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  1. Its actually back to the original NES names of Gwaelin, Dragonlord, and Erdrick. I am surprised they reverted back. *******Also anyone know if his name King Lorik on the Mobile version? So far I have only seen him referred to as King, but I haven't been south yet.
  2. I lost/corrupted a save file once, it was when I was trying to turn the game on. Remember how the NES would flash if the game or system was dirty? Well doing that one time caused a file to get deleted, it plays the cursed music and then says a file was lost. When I lost that file I didn't care as much cuz I was starting a new quest and hadn't played the game in awhile which was probably why it needed cleaning. I wouldve probably deleted the file to make room for a new one anyway. It also only deleted 1 of the 3 save files, so I used to always make multiple save files in case this ever
  3. I wonder how that one Slime who traveled across the continent to check up on his Cat friend became friends with that Cat in the 1st place. Where did the 2 of them originally meet, and how do they communicate?
  4. Playing DQ1 on Mobile reminded me how you used to have to hold in Reset Button to save for NES Dragon Warrior games. Anyone remember those days where sometimes you would skip a heartbeat thinking you did it wrong and your save file got erased?
  5. Me too, I will hold off on getting a PS4 for awhile just in case, but I doubt they would release this system outside of Japan.
  6. I'm loving this game so far, I should have it finished pretty fast. I've played DW1/DQ1 on NES, SNES, and GBC so many times that I remember where everything is and what to do. So glad I get to play this game again on a 4th system. Cant wait to play DQ2 and DQ3 when they come to Mobile this fall.
  7. Have fun on the replay. DQ3 on the SNES is an amazing game, especially with the Bonus Dungeon and Pachisi. I beat DW3 on NES so many times over the years, probably at least 4 or 5 times. I beat it once on GBC, and I plan on replaying that version soon. I beat DQ3 on SNES for the 1st time ever about a year or 2 ago, and that is def my fav version of the game. Looking forward to replaying SNES version again soon.
  8. As usual, you are doing a great job on mapping. Looks great so far!
  9. I know this is an old topic but I love playing DQ music rips on my nsf players. Its non stop and never ending, just like the game. DW3 happens to be one of my fav soundtracks from the older games.
  10. I recently replayed Dragon Warrior 7 and Dragon Quest 8, and on both of those I made sure I did everything (side quests, monster park, infamous monsters, etc). Now I am playing Dragon Quest 9 for the 2nd time, and this time I am using the strategy guide because I want to experience every single Grotto, side quest, etc. I bought and beat DQ9 back when it 1st came, so its been nearly 4 years since I played. But back then I did not do all the tasks and side quests, so I did not see all the extra dungeons. I wonder how many hours I will play since I plan on doing everything. I haven't look
  11. Each game got better and better with NPC's and even monsters that spoke. Eventually by Dragon Warrior 4 they had Slimes in some of the towns (and even dungeons) that you could talk to.
  12. I was lucky to get the game for $20 brand new, the version that comes in the box w/ FF Demo disc. PS2 games used to drop down to $20 right before they stopped getting sold at stores, or were about to go to greatest hits. This was actually only about 8 months or so after its 2005 release. I loved the game so much that I immediately bought a 2nd $20 copy, which I still have never opened. The reason I did not buy DQ8 at original release was because I remember at the time I was playing DW4 on NES for the 1st time ever, and then DW7 on PlayStation for 1st time ever. So I figured I'd catch up on
  13. That's correct because I bought the last one. It said "hurry only 1 remaining" and they were right. I was surprised that Amazon was even fulfilling the Slime Keyboard. Great thing was it arrived in 3 days since it was already in America. The Blue Slime Keyboard was ordered from a Japanese seller through Amazon's "other sellers" area. That could be why his shipping was so low, only $3.99 when Play Asia wanted $25 for shipping. I don't know how long they will last, you can still buy them right now at a lot of places. I know Play Asia had a limit of 2 per customer. I'm supposed to ge
  14. Square Enix recently re-released the Slime Keyboards so I ordered them both. I already got my Metal Slime Keyboard since that one was fulfilled by Amazon and was already in the U.S. the best part was it came with free shipping. The regular Slime Keyboard is coming from Japan so that will take awhile, but I got lucky on that one and shipping was only $3.99 instead of the usual, high Japan to U.S. shipping. If you don't remember these keyboards here is a link, you can click the longer keyboard pics for larger images: http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/games/wiiu/dq10/slime-keyboard
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