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  1. I completely forgot about this - Regardless, I've been doing more DQ-based drawings as of late (aside from Miitopia ones): This was back in December, and it was drawn during my lunch period at school so it doesn't look as good as it could've been for obvious reasons, heh. This was in February, and it's my current profile picture on here, surprisingly. I believe this was also drawn the same week as the last one, it's a mandrake marshal. I drew this one today actually, it was mostly a test to see how well I could take a picture of my traditional drawi
  2. I somehow didn't realize that the Den had a Discord channel, lol. I just joined it now for convenience.
  3. It's past that week but I thought I might as well give my thoughts on 'em anyways Erik: Serena: Veronica:
  4. After farming for seeds of strength, I've managed to get my main character's strength a little over 400, I believe? In the process all of my characters are above level 40 if not at it, so I'm going to assume I'm overleveled at this point in the game. I just got around to heading to Arboria, and I'm probably going to upgrade everyone's equipment before heading forwards (currently I have everyone's equipment at +3 except for Veronica's, which I plan on getting around to at some point...hopefully)
  5. Currently I'm just destroying brownies for seeds of strength while going overboard with levels. I'm incredibly close to heading to the end of Act 1 at this point, however, so I really want to get enough seeds of strength for this point in the game and return to farming them later because I do not have that kind of patience, as sad as it is. However I haven't had as much time to play DQXI, so I'm sort of switching back and forth between DQXI and DQVIII in between time on the switch and time I have to myself.
  6. I've finally gotten all 6 orbs, so now I'm completing all the quests before the big event happens. Currently my levels are around 35-38 for all characters, and honestly? I think I'm incredibly overleveled for this point but I'm not sure.
  7. I really would've preferred it if you got the choice to either do it by a certain chapter or just a seamless transition. I hated it the first time and I honestly just stuck with the 3D mode because of three reasons: The transition was jarring to me, and if I remember correctly, you can't skip cutscenes in 2D mode? Idk if I'm remembering wrong but when I switched back to 2D mode briefly, I couldn't skip any cutscenes and it really bugged me. I also never really got to play the game when it initially came out on the PS4, so I kind of wanted to play it in 3D first as well. Also I just got too laz
  8. I've finally gotten around to playing more DQXI and got to Sniflheim after completing Phnom Nohn. About to go into the Hekswood pretty soon. I decided that I should probably give greatswords a try on the hero and honestly? They are so much better than the regular swords; most battles were a breeze with them. Dora-In-Grey was mostly easy with them, when a character wasn't mesmerized by her (and when I say "a character" I mean Jade). Currently most of the party is around levels 30-35, I feel like grinding some more if I'm being blunt here. I'm not sure what weapon to put Sylvando on, as I don't
  9. After doing some more plowing through the story and doing more grinding, I managed to make it to Gondolia and get the Salty Stallion. Currently the levels are 24 (Hero, Erik), 22 (Veronica), 21 (Serena), and 18 (Sylvando). I haven't gotten much time to focus on grinding Sylvando's levels since I really wanted to get some more of the plot done today. However, I was doing a lot of forging- I managed to make a suit of iron armour, two iron cuirasses, and two iron helmets, eventually getting them all +3 with some reworking. Finally managed to get miracle slash on the hero, plan on doing some more
  10. I like both equally, but I voted for party chat because honestly, when I play DQ I enjoy it even more when I can get more character from the party themselves. I don't mind not having party chat in some games, but in DQIV (DS) it was really jarring to play like that. Maybe it's just that I'm used to playing with party chat, but I generally prefer having it, even if there's no voice acting (which I'm used to, anyhow). The items and equipment graphics are nice, too, however. But generally speaking I like both.
