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  1. Hmm. The HP font looks fake, and for Mega Camerupt, I'd expect something more flashy.

    So I think it's...


    A fakemon.

    By the way, if Mega Flygon isn't revealed, or at least leaked before the official date, I'm gonna be pissed. Yeah, I know. You're getting tired of my Mega Flygon speeches.

  2. Well, actually, it doesn't have any items held.

    You can, however, get the ability capsule if one of its non-Dream World abilities doesn't please you. But I'm sure you already knew that, so...

  3. Just downloaded my Heracross from Wi-Fi today. It has an Adamant nature, but it has goddamn stupid little Swarm as its ability. Oh well, nothing an ability capsule can't do, but I like to keep all my events untouched, so...

  4. It might just be me, but the postgame really seems to be breeders-only, mainly the competitive kind. I say this because my in-game team doesn't seem to cut it in the Super whatevers of the Battle Maison, and I'm not interested in breeding in the slightest. So I feel it's somewhat of a letdown for me.

  5. I'm not usually drawn into postgame stories or whatever. But if they bring back the Battle Frontier or even the Tower, I'd play the hell out of it.

    EDIT: By the way, I caught Mewtwo by weakening it with Dororo and Fighbird and using a Great Ball to capture it. Not long after, I hatched a female Jolly Dragon Dance Charmander, and its attack IVs turned out to be a load of embarrassing crap.

  6. Team update (well, slightly)

    Mudkip/Marshtomp/ Swampert (SUMO)

    Duskull (Skeletor)

    Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon (Sora-Kage)

    Gloom/Bellossom (Tsubomi, after the main character of Heartcatch Precure)

    Lairon/Aggron (Horn Bomber)

    Sixth member (maybe a shiny or whatever)


    Alternate members:

    Marill/Azumarill (M4)

    Wynaut (King K. Rool, because of the way he said "WHY NOT!?" in one episode of Donkey Kong Country)

    Sharpedo (Captain Shark)

  7. Hey! What about Salamence or Gallade? But yeah, Mega Flygon would be nice.

    Anyway, here's a video on the Pokemon mystery orbs, courtesy of Ashens. I found it very funny, considering my childhood was built on Pokemon:

  8. I've never actually nicknamed any of my non-slime monsters. However, my favourite potential nicknames, if I ever got around to doing that, would be:

    Marquis de Leon: Galeon

    Demon Wargod Zemerugiasu/Gran Estark/Nokturnus/what have you: Jesus-Punch (shortened to JesPunch due to the 8-character limit) (Nostalgia Critic reference for the win)

    Mechan-o'-wyrm: Golgon (they're both golden dragons, so that's fitting)

    Orochi: Ghidorah

    Sagittar: PegSaber (a shortening of Pegasus Saber from Da Garn)

  9. Speaking of Asura Zoma, here's some monster stats of him:

    アスラゾーマ/Asura Zoma

    Rank SS/Size 4/??? Family

    Skillset: Asura Zoma


    超ギガボディ/Super Giga Body/Base Breaker (damage inflicted is increased 1.3x; physical attacks/skills hit all enemies twice; the first hit applies a 1.3x bonus, while the second hit applies a 1.1x bonus; damage cap is increased to 9999)
    AI4回行動/Fearsome Foursome (attacks 4 times in a row)
    ã„ã¦ã¤ãã¯ã©ã†/Disruptive Wave (triggers Disruptive Wave (clears out almost all buffers and debuffers to the enemy party (except Disordered)))
    ã„ããªã‚Šã‚·ãƒ£ãƒƒãƒ•ãƒ«/Sudden Shuffle (can cast Shuffle without warning at the start of each round)
    ヒャドブレイク/Crafty Cracker (reduces enemy resistance to Crack-type skills; has no effect on enemies who are impervious to Crack)
    å¹é›ªãƒ–レスブレイク/Crafty Ice Breather (reduces enemies' resistance to Ice Breath; has no effect on enemies who are impervious to Ice Breath)
    デインブレイク/Dein Break/Crafty Zapper (reduces opponents' resistance to Zap-type effects; has no effect on monsters who are impervious to Zap) (+25)
    ã„ããªã‚Šã‚¹ã‚«ãƒ©/Sudden Buff (can cast Buff without warning at the start of each round) (+50)
    秘ã‚ãŸã‚‹ãƒã‚«ãƒ©/Hidden Power (after 6-9 rounds, each stat is raised by one stage (attack on turn 6, defense on turn 7, agility on turn 8, and wisdom on turn 9; after the first 10 rounds, every stat is raised by two stages) (+★)
    How to obtain: Zoma Ã— Sparta mammoth (breed)
    HP: 2025
    MP: 825
    ATK: 621
    DEF: 483
    AGI: 518
    WIS: 518
    Feel free to comment.


    If they did that I'd be beyond upset. The nostalgia in these games is incredibly real for me.....


    He doesn't really show how to make monsters, or at least I doubt he does, but since I can't understand what he's saying at most points I couldn't say. I've seen him do it with a couple though. However, the game cap site I keep linking to has full breeding lists, which are acceptable with Google translate, and the site I use as a picture guide to associate the name with the monster. Of course, you can always match up the characters, which is something I do fairly frequently.

    Thanks. And how much is a japanese 3ds and DQM2? 


    You can usually find the special combo pack for approx. $250 (at nin-nin-game.com) to $350 (at Play-Asia). And lemme tell you, I too really need to save up for a Japanese 3DS and DQM2, and imports aren't exactly cheap. Which is why I find buying a normal JP 3DS and the game separately a little less expensive.

  10. Well, screw it. Time to import. If I even have the option. I mean, I currently don't, but if I stop messing around with my money on Skylanders and NES games and get a credit card or a job, perhaps I'll have a chance after all on the online stores like YesAsia. Or I could pressure Toyriffic to get going on stocking another Japanese 3DS and this game.

    If I do get it, I'll post my progress here instead of on Twitter. Which monsters would you recommend?

  11. I can understand if they're adding DQMJ2Pro/transfer-only monsters into the main story, and/or adding a helluva lot more puns and renames. Remember how recent DQ localizations had no announcements until they were fresh out of the oven and ready to go? Well, that might be the same instance.

    If that's not the case, you'll have a better chance of finding a VHS anywhere other than a thrift store than it'll get released. In other words, it's pretty much doomed at this point, and you're gonna have to play DWM and/or import (if you have the option).

  12. Same here. I always pictured the original Terry's Wonderland having a 1998-1999 anime adaptation/tie-in (ala Pokemon) by either Sunrise or Madhouse Studios.

    Now, let's not get too off-topic here, but should Dragon Warrior I/II/III (either one) be made into a live-action movie, I would definitely love Jeremy Irons playing/voicing a villain. Yes, even a miniboss.

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