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  1. I actually had an idea for a design for both the Hammerhood and Brownie enemies as cats, so I decided to draw them in one sitting Hammerhood Brownie
  2. I finally got around to playing some more of this game, and I managed to get to Stornway, create my companions, and start grinding them up so they don't die as often :') This is the current set up for the team (in spoilers): At the moment I'm grinding in the ruins of Brigadoom despite not fighting the Wight Knight yet. Honestly I'm kind of just grinding for gold if that makes sense? Kind of just trying to build up a small stash of gold for now. As well as that I'm mainly focusing on fully completing the class specific skill sets for each of my characters (except for Reiki as I might transfer him to a class that might not allow use of shields) as the bonuses are quite nice, more specifically the 100+ bonuses of either Magical Might or Magical Mending for Mage and Priest respectfully. Courage is nice for the moment as it gives use of Whipping Boy early on so that way I don't have to backtrack when I aim to get the Paladin class later on since I never really use the Warrior or Mage classes in this game as much as I should tbh. As for why I equipped Winter with a divine dagger, it simply makes it easier to take out some of the monsters nearby where I'm grinding.
  3. So I did some more of these: Aria / Aishe as a SilkWing Melvin / Sir Mervyn as a SandWing-SeaWing combo, I might edit it later when I have the time though I think I might do the cast of another game in the series next, idk but that's probably what I'll end up doing
  4. Oof I made more of the Dragon Quest characters as dragons (specifically the dragon tribes in Wings of Fire) Auster / Arus as a NightWing because simply, I liked the design though it could fit Kiefer as a SkyWing-IceWing hybrid because I honestly couldn't choose between the two, and it sort of fits? Idk And Gabo / Ruff as a RainWing-MudWing hybrid because simply, I couldn't fit him into just one category I might draw some more of these for more practice drawing dragons, though I think I'll eventually do some digital art of them as humans
  5. So I've been drawing more lately and I think I've genuinely improved since when I first started out? Idk, I've been drawing dragons more recently since o o f my dragons are absolutely horrible half the time, but recently they don't look as bad as I thought? Here's some of the art so far: I drew Maribel Mayde as a SkyWing from Wings of Fire, and honestly I think it fits, in a way? Then I drew my OC Holly Crowe as a HiveWing, which is my current avatar atm And this was a random doodle of a kitty.
  6. As of late I've been playing DQ7 lately because it's a really fun game to play during road trips, in my opinion. I've mainly been playing it to see if I could actually finish a save file on my new copy of it since I finally have my own copy (I've been having to use my dad's beforehand) and I can beat the game several times without having to delete a save file. Though I'm saving one save slot open for my sister since she really wants to play it once she's finished with DQ4. I've also been playing to get some more motivation for my AU DQ7 fanfic, and I won't lie, I've actually felt like writing it as of late. Also excited for the release of DQ11 on the Switch, as I didn't really play the PS4 version. While I'm hesitant to play a game on the Switch (I just don't like it for some reason I don't even know), I do want to play DQ11 at some point for myself.
  7. I just started playing some more of my new copy of DQ7 (3ds) and whew boy I have been reminded as to why it's one of my favorite video games aside from Miitopia.

    1. DrippySlimeStar


      I'm looking forward to giving it another chance now that I have a real love for the series. I got 13 hours in when the rerelease first came out and haven't gone back since.

