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  1. I'm going to try playing Dragon Quest 8 and seeing how far I can keep at it before I get bored lol. (Don't be surprised if I do get bored tho)

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    2. Marrowfrost


      No, it's just that I've been losing interest in playing video games in general / not having the time to. (I feel like it's more of me not picking up the game in a while and then forgetting where I am in the plot but ehhhh)

    3. ignasia


      Whenever that happens to me, I typically take breaks.  Maybe give that a try for a good period.  Like just spend time working on your drawing skills.  When I was in 9th grade, this was the first of many drawings I made:


      I never finished it...it took a very long time, and by the time we were required to start a new project, I just put it aside...the air brushing came way later when an art teacher in 11th grade suggested other methods of adding some flare to it...the original work was in soft pencil, and I wanted to make it misty looking, which is really difficult after the fact with pencil, so I spray painted the top lightly with white paint.  LOL.  It looked better then.

      Anyway, growing up, I was heavy into games...pretty heavy.  Though I preferred spending more time outdoors doing other things, mostly shooting hoops, and playing pickup games with friends, or riding a bike, or hiking up a hill just to see the top (despite being afraid of heights I love being in high places).  So I guess what I'm saying is focus on other pursuits for now.

      Are there any books you like to read, or any genre you like to read?  I find when games become way too much, but I feel like spending time indoors, it's either a movie or a book, and I tend to prefer books.  If you like Fantasy or Sci-Fi, I can give you some options to look into.

      Then when you feel more comfortable, come back to games, and they'll be more fun again.  It's kind of cool how that happens.  Similarly to being cooped up indoors for too long, taking a long walk or hike, then coming back and it feels really nice to be home again.

    4. Marrowfrost


      Yeah, recently I've just been writing and drawing and briefly playing video games when the mood strikes me. Tbh I prefer writing DQ fanfics at the moment instead of playing the actual games, but that may change eventually. That and roleplaying but the only DQ-ish rp I'm in is mine and it's pretty much dead atm so that's fun

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