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  1. I bought Alpha Sapphire last Saturday, but didn't get around to playing it until yesterday. Anyway! Just beat the first gym, and my team consists of a Mudkip (Mer-Man), Poochyena, Wingull, and Taillow. If I do beat it, though, don't expect me to do much of the post-game, because I feel petty underwhelmed at the Battle Maison returning. EDIT: Just caught a Makuhita, but never named it anything.
  2. Fire Emblem: Awakening and Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden.
  3. Cor blimey, don't you think you're taking this a little too far?
  4. Because I, not-Pyrrhon, have roasted and changed the flavour of everything so that it tastes like chicken!
  5. No. You roasted the food enough for me to eat it like I would someone's innards.
  6. Yoshi yoshi yosh yosh. (Translation: I swear this isn't a concentration camp for Bowser's minions.)
  7. "And this here is where the Villager's house from his Final Smash stands right now. I figure it would be perfect for keeping us warm in the raging winter..."
  8. Yoshi and a Shy Guy attempt to re-enact a Campbell's Christmas commercial.
  9. Well, crap. The update just ruined any chance of us getting another Mega post-release. I'm gonna go get a drink. Oh wait, I can't. I'm underage. That's right, that's right...
  10. Are those seriously ALL the mega evolutions that have been revealed? No leak or anything? Or are we just not discovering enough new megas? I ask this because the Mega Dragon triad might be just a pipe dream.
  11. For me, it's Ludwig, Toon Link, and the Duck Hunt gang. Anyway! There'll be a patch to address balancing issues. However! If you download it, all your replays prior to version 1.0.4 will not work normally, so better record them with our cameras as the patch draws near!
  12. DQM2: Cobi gets eaten by giant worms in the first world, leaving Tara to raise the monsters without him. Eventually, not even Kameha and Warubou can suppress the filling-up, and thus GreatLog floods, and everyone either gets lifeboats or drowns into the sea. (Hey, it didn't say it had to be a main series game.)
  13. So I did some more multiplayer Smash in anime club today. For one thing, I finally managed to beat my friend after three years of practice (after I swore off Brawl. seemingly forever). I was Ludwig and he was Lucina. Then, we had some fun with one of our other friends and somebody I didn't know. I won almost everytime. Except for that time with Dr. Mario, and someone surrendered because he couldn't accept the fact that his Little Mac was being beaten. All in all, a fun day.
  14. I used Torchic in Emerald, and a Sceptile in my original playthrough for Sapphire, so I'll be choosing Mudkip. Partly, it's because of its mega, but at the same time, I could be following a different pattern of using a different starter for each game. If it's male, I'll name it either Mer-Man or SUMO. If it's female, I'll name it Erika (or Cure Marine) (after one of the main characters of Heartcatch Precure). (Oh, and by the way, I downloaded the ORAS demo when a friend of mine on Twitter posted their code. So far, I'm up to playthrough 2 and have Mega Glalie waiting to be transferred.)
  15. Yesterday, I fought against a few of my friends at anime club with no customized characters. One of them had a Dr. Mario, and I played as Ludwig, as per usual. He was indeed a most worthy adversary, like he always was, but I beat him. Then we got to the 4-player part. I won almost all of them, but there were some losses (likely due to dumb mistakes on my part). One of my most memorable, however, was when I was playing as the Duck Hunt duo (Banjo-Kazooie-esque alt) another friend's Mii Gunner's fully-charged Charge Blast should've killed me (I was around the early-to-mid-100s), but I managed t
  16. The Brave of Legend Da Garn: "To those who share your planet's fate... Make your feelings as one with the planet... Make your wishes as one with the planet... Let the golden light be gathered, that a new path shall open."
  17. I finally beat Classic Mode on 9.0 difficulty with Ludwig. Oh, and if that leak is true... That means I can finally beat up on Lucina with Wolf, especially since one of my friends uses Lucina now. Just wishful thinking, though.
  18. I have to wait until Christmas to get my copy. Oh, and by the way, WHERE'S OUR MEGA FLYGON!? (Yes, I know it may or may not be revealed, but I need final confirmation about whether Mega Flygon is indeed in ORAS.)
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