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  1. Back from a mini-vacation with my family near Yosemite, California. Really pretty place essentially

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    2. 74k


      Yeah, I was thinking that it was gonna be "meh" but then I was incredibly surprised which makes me happy, cuz I really don't like being bored at places

    3. mdb510


      Glad you enjoyed yourself :D Bored is bad

    4. 74k



  2. Hm... is Dragon Quest 8 for 10$ a pretty good deal?

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    2. Stepchan


      I still need to get the scratches buffed on mine.

    3. 74k


      yeah I gotz a Katamari Damacy that needs that as well. It will just not work no matter how many times I clean it >.>


    4. Democrobot


      My friend says to varnish the bottom of the disk

  3. Mmmmmk, this is what I have gotten out of the engrish, of searching for stuff for the unlucky trait; When at 75% HP, or more it will rarely happen at the start of the turn (probably has the trait pop up, and say "unlucky"), and it will cause your monster to not be missed, not get any criticals, positive effects will be negated, and negative effects will always happen. Also, some sites that I've seen also say that it will cause you to not have as many actions (If you have Tactical genius you will always only act once instead of the sometimes 3), but not every site that says something at all includes that, also it says rarely at the start of a turn, so it is probably not going to happen likely at all, on another note, Lucky is the exact opposite of this, and I can see some potential in that trait seen here, scroll down some: http://translate.goo...in/data111.html
  4. Phew... that took a long time æš—é»’ã®é­”神 Ruin Material System Rank S Size G HP 2920 MP 330 Attack 720 Defense 1000 Agility 200 Wisdom 400 Traits: ギガボディ/ Grand Slammer (Hits all enemies and attack is raised 50%) AI2回行動/ Double Trouble (Will always attack twice even if given an order) ã“ã†ã©ã†ãŠãã„/ Last Word (Attack will be at the end) 魔神攻撃/ Hopeful Hitter (Attacks tend to miss a lot but attacks will more often be critical) ãã˜ã‘ã¬å¿ƒ/ Close Scraper (May survive at 1 HP) ãょã†ã›ã‚“ã—/ [+25] Berserker (When confused an attack will likely miss, but if it does it will be a critical; like Hatchet Man) ã„ããªã‚Šå†¥ç•Œã®éœ§/ [+50] Sudden Underworld Fog (Causes recovery spells to hurt Instead of heal at the beginning of battle) Found Herez http://game-cap.com/...a/monst531.html 海王神 Aquarion ??? System Rank SS Size G HP 2880 MP 290 Attack 700 Defense 600 Agility 520 Wisdom 400 Traits: ギガボディ/ Grand Slammer (Hits all enemies and attack is raised 50%) AI2回行動/ Double Trouble (Will always attack twice even if given an order) テンションアップ/ Psycho (Can raise it's tension as an action) 会心出やã™ã„/ Critical Massacre (Doubles the chance of landing a critical hit) ã¾ã‚Œã«ãƒžã‚¸ãƒƒã‚¯ãƒãƒªã‚¢/ Magic Barrier in Rare Cases (May very rarely use a magic barrier during battle) 亡者ã®åŸ·å¿µ [+25]/ Tenacity of The Dead (Act until the end of the round when killed) タメキテボディ [+50]/ Tamekitebodi? (May steal an enemies tension when attacking) Found here http://game-cap.com/...a/monst591.html カプリゴン Kapurigon Zombie System Rank A Size M HP 1776 MP 666 Attack 844 Defense 722 Agility 866 Wisdom 1026 Traits: メガボディ/ Big Hitter (Increases damage dealt by attack, skills, and abilities) AI1~2回行動/ Tactical Trooper (May attack twice even when given an order) ã¿ã‹ã‚ã—アップ/ Artful Dodger (Doubles the chance of evading an attack) マヒブレイク/ Crafty Paralyzer (Lowers enemy's resistance of paralysis by 2) ヒャド系ã®ã‚³ãƒ„/ [+25] Crackmeister ビリビリボディ/ [+50] Paralyzing (May paralyze enemies when attacked) Found Here http://game-cap.com/...a/monst454.html EDIT: fixed some issues, too bad it's not paralyzing touch that trait is much better in my opinion
  5. Actually from what I can make of the Engrish of Google Translate from the description seen herez: http://game-cap.com/.../tokusei26.html It ignores the attack if it is a critical hit, much like critical miss, though this can also apply to spells and it does not wear off
  6. Here's Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, I will do the other one in a few mins There both done フォロボス/Tyrannosaurus Wrecks ??? System/ Size S/ Rank S HP 1240 (Higher from pro) MP 220 (Same) Attack 760 (Lower) Defense 520 (Same) Agility 450 (Same) Wisdom 380 (Same) Traits: スタンダードボディ/ Standard body AI2回行動/ Double Trouble 呪文会心出やã™ã„/ Critical Massacre ãŸã„ã§ã‚“ãŸã„ã—㤠[+25]/ Charging Structure? (Can attack even while paralyzed) ãƒã‚®ãƒ–レイク [+50]/ Crafty Banger Stats found here: http://game-cap.com/...a/monst522.html ギリメカラ/ Wishmaster Rank B/ Size M/ Beast System HP 1750 (Higher) MP 512 (Higher) Attack 711 (A tiny bit lower) Defense 611 (Higher) Agility 544 (Higher) Wisdom 742 (Higher) Traits: メガボディ/ Megabody AI1~3回行動/ Tactical Genius ã²ã‚“æ­»ã§ä¼šå¿ƒ/ Desperado イオ系ã®ã‚³ãƒ„/ Bangmeister ãã˜ã‘ã¬å¿ƒ [+25]/ Close Scraper ã„ã‚㤠[+50]/ Intimidating Found herez: http://game-cap.com/terry3ds/data/monst370.html
  7. From what I know of, every floor's boss CAN join you, but you just have to beat them in a specific number of turnz, did it take you a long time to beat the boss?
  8. Oh to the far left, yeah that definitely looks like an armorgon, I looked at the site againz, and there are still a few monsters missing. I'll search around on blogs, and playthroughs and stuffz and try to find it there
  9. Well, back from camping, it was alright. I just wish mosquitoes weren't so attracted to me and stuffz >.>

    1. Democrobot


      Sounds like fun. I wish I was there. I love camping.

    2. 74k


      yeah camping's fun I spose, I just can't do it every day. Have to take a break from it and stuffz

    3. Democrobot


      I can understand that. Stupid bugs ruin the whole thing

  10. After finding it's Japanese name, and scouring over the monster list looking for even slight matches. It does not seem like he is in the game, sorry, what picture are you referring to?
  11. Quite true, but I was more of going for newer gamez and if/when they add more ninjas, like dragon ninjas and zombie ninjas, and so many ninjas it could make your mind explode, and it could also put in some other monsterz, like the Kandatas, since they really don't fit in the ??? system
  12. Personally I like all the new slimez, it's a nice spring of creativity that they got from Ultra Slime, and Neme Slime, which haz around ten, which is fine for right now, but unless they keep it solely in the slime Family they may need a "Ninja" family
  13. I'm assuming that for these added traitz that the monster's appearance is unchanged? Though it would be kinda cool if say the monster got metal body and looked like it was actually metal, sort of like how armored scorpion changed to metal scorpion. Probably not though, maybe next gamez...
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