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  1. I'm still kinda stumped though since there are a lot of good dragons but i broke it down to these: -Dragovian Lord -Xenlon -Dracolord(hes magey and all and not much of a dragon but still pretty damn good) (not including Orochi because he's pretty easy to get and i can get him anytime) Anyone have an idea on which one i should go for?
  2. i have an abyss and its true he works awesomely personally one my best b ranks. i might try to go for dragovian if i can work up the patience since i've seen a friend rip through wi-fi with him and mechan-o'-wyrm and alablast is in the process towards that and i they're pretty good. dracolord is a bit too magey for my taste and i have mage monsters covered.

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      What Derpametric said.

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      Don't forget your homework

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      School's out for Summer! School's out for ever!

  4. Hi! I'm working on making higher rank monsters and I love dragons so which of the dragons would you recommend i make. All recommendations are welcome even Zenith (hey he's pretty boss if he's in the right hands).
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