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  1. So I did some more multiplayer Smash in anime club today. For one thing, I finally managed to beat my friend after three years of practice (after I swore off Brawl. seemingly forever). I was Ludwig and he was Lucina. Then, we had some fun with one of our other friends and somebody I didn't know. I won almost everytime. Except for that time with Dr. Mario, and someone surrendered because he couldn't accept the fact that his Little Mac was being beaten. All in all, a fun day.

  2. I used Torchic in Emerald, and a Sceptile in my original playthrough for Sapphire, so I'll be choosing Mudkip. Partly, it's because of its mega, but at the same time, I could be following a different pattern of using a different starter for each game. If it's male, I'll name it either Mer-Man or SUMO.


    If it's female, I'll name it Erika (or Cure Marine) (after one of the main characters of Heartcatch Precure).


    (Oh, and by the way, I downloaded the ORAS demo when a friend of mine on Twitter posted their code. So far, I'm up to playthrough 2 and have Mega Glalie waiting to be transferred.)

  3. Yesterday, I fought against a few of my friends at anime club with no customized characters. One of them had a Dr. Mario, and I played as Ludwig, as per usual. He was indeed a most worthy adversary, like he always was, but I beat him.

    Then we got to the 4-player part. I won almost all of them, but there were some losses (likely due to dumb mistakes on my part). One of my most memorable, however, was when I was playing as the Duck Hunt duo (Banjo-Kazooie-esque alt) another friend's Mii Gunner's fully-charged Charge Blast should've killed me (I was around the early-to-mid-100s), but I managed to strike back and K.O. him. Then, when I was playing as Larry, and we were down to our last stocks, and at 84% (in my case), I made his Mii Brawler come to me, thus making him fall off the stage with a Burning Dropkick. He tried recovering with Helicopter Kick, but he SD'd. Again, I won that match.

    Anyway! Good times we had. Now, if I could only say the same for my For Glory matches on my first playthrough.

  4. I have to wait until Christmas to get my copy.

    Oh, and by the way, WHERE'S OUR MEGA FLYGON!? (Yes, I know it may or may not be revealed, but I need final confirmation about whether Mega Flygon is indeed in ORAS.)

  5. Well, I must not be as good as everyone else who's playing it, because I can't beat Classic Mode on 9.0 with Ludwig. Then again, I'm not familiar with the newcomers, but that's still pretty inexcusable.

    Hell, I couldn't even defeat ANYBODY in For Glory before I decided to delete my data in my first playthrough. So even in spite of my losses online, I still think I was better in my first playthrough.

    UPDATE: Plus, I feel pretty unused to the 3DS controls, especially compared to the GameCube ones.

  6. So I tried my hand at a few For Glory matches with Greninja. I lost. Every one of them. Proving even more that I suck verily at any Wi-Fi match not relating to Dragon Quest Monsters. If you have any tips, never tell me, because I don't know.

    Also, I tried beating the Master Core at 9.0, again with Greninja, but I lost against that too. Again, I chose not to continue.

  7. So I just wanted to create a topic based on the latest Smash Bros. game. I got the 3DS version at launch, and I've really been enjoying it. Been maining Greninja, because of his speed and attacks, though I've also started to use Ptooey and Ludwig. As usual, I've been doing versus matches with three stocks, but I also enjoy the Smash Run mode. I've also unlocked every character and stage yesterday.

    Feel free to discuss whether you've been playing it (and what your favourite character is) or plan to do so (and what you plan to play as).

  8. Well, crap. DQX won't be coming there. Then again, I'd have a hard time justifying a monthly fee, especially since I don't have a job (and won't get one for a few years) and only get half of the weekly $6 allowance. With all the alterations in the remake from the original PSX version, I'd probably go for DQVII anyway.

    Now somebody should ask S-E what they'd have to say about the Monsters titles. If they say "They're not coming," then I can always watch TW3D and DQM2R playthroughs. You'd suggest "import," but there's various reasons why I can't just. Mum's unwilling to shop online, there's no way I can just raise $300-400, etc.



    Anyway, I second Sackchief on this notion.

    Now all we need is a "Square Enix will consider localizing Dragon Quest Monsters titles for 3DS" and it'll be the English DQ fanbase's greatest day.


    ...Then that would prove they were actually actively trolling us.


    Not after DQMJ2. I'm incredibly naive, and pretty optimist, but even me know how unlikely this is.


    We can always dream, though. I've only said this because I don't wanna be stuck with vanilla!DQMJ2 forever, but if you think it's impossible because sales of DQMJ2 were ungodly abysmal, more power to your opinion. But! "Never tell me the odds," as Han Solo once said.

    Anyway! I'll only buy this because I wanna put Slival on my ship (that won't happen until post-game (I think), so I have to find a replacement). Plus, I enjoyed Rocket Slime somewhat, and hoping Rocket Slime 3D can be better.

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