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  1. I don't think this was worth making a new thread, but another interesting discovery. Until now I had really overlooked this in the mobile script, it's a messy rip and easy to miss, but the dialog related to the Reborth Stone (formerly the Dragon Potion) is stored just before the Opening Prologue. There's two lines for a lot of the save prompts which kinda makes me think it's randomly either DQ1 Hero or Gwaelin. But one message if you refuse to save makes it pretty clear the voice you hear Gwaelin "Th-!? B-!? Hmph! Dost thou truly mean to take thy leave without first recording thy progress...?" That's the same confounded stutter she does in DQ1. I won't have room to add it in my script port though, unfortunately.
  2. I have a bit of a theory. It’s a Long shot, but I’m kinda hoping there’s still a chance there might be some extra alts. It just seems weird that Sakurai would say each Hero has their own VA but can’t announce them yet. I mean it could just be things aren’t finalized yet or they want until they have everything ready to show off., but if there were more heroes repped it would make sense to wait until the release. I don’t know, I’m just stubbornly optimistic they’d throw in some female alts. Like Joker got a few unique bells and whistles, I want to think Hero has a couple of surprises yet to be revealed. Another, more plausible theory, maybe the lack of English voice work is because they didn’t want to involve any outside work until the trailer reveal to avoid leaks. Though, I wouldn’t make any bets.
  3. No announcement for the character aside from Summer. The Season Pass with all characters are 20 bucks, I think the characters individually are 4.99. Like Joker, there'll probably be some DQ Mii costumes for purchase too (.99 cents) Yeah, Sakurai said Echoes take practically zero effort. Tansut, who leaked Cloud and Erdrick said his source told him that it would have a female alt. There's also the mysterious Jane files associated with Joker which suggests there was a female alt planned for him as well. It's still super slim, but I have some hope there's going to be some DLC echoes.
  4. I noticed that too, crazy. I wonder if it’s from newcomers looking for info or people like me who were just looking for some art for reference. But man, I was not expecting an epic CG trailer! I was hoping for some female alts though :( Maybe there’ll be a Heroine echo.
  5. More characters revealed via ANN The newly announced roles include: (Top row, left to right in image above): Kendo Kobayashi as Sancho Ken Yasuda as Pusan (Dr. Agon in the English version of Dragon Quest V) Suzuki Matsuo as Ludman (Rodrigo Briscoletti in the English version) (Botoom row, left to right): Chikako Kaku as Martha (Madalena in the English version) Kōichi Yamadera as Surarin (Rocket in the English version) Has Pusan/Dr. Agon had an official design before? He just had a generic NPC sprite as I recall.
  6. Hey, man, wouldn’t make much sense if I didn’t share the love. Share away!
  7. Sorry to keep you guys waiting, but I have a beta for Dragon Warrior Quest 2 😛 It's rough and it's only script, monsters, and items right now. But if you're eager to try it out, I appreciate knowing any problems you guys might find. I had to redo the dictionary DW2 uses for compression over and over and OVER again to get things to fit, and FINALLY got it! Like the first game, the new script is about double the size! I also have a bunch of time freed up for me recently. Also thanks to abw on the more technical side of things. https://www.mediafire.com/file/tfh668w56h02d9p/DW21b.xdelta/file
  8. I don't think the script could be that big could it? I think putting all the files in a zip (specifically 7zip having good compression) should work here just fine.
  9. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I was curious about the script files for IV-VI mobile myself. Got the apk and unzipped it, but I can't seem to find these MPT files you're talking about. I don't see a \msg\en directory either. Mind sharing what you used? I tried looking through the files with UnityEX.
  10. I sure can see that tag line XD. But I don’t know if they thought moving away from Toriyama’s style was simply an aesthetic choice, or if maybe they want to try to appeal to the West’s tastes or if maybe they just don’t want people in the West to lump this in with DB and have them think it’s some sort of spinoff (which I don’t think would be a bad thing considering how popular DBZ is). I think Gkids would be a good bet (they get solid talent and don’t necessarily go for the big or “washed up” stars either), mayyybe Netflix, but I hear they tend to cheap out on voice work when they acquire rights to something (as opposed to producing it themselves)
  11. Just fiddling around and experimenting really and the occasional asking. I think romhacking.net would be a better resource than GBA temp. The bin file you have could be an archive with all the text, or it could be the text itself if you open it up with a text editor. Otherwise QuickBMS is the way to go. Yeah, that’d be an undertaking even for the most adept and experienced modder. Speaking of DQV PS2, if @Tom-Servo is reading this, I had made a comment on RHDN a while back saying I preferred official SE localizations and that while I enjoyed (REALLY enjoyed) playing DQV on PS2 as my first crack at DQV, that I didn’t care for the more literal translation in comparison to official DQ releases. If this came off like I was downplaying your hard work and efforts, I’m really REALLY sorry. I’ve dealt with a lot of “Sub-only” snobbery over the years, so I’m really quick to get testy over people scoffing at localizations. So the bin file you have is all the text then? For a lot of new games, the text is conveniently in a file with little to no compression of any kind. With older hardware like NES and SNES you need a special Hex editor like WindHex and you need to find the table that converts byte values to letters which can vary from game to game. I would say, check RHDN’s Wiki, Data Crystal, but there’s no entry for DQV, so you’d have to go throw a trial and error process of creating a table yourself. I’m late on this and I’m sorry, can’t say I know what’s causing your error, but if you want the scripts yourself, just download my rip https://www.mediafire.com/file/4g2t87gf4smcmi5/dq123rip.7z/file Anyway, thanks to @Burner for helping me out with some DW2 investigating. I needed to see how certain battle lines worked in game because they’re just in pieces in the ROM and wanted to make sure I knew what to change them to. There’s still a couple of lines that eluded us and COULD be just throwaway unused lines. Roughly paraphrasing because I’m on vacation and away from my computer right now: ”Follow me and make not a peep.” and ”No longer shall (name) walk this world!” Anyone here happen to know? i figure if they’re unused (there’s a duplicate Prologue in compressed form I removed to free up space), I could just delete them and free up space and I NEED space. As it stands my script stands at about 34K. The original is about 17K, and the game supports scripts 32K in size. Technically there’s room for more, but the game is only programmed to use 2 16K banks and there’s no space to add to the bank swapping routine. Thankfully, after some AGGRESSIVE and meticulous dictionary editing, (DW2’s unique form of compression) I was able to get it down to just .2K (200 bytes) over the limit, and from there, I just trimmed the fat a little. Removed gratuitous pauses in NPC dialog or some of the longer “HAHAHAHAHAHA!” lines I removed a couple HAs. I’m hoping the SNES remakes don’t have this problem and they could be the proper “definitive” versions.
  12. Oh and you're very welcome. Still in the middle of script insertion for DW2 (it's kinda crazy how the particular rom works) but I should be clearing that hurdle soon hopefully.
  13. QuickBMS https://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm You can find the script on the same page. aluigi fixed the script so that it can auto-detect which DQ game you're extracting from (I think 3 is slightly different than 1 and 2)
  14. Something like that SHOULD work actually. I just added a couple of more data banks. I was referring to methods of "patching" the cart wouldn't work because the amount of memory is set on a cart. This looks like you can make anything you want under 512 KB or 32 data banks.
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