  11. Recently I just got around to Gallopolis after doing an hour long grinding spree cause I got bored and was really just grinding perfectionist pearls via feathered caps and selling them for the materials; mainly so I can easily upgrade equipment to +3 or +2 whenever I get somewhere new. The hero and Erik are around level 20, while Serena and Veronica are close somewhere near level 17-18, last I checked. I managed to buy a rapier for the hero and rework it into a rapier +3, which was nice; also managed to rework two gold bracers, one +3 and one +1. As for skill trees, I'm focusing in on Veronica
  12. Recently I've been investing into the Boomerang line for Erik's skills, and so far I'm not regretting it? Idk I don't usually have boomerang users on my team because more often than not there's better weapons with more benefits, but I'm quite liking the usefulness of the boomerang so far. Glad to see it isn't just there like it was in DQIX (in my opinion of course, they felt like they were just crammed into the game so they could have more weapons in it but it might just be me). I've been building up the hero's skills in swords as well, aiming to get metal slash and miracle slash once I have e
  13. I just managed to play some more of the game, and I grinded until the hero and Erik were levels 15 and 14 respectively before heading to the Kingsbarrow. Idk if I'm overleveled or decently leveled at this point, but this was mainly because I had little too much fun running over monsters with the horse. Once I get the chance again I think I'm going to grind some more in the Kingsbarrow and then possibly finish that section of the story in the same time span if I'm lucky, since tomorrow is the weekend for me ^_^ I've been playing mainly in 3D mode even though I started in 2D because I'm too lazy
  14. Finally got around to playing DQXI S, along with my little sisters. I've been enjoying it so far, though I haven't gotten the chance to play too much of it yet.

  15. Honestly, DQ5's party wins my vote. Haven't played Swords or XI yet, though I plan to play XI later this year for myself if given the chance, so I won't comment on those (though I do like XI's main cast quite a lot). The other DQ's like DQ7 and DQ4 had memorable main characters with notable personalities, whether you hated their personality or gameplay wise. With DQVI, it's one of the DQs I'm iffy on solely because of how I only liked a few characters and the sequence in Pescani/whatever the official translated name of it is of following Rob/Rod just angered me to the point of me not wanting t
  16. I avoided playing it for almost a whole month (ehhh I was trying to actually beat Miitopia again and play some more DQ8), but I managed to move the story forwards After doing some grinding to around levels 12-15, I took on the Wight Knight and easily beat him like expected. Now I'm probably just going to try and speed through these next few parts until the next boss since I'm overleveled, though I might do some more fighting to get more gold
  17. I would hardly call DQ mainstream, at this current moment; we'll see what happens with XI S. As well as we get good quality games with decent plot and gameplay that's enjoyable or even localized games that we never got, I really couldn't care less if it goes mainstream or not, in that aspect. However, I'd be happy to see one of my favorite video game series finally getting recognition outside of Japan. I still stand by it being a long time before DQ reaches a point to be considered "mainstream" in the West.
  18. I will not lie, my first thought went to the "Look at all of those chickens" vine upon reading the title Other than that, I liked the video and the multitude of slimes.
  19. This time I tried to draw actual monsters from the games! ^ Bird of Terrordise (HellHawk was its original name, I believe?) ^ Small fry (DragonPup/DragonKid?)
  20. I actually had an idea for a design for both the Hammerhood and Brownie enemies as cats, so I decided to draw them in one sitting Hammerhood Brownie
  21. I finally got around to playing some more of this game, and I managed to get to Stornway, create my companions, and start grinding them up so they don't die as often :') This is the current set up for the team (in spoilers): At the moment I'm grinding in the ruins of Brigadoom despite not fighting the Wight Knight yet. Honestly I'm kind of just grinding for gold if that makes sense? Kind of just trying to build up a small stash of gold for now. As well as that I'm mainly focusing on fully completing the class specific skill sets for each of my characters (except for Reiki as I might tra
  22. So I did some more of these: Aria / Aishe as a SilkWing Melvin / Sir Mervyn as a SandWing-SeaWing combo, I might edit it later when I have the time though I think I might do the cast of another game in the series next, idk but that's probably what I'll end up doing
  23. Oof I made more of the Dragon Quest characters as dragons (specifically the dragon tribes in Wings of Fire) Auster / Arus as a NightWing because simply, I liked the design though it could fit Kiefer as a SkyWing-IceWing hybrid because I honestly couldn't choose between the two, and it sort of fits? Idk And Gabo / Ruff as a RainWing-MudWing hybrid because simply, I couldn't fit him into just one category I might draw some more of these for more practice drawing dragons, though I think I'll eventually do some digital art of them as humans
  24. So I've been drawing more lately and I think I've genuinely improved since when I first started out? Idk, I've been drawing dragons more recently since o o f my dragons are absolutely horrible half the time, but recently they don't look as bad as I thought? Here's some of the art so far: I drew Maribel Mayde as a SkyWing from Wings of Fire, and honestly I think it fits, in a way? Then I drew my OC Holly Crowe as a HiveWing, which is my current avatar atm And this was a random doodle of a kitty.
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