated me out of a victory. SO close to that 50 streak. Yeah, Snivy's not the ...best starter in the world. You get a lot of better moves in the future, but unless you have an attack boosting nature, don't expect to just plow through everything. Luckily Black 2 has a lot of wild pokemon to choose from early on.
  3. I'm just saying just because Wi-fi is shutting down doesn't make the National Dex harder to complete. Really X and Y have nearly everything available provided you have a healthy list of friend safaris. I nearly completed my dex simply by transferring stuff I already had from previous games. It's not just about completing your PokeDex in X and Y though. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black/White can't be completed. Whats worse is didn't Black/White come out in like 2010? That wasn't that long ago. And you're all forgetting that with X and Y, people are transferring their Pokemon over to those games, which cuts down the circulation of event Pokemon DRASTICALLY. Say I go to a comic or anime convention with a copy of Diamond. What are the chances of running into someone who can trade an event Pokemon with me when they've more than likely moved them over to X or Y? I suppose if you value having event pokemon on old carts it's a problem, but ...why would you? The only cases are the in-game events which aren't vital to the completion of the game at all. And it's not like they're going to release more events for any of those games. I don't really understand how this makes any Gen IV or V game un-completable. The event pokemon have never counted towards the dex completion. I guess if people really wanted to have a full pokedex for those games, then get to downloading soon? Interestingly, it does make legit event pokemon more valuable, though there are plenty of hacks and clones out there to negate that.
  4. I'm just saying just because Wi-fi is shutting down doesn't make the National Dex harder to complete. Really X and Y have nearly everything available provided you have a healthy list of friend safaris. I nearly completed my dex simply by transferring stuff I already had from previous games.
  5. Aw come on, it's not that bad. I completed mine without cheating. And it's not like you can't trade between games anymore.
  6. Yeah, that's really kind of a bummer. Like if I ever wanted to go back and play DQIX again, I wouldn't be able to access the downloadable stuff. Granted I don't think I've used DS and Wii Wi-fi for a very long time now but it is kind of a harsh reality check knowing that that stuff will not always be there.
  7. That's true if you download it after March 14th. If you download it before and activate the pass, you get the free trial month.
  8. I just completed the pokedex and got the shiny charm. HOLY CRAP that took forever. It only took 6 generations of games for me to actually do it and of course I pick the biggest one to complete. At least now I have all the hard to get stuff for the future.
  9. No Deoxys can only be gotten ingame in Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen if you have the specific event item. Some kind of ticket I think it was.
  10. Well, if none of those scratched that itch for you, I don't know what to tell ya. Shovel Knight isn't out yet, I think it comes out at the end of March? It should be on PC.
  11. Have you seen Shovel Knight? It's an old school platformer in the vein of Mega Man and old school NES games, I'm pretty excited to check it out. Something like Brothers which blends storytelling and game mechanics together? A phenomenal game from last year. Old school Nintendo-hard rougelikes such as Spelunky and Rogue Legacy? Both worth checking out. Ever play Dark Souls? The game basically gives you nothing and tells you to figure it out for yourself, kinda like some of those NES games from way back when. What about Journey? Fez? Both are phenomenal games in their own right. Fez is Myst like in quality to the point where you need to take notes like you could've done in the old days when they gave you space in the back of instruction manuals to write stuff. Old school RPGs? I thought Dragon Fantasy was pretty cool. Depends on what you like, I guess. I'm agreeing with you here, I thought those days back then were great. I just think there's a lot of great stuff today too.
  12. It's the future, man. An all digital future is where we're headed, like it or not. Cartridges and discs have become collectors items. That's not to say physical distribution is leaving anytime soon, but more and more people like the convenience of not having to worry about changing discs and having clutter in the form of cases lying around. And about the tied to the system thing, that's only true of Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft both have account based systems so it's really not that bad, but you know that already. A lot of us that grew up in that so called "golden age" of gaming do long for that retro feel, but the times are-a-changin'. Publishers and developers look at what makes money and what's popular and that tends to be new innovative IPs, the surge of first person shooters in the last couple years, and gimmicky hardware like gamepads and the Kinect. They go where the kids are, where the money is, and give them what they want. But it's not all bad! Indie developers are more prevalent than ever and will be even more in the coming years. Some of these people are those that grew up in that now retro age and like many of us, feel that nostalgia. They're the ones to turn to if you want old school mechanics. You should try exploring the vast amount of indie titles on Steam and such, you might find some stuff you like. Do I wish to go back to that era of gaming? I have a lot of fond memories of that time and I do miss that pre-internet period where the few games you had were the best things ever, but no, I don't think I'd want to go back to that. There's a lot of crap and greed and laziness nowadays with games, but for every piece of crap some company puts out, there's a fantastic, inspired game that everyone is too busy complaining about DRM or how Final Fantasy is dead or how Call of Duty is the worst franchise ever to even bother playing. In short, there's a lot of bad out there, but there's also a lot of good. So why aren't we talking about that?
  13. All the pink Kyogres I was sifting through earlier on the GTS looking for a decent trade say otherwise. I just don't get why you can ask for event legendaries on the GTS when you can't trade them. Seems silly. All those people begging for Mews and such make me wonder if they realize that they can't get one on there. I would assume not. Speaking of event legendaries, if anyone happens to have an extra Shaymin or Manaphy (preferably as legit as can be?), let's be friends.
  14. I had fun back in the days of Gameshark getting some hacked Pokemon. I ended up releasing them once I decided it took all of the fun and accomplishment of getting legit stuff. I can't even imagine the influx of hacked stuff since the bank was released.
  15. I Wonder traded some stuff today and got...well what I expected to get. Charmanders, Froakies, Fletchlings, and oh my god.... HONEDGE. I traded a Honedge and got one back. I traded that one and got a different one back. Easy to tell what the most popular breeding projects are. Just got another Charmander as I'm typing this. Can't say it was all bad. I did fill a few pokedex slots that save me the trouble of breeding or evolving them myself, and someone was kind enough to attach a Liechi berry to a Vivillon.
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