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  1. I have now collected 4 unique items from spot pass downloads and I would appreciate input from any and everyone who has received anything noticeable in game from the spot pass downloads. the 4 items being: Ye old sword of Edrick Candy cane Healie hat Healie T shirt besides these specific items it seems like the spotpass downloads are mostly a middle tier cheese or a misc. seed
  2. The playstation 2 version gave us a wonderfully vibrant open world, beautifully orchestrated soundtrack plus a more graphically intricate inventory and battle menu. The 3ds version can't hope to challenge those traits, but all of the interface shortcuts, new content, like the entire Dungeon "Altar of Wroth," Memories lane and new playable characters well make up for it. On top of this new unique items released through spotpass such as the Edrick's sword and a camera system accompanied by it's own set of quests really smash the pre existing content in the game. On a side note the developers obviously paid meticulous attention to detail when revamping the title. voice acting was added for all existing and new cutscenes and the experience of the monster arena was augmented greatly with the inclusion of new infamous monsters and a punishing rank X. All in all the playstation 2 version is the original and will always retain it's sense of charm but all of the impressive new content in the 3ds version is simply a requirement to experience.
  3. I noticed there isn't a strategy covering monster arena rank X, It's incredibly difficult to beat without luck
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