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  1. So far, I'm more busy with hunting down the Mirage Spot legendaries and making sure I have enough Poke Balls for the encounters, even if most of the time, they'll refuse to be caught in Ultra Balls despite being weakened enough. EDIT: Just caught Azelf. Now for Uxie and Dialga.
  2. Look! I'm totally not being a pest to you by invisible-stoning you!
  3. Oi, no one wants to hear 'bout yer bloody romantic problems, monkeh boi.
  4. I already reported Hoopa's official confirmation via Corocoro leak a few days ago. But thanks for the news!
  5. Here's something I've been meaning to ask, where did you get that image from? Basically, I used PrintScreen to capture the hall of fame from my Global Link timeline. Ah, cool. Do you have to have an account for the Global Link? Yeah. It's traineema, made by my mum for me since I couldn't get onto the Global Link with my normal email.
  6. Here's something I've been meaning to ask, where did you get that image from? Basically, I used PrintScreen to capture the hall of fame from my Global Link timeline.
  7. Decided to take up Contests with Gransaurer, and won the first three ranks. Now, I'm at the Master Rank, and I've been trying to find a Sandstorm combo. Maybe I should drop it for a more Toughness-appropriate combo, shouldn't I?
  8. Sorry for double-post, but I just finished the Delta Episode. And now, here's my headcanon. It's crap and rather poor fanfiction, I know, but enjoy. Spoilered to keep the post short and simple.
  9. Hoopa officially confirmed. Still no sign of the X and Y sequels/Z, though. Maybe next month.
  10. So I just finished Alpha Sapphire's main game. I finished with Mer-Man, Gransaurer, Sora-Kage, Tsubomi, Erika, and most of all, my HM slave Leon. Mer-Man the Swampert: Named after one of Skeletor's minions from the various Masters of the Universe series. I wanted to go with a different starter, so I went with Mudkip. Ultimately, it all worked out for me, as he is the highest-leveled of the team, and was my main surfer and diver (until the latter move was deleted and replaced with Hammer Arm). Also my main Mega, and he had higher attack then special attack. Gransaurer the Aggron: A big help
  11. Sorry for double post, but if the inevitable X2/Y2/Z were to be made, my only team plans would be Chespin, with some to be confirmed in the near future. Oh, and they better make Mega Flygon and several other Megas for it. And I do plan on naming my Mega Rayquaza "ZenithDragon" due to the 12-character limit, and also naming Kyogre "Ba'koul" after the god my Swampert worships in my headcanon, which I've just made several more scenes of. EDIT: I'll be releasing the headcanon, very loosely based on my experiences. Actually, more like summaries of what happened before the end of the Delta Episod
  12. Just caught a Duskull, and named it Skeletor. I'm not allowing ol' Skel to evolve. Not ever. Oh, and yesterday, I beat Winona on my first try using Gransaurer, Mer-Man, and Sora-Kage. Never brought Tsubomi into the fight because she's weak to Flying-types.
  13. So I'm just trying to find a Quiet female Oddish or Gloom. You know, because Tsubomi in her source material is shy and introverted. This is also so I can realize an event in my headcanon where Mer-Man sacrifices all the female Oddishes to Ba'koul (releasing 'mons in the same way as the TPP series), causing young Tsubomi to hate Mer-Man immensely for the mass sacrifice. EDIT: I caught a Quiet female Gloom. Thus, I released the Oddish and other Gloom. In my headcanon, the sacrifice of the two is enough to make the then-unnamed Tsubomi utterly hate Mer-Man's guts for life. EDIT 2: I've even sta
  14. Just came up with a personal headcanon based on my team. Adapted from some posts on Twitter. In my headcanon, Mer-Man the Marshtomp is an evilton, as in the source material, and praises a seeming god called Ba'koul. His allies (Swellow, Mightyena, Plusle, and Pelipper), he thinks, are nothing more than tools to be used in the revival of the sea god. And when Tsubomi, Horn Bomber, and Sora-Kage are introduced, he'd probably think of them as naught but eventual sacrifices for Ba'koul. EDIT: Poochyena didn't want to grow up, but had to after getting pressured by Mer-Man and company. Oh, an
  15. You know how many hours you wasted trying to kill us for experience, puny travelers? Well, no more.
  16. So, we're still freezing to death in the snow, Christmastime is over... And at least we still have this warm, cozy house that we can enter.
  17. Acquired the next two badges, and just beat Archie. The current team is Marshtomp (Mer-Man), Mightyena, Swellow, Pelipper, and Plusle.
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