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  1. It's about damn time. I'll go with Alpha Sapphire, since I had the original.

    (Just hoping that the seventh generation doesn't skip generation 4 remakes, though, otherwise we'll have another pattern where remakes are basically the generation they were released, multplied by two. Yes, I know of FireRed and LeafGreen, but those were more adding by two than any sort of multiplication.)

  2. Told the story before, but I had a shiny Electrike (named Rikelec) in Emerald before I migrated it to my first copy of Diamond and sent it to My Pokemon Ranch, which I then prompltly deleted nine months after I lost my Diamond. I also used to have a shiny Zubat (named Batzu) in Sapphire, but I traded it to my first copy of FireRed, and lost it. So technically, my G3 shinies are sliming lost now, and the shiny Excadrill in ethanej's friend safari I caught a few months ago is the first instance of a shiny of my own I'm certain I'll keep.

  3. Just picked Sgt. Frog back up a few hours ago, and watching GaoGaiGar. And it just so happens by some coincidence that the episode I watched and the series I started both paid homage to the good ol' days of mecha anime.

    About GaoGaiGar: Honestly didn't mind the first episode, 'cuz the power of courage overcomes all. Yes, even the standard moral, this time about recycling.

  4. Haven't been watching any anime lately, mainly due to working on my YTPs. However, I do plan on redownloading the first 154 episodes of Sgt. Frog and completing the remaining eight episodes (44-51) of the first season sometime later this month or early next month.

  5. Apparently, they might be the names translated to English, which I could suspect hints (if even a little) at a localization. Unless somebody with a few Japanese 3DSes debunks this, I'm sticking to my theory.

    (Yes, I know I'm supposed to cut the bullfinch on localization and just let it die off.)

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