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  1. Whoa that white blinded me for a sec there. Here's to a speedy recovery!
  2. This looks like a very well done production. Good work, now get some rest lol. I hope I'll be able to tackle DWC2 over the holiday break.
  3. Just some new screenshots and a gif of the menu status screen. The main game is entirely finished and now I'm working on post game stuff, a demo for December and the French Translation. There's a lot going on but the game should be done by the end of 2018. Also, Lora will not be a playable character but she will be a support character in battle, casting spells when you need them.
  4. Hi! the game is going to be fine. There's absolutely no reason to cancel it at this point. I know exactly what I need to do and how to do it and that's a great feeling, I've gotta say. I'm glad you're looking forward to it and thanks for the resources! I'll try to use these as a starting point for the SNES animations. I've had to cut out a lot of the weapon/magic sprites from 3 Remix but I'd say it should pay off. Overall, I'm just worried about making them look amazing as animating things isn't my strong suit. I appreciate your comment, and hey in a few months or so a demo will be out! So lo
  5. Looks like you got an authentic bootleg my friend. Bootleggers these days have evolved, they can get the job done and make it look and play good. Didn't Criware have something to do with Dragon Quest IX though?... A little research and I found that Square Enix uses their [criware's] services/software for sound compression for games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy so who knows. Maybe it is real after all.
  6. Sorry to say, but I don't personally have something like this. I will try my best to keep everyone updated but you can also go here: https://rpgmaker.net/games/4058/ Sign up for an account, and subscribe to Dragon Quest+. You can also do RSS functionality through RPGMaker.net. Now, if you know of a way I could set up some kind of notification list or something like that I'd love to know. I never looked much into it.
  7. Got some new in development gameplay up. It explores Garin's Tomb. Obviously, the stats I used were to just test the game and leveling up doesn't happen this quick naturally. The game has had a lot of work done to it and a demo will be available by the end of the year. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks bro! I wouldn't charge anybody for this game but I appreciate the gesture. It's really a labor of love for me and overall a love letter to the Dragon Quest series. Thanks for keeping up with development
  9. Just a small update and some screens today. First off, here are the battle records. The most interesting thing about the records menu is the star profile which is obtained by performing certain tasks in the game. For example, completing the game nets you your first star. The other stars are hinted at in the game and some are obvious. Get a 5 star profile and something cool is bound to happen. Also, banks are back, and trust me you'll need them. Especially for the post game where things get a bit more difficult. Also, here's the magic menu. Zoom is taking place
  10. Looks great, very authentic to the GB games. The only thing I would say is to fiddle with sound mixing as some soundtracks overpower the sound effects and vice versa. But that's just small feedback. Man, I have to give this engine a try. Good stuff.
  11. Wow this looks great! I was always a fan of the Gameboy Dragon Quest games. The battle backgrounds remind me of the backgrounds in Guadia Quest, if you've ever played that game before. Overall, it's making me even more eager to use VX Ace for the plugins. Can't wait to see what you end up making with this. Good luck!
  12. So, I uploaded my first actual gameplay footage today. Nothing too special, but I wanted to show off how the game is shaping up so far. The game is still in the trenches right not, but it's getting there, anyway. Here it is.
  13. Ljink


  14. First of all, happy late New Years everybody!!! Sit back because this is going to be a big one. Now, I digress, I know you've all been wanting to know more about the progress of the game. As some of you may know Universtiy took a huge toll on the game's progress and at times progress came to an absolute halt. So in effect, while progress isn't where I want it to be, it's still is nothing to sneeze at. But before I get to the progress, I've got something else to get out the way. I'm thinking of some sort of contest that'll take place over RMN(RPG Maker.net), Dragon's Den (Largest US/CA Drag
  15. Eh, I could care less for XI getting localized if we dont get X, its the superior game afterall, since well, infinite DQ fun, DQ Crossovers, events, gigantic world, but yea. I may have to go around correcting those smacking down X for being a mmo again, thinking its the same as any other mmo. Each to his own. However, the game that would do better in the US is XI. I really don't like the combat of X, the music is really lackluster for a DQ title, I feel that the story of DQXI is going to be much more deep than X, seeing that X is just a combination of scenarios with little connection. I
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