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  1. Link here Square Enix will host a “Dragon Quest Monsters Coming-of-Age Ceremony” broadcast in celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary on November 6 at 20:00 JST, the company announced. You will be able to watch it live on Niconico. The broadcast will feature two parts: one looking back on the past 20 years of the Dragon Quest Monsters series, and another looking ahead at the future of the series. It will feature the following guests: MC: Ayana Tsubaki (talent) Yuji Horii (game designer) Taichi Inuzuka (Dragon Quest Monsters series producer) Takamasa Shiba
  2. I'd be interested too, if possible.
  3. Weird, VI is my favorite too, while VIII is my least favorite so far, not to say that it's not great. VI just really drew me into it all, and it has Carver who's the coolest guy in Dragon Quest!
  4. Just so you're aware, it's not unprecedented for the German Gamestops to have these placeholders leaked. And the computer systems they use are in English, as well. Hold onto your hats my friends, we're on a wild ride.
  5. Work is long, and seems to last forever. :l
  6. I can say, with complete certainty, that there's more chance of Dragon Quest X coming west than a DQ rep being added to Smash.
  7. You are aware that we have Super Light? I'm playing it right now if you don't believe me.
  8. Pokemon ships with kana and Kanji mode, so it's not exactly super common, but not a rare thing either. My deductions lead me to be aware that Level 5 are known for including Furigana in all of their games, which I believe means that XI is made by Level 5. Not that that was any surprise.
  9. Having played both extensively, 2 is the better game technically, although I prefer the overall vibe of 1. Weird considering the original 2 is my favorite game ever! Hope you have fun.
  10. You're thinking of the Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy 1 and the Dissidia games: http://www.thegamingvault.com/uploads/2008/12/wol.jpg Damnit...
  11. Well Dragon Quest 1's hero was in the Final Fantasy Worlds trailer wasn't he? Or was that some FF character that looks eerily similar?
  12. Since it's been essentially a dead IP here for what, 5 years? I'd say that the mobile ports weren't a real indication of the feasibility of releasing the games on home consoles, since, for the most part it's a different audience. In that conclusion, I'd simply assume that since this is the first home console Dragon Quest in the West since DQ Swords, they are wanting to know how far they can get with today's console crowd with a decent advertising campaign, since people who owned PS2s 10 years ago might not own PS4s today!
  13. This is still definitely them testing the waters. There won't be any Dragon Quest localization announcements per se at E3, but if Heroes sells well we can be sure to hear the sounds of the executives hissing at the prospect of a franchise other than Final Fantasy making them money, as the mobile ports have been received quite well - albeit a different market to the one we'd like them to sell to. (Us) I'm more worried for Castlevania than Dragon Quest at this point though, which is saying something!
  14. It's actually a real hoot on an original Gameboy! It gives it an even more retro look if you're into that sorta thing so I highly recommend giving it a little try.
  15. Looking forward to seeing more videos again, missed them a whole lot.
  16. It's a shame we're getting Cabinet Mimic before real Mimic.
  17. I love that hat. I have the hat. Halloween!
  18. Just bumping to remind people that this exists, and there's some EXTREMELY useful stuff here.
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