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  1. Hello! Does anyone have the Dragon Quest item pickup sound(the one that plays AFTER you open a chest and the text says what item you've received)? Because I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  2. This is where I'll be posting my art, so, enjoy! A sketch of a dragon quest-like demon(still got to color it and add more details):
  3. @Dquester Thank you very much!! The other sprites you posted will be super helpful too!
  4. Does anyone have a link for monster character sprites(NOT the battle sprites)from DQ Monsters 1 & 2 (PSX)? I'm looking for the PsychoPiz(also known as Psycho Psaro)character sprite in particular. Help would be appreciated!
  5. Hello everyone. Can anyone provide me with the battle backgrounds from DQ3(SNES) of the images I have attached(pyramid, Zoma's castle, boss troll fight throne room)? Any help would be appreciated! Also, if anyone has a link or can provide me with ALL the battle backgrounds from DQ3(SNES) , that would be much appreciated also.
  6. @ignasia I'm sorry for not replying, I didn't mean to be rude, but for some reason after I tagged you with @ I could not write anything next to it for some reason. So, I've just posted your tagged name and now below I'm posting the other text. It helped me, I'm grateful for your time and help and again, sorry for not replying earlier. EDIT: I noticed it combined the two posts into a single one when I posted the other post below for some reason.
  7. Does anyone know of any site(even if it's japanese)that has the DQXI 3DS(the 2d version) monster sprites?
  8. Hello there. Can anyone provide me with Krystalinda and Dora-in-Grey's battle sprites from the 3ds version of DQXI?
  9. @Erdrick The Hero yup, the iOS version will do just fine, thanks!
  10. @Erdrick The Hero yeah, I know there are a few different tones, but even with just one tone I can edit the pitch and make it work for multiple characters. @sad46 I mean those sounds that are heard when you interact with an NPC. Also, I meant the DQIII SNES version, not DQIV.
  11. Hello y'all. Does anyone have the ''blip-blop'' sound that is heard when you talk with someone in the SNES version of Dragon Quest III? I have the DQIV NES version, but I need the DQIII SNES one. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Update: Added more edits in the main post, including Treeface Slimes and Dragon Recolors!
  13. Hello! Here are some dragon quest monster edits in GBC-style: You can use them in anything you want, just give credit and don't steal! I'll be adding and making more as time passes. Also, I'm open to monster-edit requests.
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