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  1. A few days ago, I just saw two DVDs of Lucky Star (the 6-disc complete series set and the OVA) at a Half Price Books store, but I decided against it, as they're both $88 dollars combined plus tax.

    Anyway, yar-har'd Kill la Kill, when I could've just watched it on Crunchyroll (but screw that, I'm saving it for Black Bullet), and also Lucky Star. I plan to watch L-Gaim tomorrow, and forming my own schedule. I could share, but then I'd hold back and go off-schedule for no reason at all.

    Still trying to find that damn third DVD collection of Tekkaman Blade. I like my anime complete before I watch them, y'know? :P

  2. I'm thinking about my team like I did prior to X and Y last year. Even easier, since the ORAS 'dex would probably be the same as in the original versions, but with a few of the Sinnoh evos added.

    Planned main party:

    SUMO (or Mer-Man (the He-Man character)) (Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert/Mega Swampert)

    Zubat/Golbat/Crobat (resident status-inflicter/main flyer) (if it's female and shiny, I'll name it "Lady Pinky")

    Skeletor (Duskull, will stay as one)

    Magnemite/Magneton/Magnezone (if I can evolve my Magneton before post-game))


    Secondary (because they'll be on different slots until a full team is decided):



    Marill/Azumarill (M4, reference to Twitch Plays Emerald)

  3. Trying to breed an astonishing five Charmander eggs at a time with a lone Togekiss I transferred from Platinum. Not giving up until I hatch a Jolly Charmander with at least decent attack IVs.

  4. Been training my Japanese Jolly Dragon Dance Charmander, and evolved it into a Charizard a few hours ago. When I took it in to the judge, I found out its attack IVs are awful.

    Time to do what Stepchan's been doing for the past few weeks. Get another Jolly Dragon Dance Charmander, Super Train it to the required EV build according to Smogon, and level it to 50;

  5. I would've loved to make another Brave series reference and gotten a Torchic and named it "Granbird," but I'll go with Mega Swampert and name it "SUMO," after one of the mobile dolls from Turn A Gundam.

  6. No, I don't mean the light-speed challenge. I mean the International one where signups happen next week. Thanks for the suggestion, but I was thinking of a Mega Charizard X.


    I might rest assured I might not have actually left one of my 'mons in the Dream World, but with DS Wi-Fi closing last month, I can never confirm again.

  7. So I was just thinking of breeding a Charmander. I say this because I wanna sign up for this month's International Challenge. What natures would you recommend for it, and what kind of partners should I have for it?

  8. S/E seems to have given up on DQ by now, so not surprised to hear no announcements.

    However, if Nintendo doesn't announce any DQs, then I'm not even gonna bother importing a Japanese 3DS. Same ol' tired reasons (not allowed to import, mum doesn't like to shop online, Toyriffic currently doesn't carry a Japanese 3DS (and it'll be a long while before I can save up nearly $200 for one, given the $5 allowance I currently have, and patience isn't one of my strong suits)).

    And seeing how you guys mentioned playing some games in Japanese, I managed to beat Pokemon Silver in Japanese, back when I didn't know jack squat about the language except the katakana.

  9. Damn it, now how am I gonna make custom teams for Battle Revolution? I don't really feel like breeding, I'm not aware of anyone who will trade with me locally, and I'm not really sure if Pokecheck's servers for generations 4 and 5 will die or not, especially since Wi-Fi support for the Nintendo DS is gonna die tomorrow.

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