  8. Taking a break from Dragon Quest 9 to play some Miitopia and this time I'm resisting the strong urge to overgrind like I did in my...past three or so runs. Tbh I only replay the game so often because the post game is boring after getting all the obtainable classes and beating the Tower of Dread My sister is playing DQ4 currently, and she's really into it. She's already gotten to chapter 2 at this point, though I did have to help her a few times with chapter 1 (it was at that point where I just gave her the guide book). I haven't checked how far she's doing yet in chapter 2, but judging from when I let her play the game last time (she gave up but is trying again) she was around level 13 or so around the point where she'd just gotten to Vrenor so I kind of want to assume she's overleveling again. (She's playing the DS version if that says anything)
  9. I'll have to look into it once I unlock Paladin, then! The amount of defense earned from the class specific line does sound nice to have in the future. I'm close to getting to Stornway, and I've already beaten the Hexagoon. Currently Reiki (main hero) is at level 8 because I had too much fun slapping around the weak monsters in the Hexagon, to say the least. At the moment I have 9 skill points in shields, and have around 884 gold, which will probably head towards better upgrades once I reach Stornway. For my party I do plan on having a Mage and Priest in the party, I'm leaning towards having a Warrior but I'm either or at the moment.
  10. I'm now at the part where the hero and Ivor try to clear the rockslide, meaning actual combat. At the moment I'm just beating up random monsters in the area to level up to at least around level 4, since I don't want to overlevel too much. Currently I'm planning on saving enough money for a soldier's sword and putting his skill points towards shields as being able to use shields in any class at a later point will be nice. I have no current plan for what vocation I plan to put my main hero into, but gladiator or armamentalist (the latter probably for a brief amount of time though) does sound nice, though I might make another character into a gladiator.
  11. I'm going to make an attempt to actually beat this game because I've only beaten it once and I kind of want to try playing it without giving up halfway? Idek, I'm replaying DQ7 since I finally have my own copy of it but I'm taking a break from it so eh. Only reason being my sister wants to play more DQ games and she's actually trying to play DQ4 by herself (long story short I ended up beating the game on accident for her), and I do plan on getting a copy of DQ9 for her so she can play it for herself (she'll probably beat DQ4 before then though). So this is kind of going to be a log for my game progress as I don't think I saw any other threads for general game progress on here and to keep up motivation to keep playing the game while taking brief breaks from it. And so I can feel productive. I won't be surprised if I manage to finish the game before the end of July, but we'll see. I'll just edit this every so often for the team and stats of each member, me and my sister might play multiplayer from time to time if I manage to get the game (I have the money for it atm, I just can't find it). Current team (put under spoilers because it will be a lot): Currently I'm just slogging through the intro and making my way towards actual combat, hoping to finish it sometime tomorrow as I'm in a writer's block and artist's block atm. (I'd work on my stories more but I'm just not feeling inspiration atm, and my small motivation for working on my Miitopia fanfic is because I was very disappointed by the lack of Miitopia fanfictions outside of tumblr. Working on a contest entry involving Dragon Quest, but otherwise, not really motivated.) Anyways let's just hope I succeed in actually beating the game for once
  12. This was honestly way more than I expected, but I'm pleased. I wouldn't be able to do anything with them in Smash because 1) I'm a broke teenager and 2) Smash games just aren't really my thing tbh. Eh, Dragon Quest going mainstream will be better in the long run, I'm just hoping they won't screw Dragon Quest up. And honestly, I'm aware that it will cause annoyances though it isn't really anything new for me, as there are many annoyances in other fandoms I'm in as well (Warriors, Wings of Fire, Riordanverse, etc) that irk me a lot. However, it does tell me that at least Dragon Quest is growing because with more child-like behavior, it does tell me that there are signs of Dragon Quest becoming more mainstream series or starting on that route. Either way I'm happy to see more DQ representation. It was about time, in my opinion.
  13. I tend to get Amos almost immediately as soon as I get the chance and he never leaves my party. Half the time he's in my main party line up for battling and class grinding, he's a very good party member with good party chat as well.
  14. So I actually managed to get 1,477 words on my DQMJ + Warriors fanfic. Huh, that's a pleasant surprise seeing as I'm also working on a DQ9 fanfic and several Miitopia fanfics.

  15. For me it kind of depends on which game I'm playing. If it's DQ6, then I actually do quite like playing while underleveled since that makes me get more into the game then I usually am (and makes me more invested in the classes tbh). However, if it's DQ4 or DQ5 then I prefer overleveling since the last time I tried playing those underleveled I got my butt kicked over and over and it wasn't very fun. Plus sometimes it's more fun to overlevel in certain games anyways. However in DQ7 I like being around the intended level since I like grinding my classes easily and having a semi challenge, and being overleveled is kind of boring (until post game that is).
  16. And from other fandoms. Because I'm bored and it's going to be a long summer break for me, so why not? I'm just going to try drawing random characters and monsters from the Dragon Quest series as cats because it's easier to draw cats but I'm also practicing drawing. I'm just going to put all the characters I've drawn so far underneath a spoiler for convenience. (I'll take requests for Dragon Quest characters/monsters, but don't expect me to get on them right away unless I have sudden bursts of inspiration) Les images~ I'll probably be drawing these at random, but I want to try and aim for finishing most of the DQVII and DQV cast since I've been playing those two on and off lately along with Pokemon Y.
  17. I finally got my own copy of Dragon Quest VII after a very long wait. Can't wait to over grind all my characters again :P

    1. Slimeknight


      I am guessing it is the 3DS version.  I beat the PS1 version twice but I have yet to beat the 3DS version although I am pretty far.

