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  1. So I'm still working on this believe it or not (yes along with the Re Quest stuff, I'm multitasking) and if your interested @Erdrick The Hero in helping out translating I've actually been able to parse all the dialog in both Special AND Portable BY CHARACTER https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jkCGph6cC2_ZQ5m1zAQF0KpWhkayodTwxBVnrkWGMQw/edit?usp=drivesdk https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10tUtVFWD74P805VGMlP5JJg-kl9kEDwTHSHtmslgniM/edit?usp=drivesdk I'd love to fix up Portable too while I was at it. I actually have Motto Quierba's work decoded so to
  2. I genuinely love Fleurette and that voice of hers. Anyway, playing the PS2 version of V really made me miss the puns in modern DQ. Not to say I don't enjoy DQ regardless but it just adds a bit more of an enjoyable punch. It's what I usually say about anime/game dubs. Original language subbed is all well and good but I feel like a really well made dub makes it so that characters can just click with you more when you hear it in your own language. Anyway from Builders 2, I get a bit of a giggle out of "What is your Dyeing Wish" and Hargon's Heroes" More than an
  3. Yeah, I think they'd play it safe with something cheap and easy like that. I wouldn't mind if they just get a bunch of the best stages together. I haven't played 30th Anniversary yet but I'd love to play on that Charlock Castle stage and that XI stage (haven't gotten that far yet). DQ Stages I'd like to see return Tantegel (Portable) World Tree (Portable) Alexandria (Portable) Rendarak (Special) There's your snowy stage Zenithia (Special) Alefgard (been around since... 2 on the SFC I think?) Observatory (Wii) Btw, I was browsi
  4. I'd find it funny if it was Lowenthal because then he'd be the one English VA who has voiced a main hero in every big JRPG franchise (Cecil in FF, Marth in FE, Luke fon Fabre in Tales, and he's one of the possible voices for the main avatar in Xenoblade X) It's still possible they might closer to release but then it wouldn't surprise me if they don't, they only like to post stuff they really want to push like their genuine, made-by-themselves originals and not the "we licensed this as an exclusive" original.
  5. I remember reading an articlea couple years ago about an inside source was saying SE was scrambling to port some of their PS4/Vita games to Switch because they didn't expect the Switch to do so well. Still nothing about a 30th Anniversary port. I figured MAYBE after DQXI came out so they could use English voice actors including Sylvando but nothing. The fact that DQX stuff is in there might really be hindering a release here. I feel the best thing to hope for is an HD Remix of the Wii game in the same way that 30th Anniversary was kinda sorta an HD Remix of the PSP/PS2 games.
  6. You know I checked the citation on their page and it looks like the dub is SAG approved. So it looks like it’s getting a Union dub, which means they might be seeking talent above the usual anime/game talent pool. If there’s any big actors I can see them getting I could see Tom Holland with accent as Luka. Hopefully we get a trailer soon. I mentioned this in the other thread, but I wonder if Netflix will jump on getting Dai when it comes out so it could have all the Dragon Quest and SE stuff together. Plus, they could do what they’re doing with Saint Seiya, another Shonen Jump Anim
  7. It's just the fancy, formal term for dubbing. "Audio Dialog Replacement" or "Automated Dialog Replacement"
  8. Could be nothing as it’s something that can be easily added by anyone, but I just noticed ANN’s encyclopedia entry quietly updated with NYAV Post as ADR Production. They’ve been doing a bunch of the recent big anime movies with GKIDS https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=22481
  9. I love these suggestions! I hope they get someone more than just the usual Bang Zoom/LA Anime pool. Even if it isn't the best adaptation of DQ, I still feel like it deserves some good treatment. Having DQXI-level British voice acting via SIDE I feel would be the best, most reasonable option, but at the same time there's just... no way of knowing what they'll do. Only real hint we've got is that the summary clearly shows we'll get localized terms and such. Bang Zoom's dub of High Score Girl another "Netflix" anime they really flip flop between localization and Japanese translation. Plus, I
  10. Same. I'm mostly curious how they'll dub it into English and see who they get.
  11. Yeah this has me most excited as well. Even if we discount the Netflix possibility or even Viz comes in a licenses it (I'd rather not, they tend to kinda sit on licenses and just sort of dubs them as an afterthought) imagine this scenario Funimation announces their acquisition They announce a simuldub They court Toonami to air it on their block (I mean they're full of Shonen Jump shows anyhow) giving the show (and series in general) greater exposure The Square-Enix game comes along. Let's say it's a KH-like Action RPG. Anime dubbed games are a rarity these days, but
  12. Ha! You know I came back to talk about this. You made a post about a year and a half ago talking to a Netflix rep. And with what's been going on, that post of yours really stuck out to me. I wouldn't count Netflix completely out. I think Funimation is the likely choice (their Ace Attorney dub was really good and captured all the little details of the game's localization, they work well with Toei and have a solid track record with Shonen Jump properties). But I can imagine a scenario where Netflix really breaks out the funds as a sponsor of the new Anime and gets exclusive streaming rights. The
  13. I don't think this was worth making a new thread, but another interesting discovery. Until now I had really overlooked this in the mobile script, it's a messy rip and easy to miss, but the dialog related to the Reborth Stone (formerly the Dragon Potion) is stored just before the Opening Prologue. There's two lines for a lot of the save prompts which kinda makes me think it's randomly either DQ1 Hero or Gwaelin. But one message if you refuse to save makes it pretty clear the voice you hear Gwaelin "Th-!? B-!? Hmph! Dost thou truly mean to take thy leave without first recording thy p
  14. I have a bit of a theory. It’s a Long shot, but I’m kinda hoping there’s still a chance there might be some extra alts. It just seems weird that Sakurai would say each Hero has their own VA but can’t announce them yet. I mean it could just be things aren’t finalized yet or they want until they have everything ready to show off., but if there were more heroes repped it would make sense to wait until the release. I don’t know, I’m just stubbornly optimistic they’d throw in some female alts. Like Joker got a few unique bells and whistles, I want to think Hero has a couple of surprises
  15. No announcement for the character aside from Summer. The Season Pass with all characters are 20 bucks, I think the characters individually are 4.99. Like Joker, there'll probably be some DQ Mii costumes for purchase too (.99 cents) Yeah, Sakurai said Echoes take practically zero effort. Tansut, who leaked Cloud and Erdrick said his source told him that it would have a female alt. There's also the mysterious Jane files associated with Joker which suggests there was a female alt planned for him as well. It's still super slim, but I have some hope there's going to be so
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