  18. I just started two AU fanfics of both DQV and DQVII separately and I love the idea of them both so much already even though I haven't even finished the first chapter

  19. After a nice long break of playing Miitopia, I played DQ5, and now most of my characters are around level 35; I'm currently completing Talon Tower. (My main hero is lvl 40). I may or may not have over grinded on purpose.

  20. Yeah, I thought as much XP I'm probably going to check the manual I have to see what the "recommended level" is to see how much higher my current levels are in the game compared to it even though I don't really trust the guide's "recommended levels" all that much EDIT: Apparently it's 15. Huh.
  21. Ahhhhh I just had a lovely idea for Dragon Quest 7 AU and two roleplays...tbh I'm more invested in writing the AU than making/designing the roleplays. I literally got the idea of the AU from this song. The AU is simply hard for me to explain as of now so I'll just write it out in story format when I have the time :P

  22. Curious to see what y'all would think, but would my team be considered insanely overleveled or simply overleveled (as of now) in my current Dragon Quest 5 game? As of now I just completed the Abovitall Tower and about to fight the Faux Dowager, and I'm thinking of grinding some more because I simply just like grinding for the fun of it. Here's my current team and their equipment: Silver (Hero) - Level 23 - Metal king sword - Iron armour - Iron shield - Iron helmet - Crude image Harry - Level 23 - Gringham whip - Iron armour - Iron shield - Iron helmet Jayie (Grudgerigar) - Level 15 - Edged boomerang - Iron cuirass - Pointy hat Topaz (Restless armour) - Level 13 - Metal king sword - Iron armour - Iron shield - Iron helmet Steve (Slime knight) - Level 18 - (Had the Metal king sword but gave to Topaz) - (Had the Iron armour but gave to Topaz) - Iron shield - (Had the Iron helmet but gave to Topaz) Hatchet (Brownie) - Level 14 - Stone axe - Iron cuirass - Iron shield - Iron helmet If it helps, I currently have 228,487 casino tokens and 15,811 gold coins carried and 17,000 gold banked (32,811 total), which I plan on putting a good chunk of the carried gold into the bank before fighting the Faux Dowager. So...would you say I'm just overleveled or insanely overleveled? I was so hecking tempted to grind to level 30 but I didn't
  23. Honestly as of now I'm fine with any of the games (that potentially need it) being remade, but would prefer a IX remake or a I - III remake, mainly IX. As for what I want for a IX remake... ~ More post game content. Got bored after beating the main story and ended up deleting my save file to replay the main game because the post game is just so...boring unless you have the DLC quests (I never could get them), and even then it still would be pretty boring. ~ Bringing the casino back. I for one love giving my characters Metal king swords and Gringham whips during the earlier (ish) portions of the game and brutally destroying everything in my path (cough cough what I did in DQ4, DQ5, and DQ6 cough). ~ I'd rather they just allow you to do the DLC quests from the start of post game instead of having you download it, but that's just because I'm still salty about DQ9's DLC. ~ Online and local multiplayer. ~ Giving weapons like the whip and boomerang and spells more use. I'll have you know that the whip and boomerang weapons were some of my favorites but I'm disappointed by the lack of usage for them and how useless they are at times. ~ Allowing you to recruit previous DQ characters as post content honestly sounds really epic, imo. ~ Idk, but I've always felt like they could've given at least a few more options when customizing characters? That might just be me, though. ~ Better graphic designs for NPCs in general. It's always irked me that NPCs have this generic, boring, and plain 2d sprites while your playable characters and *important* NPCs get 3d sprites (and even then some/most of them revert into a 2d sprite after their story is done). As much as I like both styles, there needs to be more consistency. ~ Might just be me, but I honestly wish they had a few more classes from previous games. Although I wouldn't mind a DQ3 remake either, but I'd rather a IX remake. DQ3 is still on my 'to play list'
  24. I just revived my Dragon Quest + Warriors roleplay and I'm already having fun just imagining the chaos that I'll (accidentally) cause since I'm the admin

  25. I've recently been listening to a music box version of Bad Apple by Touhou and I really like it for some reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeQbLmDigZg That's the one I've been listening to, although I like the one version with the rain in the background too
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